#mirthmusicmon – “I kicked your monkey then I used your goat.” – #mondayblogs

Does anyone else ever watch the Bad Lip Reading videos on YouTube? I look them up every now and then, when I need something to amuse me. The Twilight one is still my favourite (“Dude… why would you slap a fish?”), but I discovered this one today, and it was also quite funny. It’s a parody of Gotye’s “Somebody I Used To Know”, which I’ll put in the post after the funny video. Just a warning, though, the parody should probably be considered just a little bit NSFW.

I am actually quite a fan of that film clip, gotta say.

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~ Emily

#MirthMusicMon – John Williams Is The Man – #mondayblogs

Yesterday on the classical music station that my car radio is always on, and they were  playing a recent concert by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra that was filled with music themes. We came in late, but they were performing some John Williams pieces as the finale, and it was awesome, because John Williams. And then I remembered this medley, which some guys I was at uni with performed at a uni choral competition and won first prize. It’s pretty impressive.

And now please indulge me in my favourite John Williams theme. I haven’t actually ever sat down and watched an Indiana Jones movie, but they do play the theme as you go down the Scenic Railway. It’s funny because you and everyone else are walking around the boardwalks at the bottom and you’re all humming it. It’s quite the earworm.

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#MirthMusicMon – Epic Rap Battle and Surfing Seals

A little while ago, a friend/former housemate was showing me the Epic Rap Battles of History YouTube channel, and oh my, it’s amazing. The video I’m sharing today is Artists vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles (yes, the artists they were named after), but really, you should just hang out on this channel for a while because it’s hilarious.

And now, for your daily dose of cute, something that popped up on my Facebook feed that I just had to share.

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#MirthMusicMon – The epicest bromance ever.

It’s no secret to anyone who spends an inordinate amount of time either on the Internet/submerged in geek culture/both, that Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart are the bestest of best friends. If you are unfamiliar with this, here are 22 Times Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen Proved They Are The Greatest Best Friends Of 2013. This video was on my Facebook news feed this morning, and it was a perfect thing to wake up to on a Monday morning.

Aren’t they just adorable? If you’re interested, the full interview can be watched here (though it is 48 minutes long).

For the music component of this post, going back to the classics today. Edy was just showing me some Andy Kaufman Elvis impersonations, which inspired me.

Now, I shall be off to go and prepare for tonight’s Crucible rehearsal. I shall be spending my Easter Monday evening being called a whore. Fun times. (No really, after all the good-natured, wholesome roles I’ve played in the twelve years since my first time on stage, playing a home-wrecker actually is incredibly fun. I mean it.) To join in on MMM, simply post some music and some mirth, and then join us at the linky. Thanks to Regi for hosting.


Mmm – Music and Mirth Monday

I’m always on the look-out for things to fill up my blog with, and my WIPpeteer friend, ReGi McClain started a new thing today called “Music and Mirth Monday” or simply “Mmm” for short. Having spent my evening having dinner with a friend I had not seen in a while and then going to a theatre sports event which also included music from a local singer I quite like, I am feeling quite mirthful and musical, so this sounds like a thing I should be doing.

For my inaugural post, I give you two clips. One is both musical and mirthful (I think), and the other is just plain awesome. The first is the Game of Thrones opening theme music sung by a cat. This is the actual version for comparison. I don’t even watch the show but this clip makes me so happy.

The second is the Sherlock theme music meets metal. It also features some of the other music used throughout the series, but again, here‘s the original track for comparison. In fact, this guy’s entire channel is pretty damn awesome. He’s also done the Doctor Who theme, GoT (I considered posting that, but thought this post might get too same-y then), Lord of the Rings, along with some Michael Jackson and even the Moonnlight Sonata. Anyway, here it is:

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~ Emily

#ROW80 Check-in: Music for characters and also Pinterest

This weekend I went to visit my sister, and was not expecting to get much writing done. However, there is something about sitting on a comfy lounge chair in front of a blazing fire while one’s brother-in-law casually strums a guitar that is conducive to getting one’s writing groove on. That is, when I wasn’t dozing off with the pleasantness of it all. I also made sure that despite dozing on the train and coach, I got in a decent amount of writing while travelling in both directions. All up, I have ten handwritten pages which I will convince myself to type up once this post is done (luckily, I typed most of this up on Thursday before I went away, so it shouldn’t take me too long).

In other news, I would like to announce formally that, okay, yes, I get it now. Pinterest is kind of awesome. Buffy Greentree convinced me a while ago when she posted about it that maybe I needed an account, but I didn’t really invest any time in at first, so even though I had registered, I was still sitting there thinking “I don’t get it.” On Thursday, though, I had a little bit of spare time and I started actively using it to finally assign pictures to my characters, mostly for A More Complicated Fairytale, but a bit for my other stories as well. And, well. I lost most of my evening, even though I did have plans of doing other things. Oops. My account is here if you want to have a poke around. The AMCF board is the fullest at the moment, but hopefully I’ll flesh out the other two as time goes on. Actually, the Operation: Sugarplum board does give the illusion of being nearly as big, but that’s only because I have seven pictures of castles in snowy landscapes in there. I have since made a board just for castles, because why not?

Secondly, I keep meaning to talk about my character and story playlists and link to some of the songs when I’m writing WIPpet Wednesday posts, and I keep forgetting. But now is as good a time as any, right? I know I’m not the only one who gives my characters theme songs; sometimes they’re songs that fit the character, sometimes a particular point in the story… I find it really helps with inspiration. What follows are a few selections for your listening pleasure (apologies for the YouTube spam), along with links to WIPpets and such where they fit in.

Remember Cait’s first impression of Prince Felipe? Kate Miller-Heidke sums that scene up pretty succinctly in her song God’s Gift To Women.

The next song is “Some Nights” by fun. and it is basically Felipe’s actual theme song. It deals with insecurities, doing things you don’t necessarily want to do but have to… and the video is set in the Civil War or some such, which is kind of relevant, particularly post-this scene. You can skip to about 1:00 for the song, they do a fair bit of scene stuff first.

Oh, yes, and warning for some strong language. The strongest thing Felipe ever says is “Damn” and then he apologises for that, but that’s only because of the period the story’s set in and anything worse would feel a bit out of place. In a different setting, Felipe would probably totally talk like these boys.

So far for Operation: Sugarplum I haven’t really got any songs that sum up the characters or particular scenes (unless you count the Nutcracker score XD) but I do have a few for Max and Clara’s relationship as it develops. While half the reason for writing this story was to write a version of the Nutcracker where the romance could be more than just a puppy-love thing, it’s still fairly subtle and more of a little added dose of a different kind of magic scattered amongst the rest of the story. I wanted music that would reflect that. “With You” from Pippin is one of them, and the first one that YouTube didn’t fail me on, so here you go. Random fact: I went to school with this guy. I hadn’t really spared him a thought since we left school until I ran into this video tonight. I wish he’d sung like this at school more often instead of rock music. XD

Those of you who have been following my blog for a month or more may remember Sir Aidan from my first two Story a Day in May stories (here and here in case you want to refresh your memory). Even he got his own theme song, because you really can’t ignore it when a set of lyrics fit so spectacularly with your character.

Considering his history with Prince Felipe in the second of those two stories, it might be a bit ironic that it is the man I cast as Felipe singing the song (ignore the hair. For the love of god, IGNORE THE HAIR. FELIPE DOES NOT HAVE THAT HAIR), but I enjoy a bit of irony, don’t you? Also, without saying too much, you may be seeing more of Sir Aidan in the near future. 😉 It was going to be in this week’s WIPpet, but I think I’ll post something from the stuff I’ve written this weekend, because there’s rather a lot of drama happening in that! It’s a new scene that never happened in the first version, and I’m pretty happy with how it’s coming along.

Anyway, with that in mind, I shall be off to type all that up. At least tomorrow is a public holiday, so I can stay up a bit later if I like. But I want to get more written tomorrow! So not too much later! Exclamation mark! See you later!

~ Emily