#WIPpet Wednesday and #ROW80 Update:

I have to admit, I’ve been rather lax with my participation in ROW80 this round. And that keeps happening. But now that my holidays are officially over and I’m into more of a routine, I’ll be able to really make a crack at it. I hope.

On that note, while I was on holidays, I didn’t take my laptop with me, but I did take my notebook, and I wrote maybe 500 words on at least three different evenings. As my goal is work for an hour or write at least 500 words on Tuesdays and Fridays, I call that a win. I also wrote a few pages at work on Monday, and then I spent my writing group’s meet-up last night typing all of that up. It took forever, and I actually ended up leaving some notes to myself in big red letters where I decided to completely change things. The exciting thing is that at nearly 10k, the first draft of Unicorn Love is just about finished. It does need some good revising, though. I need Aphrodite to be more interfering throughout the story, and the ending is far too convenient (it’s a literal deus ex machina, actually). But! It’s a first draft. That should be done by next Wednesday with any luck.

wippetwednesdayThe problem with a WIP so short, of course, is that after a few weeks it’s getting rather hard to find a WIPpet that doesn’t spoil the entire story. I have some nice bits of dialogue from the end, but they do give away everything. I was going to get you guys’ advice on the back cover copy I have written for AMCF, but I will do that next week when I’m not typing this at my writing group’s Tuesday night meeting because I’m seeing a play on Wednesday night (this week is awful; stuff on every week night). I did find this bit though. Six paragraphs, which I got from adding the month to the day.

In this scene, Lydia has gone back in time to before she became a cupid. She is poor and living as part of a little street gang who do what they can to look after for one another and scrape by. The person she is talking to is David. The real one, this time, not the fake version Aphrodite created in this scene.

“Hey, sleepyhead,” he greeted her when she opened her eyes. “Today’s the big day. Are you ready?”

“No,” she replied, sitting up again and yawning. “Oh, good lord,” she said, the worrying thought suddenly occurring to her. “There’s no coffee here.”


“Um. Nothing. Ignore me. Just tired.”

“You don’t like coffee. You tried it once, when the nuns were handing out food and drink.”

“I know I… I had a strange dream, that’s all. I liked coffee in the dream.”

Feel free to join us for WIPpet Wednesday! All you need to do is post an excerpt from your WIP that somehow relates to the date (eg. 4+2 paragraphs). Then link up with us here. Many thanks to K. L. Schwengel for hosting us.

In other news, we have all heard about Harper Lee agreeing to publish a sequel to To Kill A Mockingbird, right? I honestly can’t decide quite how I feel about it. I studied TKAM in school, like everyone else, and it was probably more difficult to appreciate as a non-American 16-year-old, but I did appreciate it much more later on (confession: not that I have ever actually re-read it. I just, um, watched the movie a great deal. Come on, you guys, Gregory Peck.). I’m going to copy and paste my boyfriend’s response from Facebook, because he basically sums it up:

Yes, like anyone else with literary inclinations, I relish the idea of being able to read Harper Lee’s sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird. But before you start to place your pre-order, consider reading between the lines. Lee has always been known as a recluse, she was always protected by her lawyer sister in her business dealings, her sister has been dead for only three months, and Harper is by all accounts in the throes of senility, not always understanding the documents she signs. If she is genuinely (as the press releases say) “humbled and amazed that this will now be published”, that’s fantastic. With so many signs pointing to exploitation of a frail old woman, though, I’m a little more suspicious.

There is also the fact that it doesn’t sound so much like a sequel, as the book that ended up becoming TKAM in the first place. Not that I’m saying it can’t work because it was written first, but it sounds like one of those situations where you write the book you think you want to write, only to discover it was just the hiding place for an even more amazing book. Anyway, I suppose it remains to be seen.

I’m going to head off now, and I’ll see you around on your own blogs!

~ Emily

#WIPpet Wednesday – Matchmaking

This is wippetwednesdaya bit of a drive-by WIPpet post, as I started it on Wednesday night and then my Internet browser went funny, and I sort of forgot to come back to it. It’s now 7am Thursday morning in Australia, but it’s still Wednesday in plenty of parts of the world, so.

I apologise to everyone for not getting around to your WIPpet posts this past week, or even replying to comments on mine (I intend to still do that much, at least). I can guarantee anything this week, either, since I am heading up to my parents’ place on the weekend and while Internet there is not as scarce as it used to be, I’ll be trying to keep of it regardless. I probably won’t post a Wednesday post next week either, though I do have my Monday and Friday posts scheduled, at least.

As for the WIPpet. I have added the two digits of the day together and have three paragraphs from Unicorn Love to share. Lydia has gone out on her Cupid rounds, despite still not feeling the job any more. This is the first draft and yes, I am aware that a few words and phrases are a bit repetitive.

She saw a dorky Chinese guy in a bookshop furtively glancing at the sales assistant. Probing a little into his thoughts, she learned that he had been there the past several Friday nights because he knew this girl worked the late-night shopping shift, but so far he hadn’t worked up the courage to actually talk to her.

Despite still feeling all the frustrations with her job that she had earlier that day when she was with Aphrodite, she found herself taking some pity on the guy, and strung two arrows in her bow. She fired them off and then used her fingers to guide them towards their intended targets. Each of them blinked slightly, and the salesgirl took a step backward from the shelf she was tidying, nearly bumping into the Chinese guy. She spun around to apologise to him, but her words caught in her throat.

Lydia watched as the awkward small talk took place, hoping that if this was to be one of her last jobs, maybe it would work out. There was a time when this first meeting of two supposed soul mates would have made her heart speed up a little and her head spin with giddy euphoria, but those days were long past. Now she couldn’t help the cynicism.

Join us for WIPpet Wednesday by posting an excerpt of your WIP that somehow relates to the date, and then link up here. I need to start getting ready for work now, but I’ll hopefully see you all soon!

~ Emily

#WIPpet Wednesday and #ROW80 Update – Holy progress, Batman!

I’m going to start with a ROW80 update today, since there is lots to report on that front.

row80Goal 1: Spend half an hour a day before or after work formatting AMCF into the CreateSpace template.

This is actually complete! Sort of. It ended up only taking me about 45 minutes to get the text all copied into the CreateSpace template (the advantage of having written a short novel). There are still some issues I need to fix but this is well on its way.

Goal 2: Spend one hour on Tuesdays and Fridays on writing projects.

I didn’t strictly do this on the days my goal suggests  last week, but the weekend ended up being very productive, as has the first half of this week. My boyfriend was insisting that I have a lazy Saturday, which meant I was not allowed to any housework (I did get the dishes done and one load of washing before he started going on about this). This meant that I was able to sit down and concentrate on Unicorn Love, and as I said on Facebook, the pieces that hadn’t fallen into place already did so that afternoon. I ended up writing 4000 words before I went to bed. Maybe 1500 of those were copied and pasted and from the original Camp NaNo version, but most were new. On Saturday I also figured out the ending and how to get there, so I had the complete story before me.

… Of course, on Sunday, I only managed about 600 words, and I’ve been averaging around 450-600 every day since (work has been taking it out of me). That’s still ahead of my goal of an hour’s work/between 500-1000 words two evenings a week.

It’s actually going to probably end up under 10,000 words, so I’m not entirely sure what I might do with it. There is an Australian spec-fic magazine that accepts stories up to 8k, so if it comes in under that I’m considering submitting it. I’m not trying to force it to be under a particular length, though. I can always publish it for 99c or something down the line.

wednesdaybannerSo, today being Wednesday, I also have to find a snippet to share with you. For those new around these parts, WIPpet Wednesday involves sharing an snippet of your current WIP that somehow relates to the date and link up here. Today I’m sharing 14 lines from the Unicorn Love Scrivener file. Aphrodite has just asked Lydia (who used to be Lexie, then became Alex for a while before I realised I didn’t want to two ‘A’ names, and is now Lydia) if she has considered what work opportunities she might find if she quits Cupid-ing. This is basically the crux of the plot.

Lydia fidgeted under Aphrodite’s gaze. She had considered that, and the answer was “there aren’t many.” At best, she might end up working in a dating agency, which wouldn’t be much better than where she was now. At worst, she’d have to take a job on a late-night sex hotline and the thought of that made her feel sick to her stomach. Still, she didn’t think she could stand another day in her current position.

She looked Aphrodite square in the face. “I still want to quit,” she said firmly.

Aphrodite sighed and then folded her hands in front of her. “All right,” she said, “I’ll make you a deal. Let me spend a week with you and see if I can change your mind. If I can persuade you that true love still exists in the modern world, then you will continue working for me as a cupid. If, however, you remain convinced that your elusive ‘unicorn love’ has become a fairy tale, then you can hand in your bow.”

Lydia thought about it for a minute while Aphrodite watched her expectantly. Finally, she asked, “How do I know you won’t rig it so that I stay on?”

“You have my word as a goddess.”

“Like that means much.” Lydia bit her lip. “All right, I accept your stupid deal. What choice have I got?”

A wide, lazy smile spread across Aphrodite’s face. “Indeed.”

It occurs to me that Aphrodite does kind of rig it, actually, but it works out okay for Lydia in the end, too, and that’s the main thing.

It is now 9:35 and I am yet to type up the stuff I hand wrote at work today, so I guess it’s time for me love you and leave you all. I’ll be back over the next few days to check in with you all. Much love.

~ Emily

#WIPpet Wednesday and #ROW80 Week 1

First of all, I have a request, though given the crowd that visits this blog, I’m probably preaching to the choir here. Can we stop fussing about how other people read books? I’m just really sick of the ebook vs. print “debate”. People seem very concerned about how other people who have nothing to do with them read, and I can’t understand why… if you like print books, read print books. If you like ebooks, read those. If you like going with whichever option gives you the fastest and most affordable access to the book you want, like I do (my process is check library, check Amazon, check bookstore), then more power to you. Now let’s all stop the fuss, yes?

(This rant brought to you by a very stupid video I saw on YouTube today)

In other news, you know how I face cast my characters? I have this perfect image of the actor I want to cast as Armand in my NaNo 2014 story… The problem is, I can’t actually place who this actor is. After it had been bugging me all day, I literally figured it out just after I typed that sentence. Actor in question is Hugh Dancy, but from about 10 years ago, around the time he made Ella Enchanted. You guys have no idea how much of a relief this is. I could see his face and even hear his voice but couldn’t work out who he was. To the Pinterest machine! *points dramatically*

All right, I’m back from Pinterest. Firstly, an update on the ROW80 front. I am yet to start putting AMCF into the CreateSpace template. Once I finish writing this, I will go get my USB and put the relevant files on it so I can work on it at work with the dual monitors.

While I didn’t meet my “write for an hour on Tuesday” goal either, I have been working on my writing at other times. I sat down on Saturday or Sunday to start working on overall goal “Work out the plot holes in Unicorn Love”. Some of you may remember that Unicorn Love started out as a very different story to the one I thought it had become. On Saturday, I realised that a) that stuff with Aphrodite was really quite good, and b) the reason that I had so many plot holes was because I was trying to weave two stories together that really should be told separately. Lexie and David’s problems can be solved with Aphrodite’s help (and to think I was going to take her out of later versions), but even time travel can’t really help Grace and Anna. Not plausibly, anyway.

As such, I’ve returned to the original version, in which Lexie is the cupid who has lost her faith in true love, and I’ve got about two thirds of an outline written. It’s not going to be a long story. I’m expecting maybe 20000 words? Though I really don’t know? I haven’t entirely decided how to approach Grace and Anna’s story, though I have some notes. I don’t know whether I’ll sit down to write Unicorn Love and come back to Grace and Anna (who now have their own story but no title) or outline them both and then start writing. Either way, I’m glad I came to this realisation.

wednesdaybannerOn that note, today is Wednesday, which also means a WIPpet. For those unfamiliar with the blog hop, WIPpet Wednesday requires that you share an excerpt from your current WIP that somehow relates to the date. Then you link up here and see what other people have shared. Since the rest of today’s post is Unicorn Love themed, here is an excerpt that takes place not long after this one I posted back in July. For the 7th of January, I have 7 paragraphs.

“Lexie?” He stood up, and in a couple of strides had made his way to her. He took her hands in his as she stood up to meet him.


“What am I… what is this place? How am I here?”

“I don’t know. I… oh, you’ve got no idea how good it is to see you.”

“What is this place?”

“It’s hard to explain. Please stop talking and just hold me.”

David seemed happy to oblige. He slid his arms around Lexie’s waist and pulled her close. She put her arms around his neck and buried her head in his shoulder. That was when she sensed something was wrong. David had no scent that she could inhale, and his clothes were too crisp and clean. This was not David, but a very good reproduction.

That Aphrodite, eh? She’s a pesky one.

Anyway, I started this post late, which means it’s even later now. I was tired four hours ago when I got home, so I think it’s time to turn in for the night. See y’all soon!

~ Emily

#WIPpet Wednesday – Make them see he’s not!

Hello there! I’m sorry I didn’t get around to many WIPpeteers this week, except that I’m kind of not because I was on holidays. 😛 It was just a quick trip away, Saturday – Tuesday, but it was lovely just hanging around, reading and writing and not worrying about housework or work or anything like that.

First order of business this week is the 250 Followers giveaway I hosted last week. I gave each comment on last week’s WIPpet post a number and then used a random number generator to determine the winner. And the winner is Celine JeanJean! Congrats! If you can either let me know you email address in a comment here or email it to fuzzyagent999[@]yahoo[dot]com[dot]au, I will get your $25 Amazon voucher to you as soon as I get paid next week.

On the writing front, I am on track with my goal to write a short piece of fiction for every day of December. You can scroll back through the past week and a half’s worth of posts to read all of those. There are a few I am particularly proud of, such as this one, which I am going to expand into a longer short story. You’ve got no idea how many Decembers have gone past and I have really wanted to write a Christmas story and been stuck for inspiration. Now I have no only the inspiration, but some ground work as well. (Incidentally, I have my partner, Edy, to thank for interpreting the prompt that way. I had simply been thinking of a young woman moving house. So yay Edy!)

For WIPpet Wednesday this week, I have a follow-up scene to last week’s. Josephine has convinced a couple of police officers of what she saw in Jean Trivette’s house, and so they’re trying to persuade his wife to testify against him. She says she wants to see Josephine and talk to her before she makes any decisions. This is their conversation. My WIPpet math is very simply 10 paragraphs for the 10th of December. Oh, and this is straight from the NaNo manuscript, so very likely riddled with errors.

When Josephine had first arrived at the police headquarters, she had been immediately taken behind the desk by the desk sergeant, and then passed on to another sergeant who led her through to the break room. Yvonne Trivette was there, a cup of coffee in her hand, and Josephine could not help but wince at the older woman’s black eye.

The sergeant closed the door behind them, but Josephine could still see his outline through the frosted glass.

Yvonne Trivette stood up and held a hand out to Jospehine. “Hello. I’m Yvonne.”

Josephine shook her hand. “Hello. I’m sorry about yesterday. I hope he didn’t hurt your further because of what I saw.”

“No, he left it at that yesterday.” Yvonne sat back down and beckoned for Josephine to sit on the cushion next to her. “The police said he hurt you, too.”

“Well, it wasn’t anything like he did to you.” Josephine rolled up her sleeve. “He just held on to me a little too tightly is all. But the marks are there.”

Yvonne Trivette looked away, biting her lip. “I’ve been telling myself that as long as he only does it to me, it’s all right,” she said. “Just as long as he doesn’t hurt our children. But when they said he had hurt you, that’s when I knew I had to talk to someone about it. I just… well, I wanted to check he really had hurt you before I did anything.”

“He is clearly hurting you, isn’t that bad enough? And he’s getting away with it! Everyone out there loves him! Even my friends wouldn’t believe me when I told them what I had seen!”

“He is rather the city’s darling boy,” Yvonne said ruefully.

“Then make them see that he’s not!”

Join us for WIPpet Wednesday by posting an excerpt from your current WIP that somehow relates to the date. Then link up with us here! We don’t bite. In fact, we’re really quite friendly and you should totally come along for the ride! I’m now heading to the shower and bed, since I have to return to work tomorrow. This week I should do a little better at visiting your posts. See you then!

~ Emily

#WIPpet Wednesday – If you run, I will find you (Plus a GIVEAWAY!)


Goodness me, somehow over the past couple of years, my blog has attracted 250 followers. Now, not all of them are actually followers particularly interested in my blog (as far as I can gather) and were only trying to garner followers of their own, but a lot of them are other writers keen to share ideas, and I love that. In fact, I love it so much that everyone who comments on this post (follower or not, to make it easier), will go into the draw to win an $25 Amazon gift card. Competition ends 11:59pm, December 9, 2014.

Onto my usual Wednesday post and NaNoWriMo is DONE, you guys! This year was another long November: I had commitments every night of week 3, as well as other general life things going on, but I made it to 50029 words on November 29 (which continues my tradition of winning a day early). Josephine, Armand and Bianca’s story is far from over, but it is one of my New Year projects. Until then, I’m reading as much as I can, and writing here and there. I did sort of accidentally sort of decide yesterday that I would attempt a December story-a-day challenge, though that may fall apart as early as today as I have a rehearsal for a Christmas show I volunteered for tonight, then a separate theatre excursion tomorrow, and then I’m hosting board games with my friends on Friday. But we’ll see. I got excited and searched the Google Play store for writing apps, so I now have two prompt apps on my tablet to play with. You can see Monday’s effort here and last night’s here.

Onto WIPpet Wednesday, and I have 12 paragraphs from this NaNo project for you, due to it being the twelfth month. In this scene, Josephine has been doing some spying, and she witnesses Jean Trivette, a well-known and very popular philanthropist, hit his wife. Josephine cries out before she can stop herself, and he spots her. I’ve fixed a couple of things, but this is mostly NaNo-raw.

“I’m sorry.” Josephine tried wriggling out his grip, but to no avail. “I’ll just go now,” she assured him.

“Like hell, you will, girl. Walk to that gate. If you try to run, I swear to god*, I will find you.” He pointed to a gate only a few feet from where they were standing and let go of her arm. She did think about running; technically, she didn’t exist in this world yet, but she believed his threat in spite of that. Shaking, she went towards the gate, and he opened it to meet her. He took her by the arm again and dragged her inside. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and quickly dialled a number.

“Yeah, Marcel, it’s Trivette. I’m at the back gate. Got a trespasser.”

“I wasn’t trespassing!” Josephine protested feebly. She had a feeling no one was going to believe her story now and things were going to get even worse very quickly.

“Okay, yeah, I’ll meet you up at the house.” Trivette hung up the phone. “All right. Come with me. You’re about to meet my head of security.”

As he dragged her towards the house and up the stairs, Josephine saw the woman he had hit sitting with her head in her hands on a sofa on the porch. She looked up as they passed and caught Josephine’s eye, her eyes wide.

“I’m sorry,” she mouthed. Josephine wondered what she was apologising for.

Once inside, Trivette led Josephine to a living area, where he threw her roughly into a chair and sat down across from her. A few minutes later, a man twice as big as Jean Trivette entered the room.

“This is Marcel. Marcel, this girl was eavesdropping on a conversation I was having with my wife outside.”

“Was she on the grounds, sir?”

“Well, no, she was outside the fence, but… well, my wife and I were having a little disagreement, and she… saw some things she shouldn’t have. I’d prefer for that not to get out, you understand?”

Marcel nodded dutifully. “Of course, sir.”

*Yes, I know in last week’s WIPpet we established these people don’t have any gods. I started using these kinds of expressions anyway during NaNo because I didn’t want to take the time to think of more creative ones.

To join in on WIPpet Wednesday, simply post an excerpt from your current WIP that somehow relates to the date, and then link up with us here. We’re a fun bunch, I promise! Everyone is always wonderful and supportive. Thanks always to K. L. Schwengel for hosting. I need to get ready to go to work now – I started writing this last night since I’ll be out tonight – so I’ll go now and see you all when I see you.

~ Emily

#WIPpet Wednesday – Religion and magic


This was me last Sunday

I have a headache and I’m not in a great mood at the moment. As I briefly mentioned in my post on Monday, my car got rear-ended on Sunday. To my untrained eye, the damage didn’t look too bad, so I had her towed off to a smash repairs place and remained hopeful. Unfortunately, today I called them to follow up on it and it sounds like it’s going to be write-off. Apparently the damage is in the $3000-range, and the car is only worth about $2000 at most (it’s fifteen years old, my parents had it for ten of those and they live a long way from anywhere, so it has nearly 300,000 km on it). I want to clarify my options with my insurer, but I’m going to do that tomorrow when I’m hopefully less likely to cry at them. It’s not looking promising. Right now, I’m watching cat videos on YouTube so I don’t send angry text messages to the guy who hit me. Actually, mostly that’s because I’m far too nice to people and he’s been really quite cooperative and I would feel bad. But I’m still angry.

Did I mention my parents only gave me this car in mid-October?

Anyway. Let’s change the subject, shall we? I don’t want to bring down the normally delightful mood in the WIPpet Wednesday circle with my own woes.  WIPpet Wednesday is a weekly blog hop where authors share excerpts of their WIP that somehow relate to the date. You can join us here! Today is the 26th so I have added the 2 and the 6 together to give you 8 lines from my NaNoWriMo 2014 Word document. This story still doesn’t have a title, dammit. In this scene, it has come up that Josephine was religious in her previous life (five hundred years past), which piques Armand and Bianca’s interest. This is one of those bits of world-building that I didn’t plan, it just came out as I was writing and seemed to fit.

Armand tilted his head as he looked at Josephine. “Are you religious, Josephine?” he asked.

“I was… raised to believe that there is a power higher than us somewhere in the heavens.”

“Wow,” said Bianca. Josephine looked at her, confused by her incredulity. “Sorry,” she said, “once magic started manifesting amongst those people living in Esterfey in the early days all the religious systems started to fade away.”

“Yes,” Armand added, “While there were some who argued that their magical abilities were a gift from their gods, most people believed they had no need of their deities now that they could often answer their own prayers, or at least find someone who could.”

Despite the fact that I like this bit, it may not actually make it past this draft, since one of the notes in my “Notes for post-November” file is to make the magic systems a little more underground, rather than something everyone has and chooses whether or not to use. But we’ll see. December I am basically declaring a reading month and taking a break from writing, then I’ll come back to this and Unicorn Love in the new year. I can’t believe the new year is only five weeks away.

Anyway, I haven’t actually got my words down for today, so I probably ought to go work on that. Last night I wrote 2000 words in 55 minutes, but I don’t know if I can manage that two nights in a row. I’ll catch y’all later!

~ Emily

#WIPpet Wednesday – Doleful Eyes

wednesdaybannerSo it’s 10pm and I’m thinking I’ll write a couple hundred more words on my NaNoWriMo and then turn in for the night, and then I realise that I am yet to write a WIPpet Wednesday post. Eeek! So, a quick update. NaNo has been going well. Apart from last Friday when I spent most of the night cleaning my house and only wrote 153 words or something, I’ve been keeping pretty well on track. I wrote over 6000 words on the weekend, ending up about 2000 words in front, and I’ve managed to maintain a state of 1000 words in front over the past few days. I reached 20000 words this morning, and my aim is to be at about 20500 before bed (yeah, so today I let myself down a little).

This weekend, I really only have Saturday at my disposal, and next week I’m likely to fall behind because I have choir most nights leading up to our production on the 20th and 21st (I’m so ready for this concert to be over, I swear). But that still gives me nine days to catch up again, including two weekends, so I’m not too worried.

There’s a particular plot point in my story that I figured would have to happen around the 25k mark. It took me a moment yesterday to realise that I was at 18k and I could actually start in that plot point’s direction. Which is exciting because it means the characters can stop talking about muffins (peach and cinnamon ones, for the record). So that’s where I’m at right now.

For WIPpet Wednesday this week, I have six paragraphs, because 12 (of November) divided by 2 (from 2014) is six. Armand, Josephine and Armand’s sister, Bianca, are headed down to the police headquarters because they want to hunt out their dad and hear the details about what’s going on with some high-profile disappearances. They’ll have a slightly better plan in later drafts, but this’ll do for now. I really like Bianca, her mouth runs away with her an awful lot. The keenness Armand remarks upon is due to Bianca getting them all up at the crack of dawn to go out.

“You’re really keen about this, aren’t you?” Armand remarked as they walked see by side along the pavement.

“What can I say?” Bianca replied. “I’m kind of excited about being the annoying kid who wants to see her important dad while he’s at work again. Haven’t done it in a long time.”

“Yeah, well, just as long as you remember that you’re not five years old anymore and staring up at the desk sergeant with those doleful eyes of yours is not necessarily going to cut it anymore.”

“Hey, don’t underestimate the power of my doleful eyes.”

“Oh, god, you’re going to flirt with the desk sergeant.”

“Only if he’s pretty.”

Join us for WIPpet Wednesday by posting an excerpt from your WIP that somehow relates to the date and link up with us here. K. L. Schwengel is our wondrous host. I’m going to go back to my writing for a bit now, and I’ll catch you all soon.

#WIPpet Wednesday – Honest Face

So NaNoWriMo has been a thing the last few days. So has complete exhaustion on my part, though I did manage to get a day ahead on the weekend and have mostly stayed that way. Here are some stats:

Day 1: 3355

Day 2: 1946 (5301 total)

Day 3: 1377 (6678 total)

Day 4: 633 (7311 total)

nanoI am yet to call it a night yet tonight, so I’ll leave it there for now. The story is pretty much sticking to plan, though it is moving very quickly. And even so, I still feel there’s a lot that will be junked come December. But we all know that I tend to write novels on the shorter scale of things anyway. There’s also a lot of world-building I need to do, because I decided only a week before NaNoWriMo that the story would actually work better set in a magical society rather than a non-magical one. While I’m making a few things up as I go, it’s mostly still non-magical. I’m actually thinking of taking maybe Friday evening and letting myself get behind but do some more detailed planning so that I know what the hell I’m doing.

Anyway, today’s WIPpet is 5 lines from this NaNoWriMo, which is still untitled. Armand works as a tour guide in his country’s house of parliament, and this is him going through security in the morning as he heads into work. As someone who works in a government agency, I can attest that this is how we chat with out security guys. 🙂

“After all my time working here, I can’t believe you still think I might blow the place up,” Armand replied, shaking his head dramatically but grinning at the guard. This sort of banter was usual between them.

“It’s your honest face,” the guard replied. “I don’t trust it.”

“You wound me.”

I’m going to leave this here for tonight and see how much more I can get written before bed. To join in on WIPpet Wednesday, simply post an excerpt from your WIP that somehow relates to the date, then link up here. I’ll catch y’all later. Hopefully. I’ve been a bit flaky lately.


#WIPpet Wednesday – Jumping back on the wagon

Hello all. I have been rather lax at blogging as of late, and for that, I apologise. I have no excuse for disappearing last week. I was planning a WIPpet post, but then I ended up going up to my neighbour’s house on Wednesday evening and then it was bedtime when I came back down. Also, the last week and a half have basically been non-writing weeks, as even the NaNo planning has ground to a bit of a halt. Mostly I am stuck on the development of my antagonist, and her arc. I wrote a bit about that on the Plot Doctoring forum this morning. You can read that here, and if you have any advice to give, I would much appreciate it! (If you don’t have a NaNo account, feel free to answer on this post). I’ve also had my parents here the last few days; they were giving me their old car, but were worried about my apparent over-confidence with driving, and were therefore fussing. It was exhausting.

Anyway, since I haven’t any more cute character interviews or anything fun to give youfrom the upcoming NaNo, I will instead briefly return to Unicorn Love, the story I was sharing from a couple of months ago. I don’t actually know if this is still a WIP, but I am partial to the characters, so let’s work on the basis it will get returned to. This scene takes place a fair bit after the other ones I shared. Upon seeing how much Lexie would give to have it so that Davey never ended up in gaol, Grace Littlewood takes her on to figure out how to use a watch she has discovered, which she believes can allow the user to travel in time. Lexie tries it a first time, and it is a pretty unpleasant experience, and she suggests maybe it isn’t a good idea to use it. Miss Littlewood reacts quite angrily to that, and Lexie wonders why, prompting this explanation. My WIPpet maths is 22 lines from my Scrivener file.

Lexie moved a little closer. “Why is it so important?” she asked. “This isn’t just about helping me, is it?”

Miss Littlewood sighed and sat down. “When I was younger, still at school… the was a girl there. Her name was Anna Radcliffe and she was the sweetest girl I’d ever met.” Her expression became wistful. “We fell in love, and -”

“You what? With a girl?”

Miss Littlewood looked up sharply. “I felt as strongly about Anna as you do about your David.” Lexie was taken aback by the sharpness in her tone.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I’ve just never heard of it before.”

Miss Littlewood gave her a wry look. “It’s far more common than you think.” Lexie decided to take her word for it.

“What happened to Anna?”

“We had plans to run away at the end of the school year. We were going to go to Melbourne, or perhaps Brisbane. We hadn’t really decided. We just wanted to be far away from here, somewhere where no one knew us. But we were careless. Anna’s father discovered us one evening… he didn’t see much but it was enough. He told me I was never allowed to see his daughter again. When she tried coming after me a few nights later, he…” Miss Littlewood pressed her lips together.

“What did he do?”

“He sent her away. Had her locked up somewhere so awful that within a year she’d become ill and died. Can you imagine sending your daughter to a place where that would happen?” Lexie shook her head. “And I’m not even sure he cared.”

“I’m sorry.” Lexie couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“A year or two ago, I had a dream about the clock. And Anna was there, too. I somehow knew that if I could find that clock, I could find her again. I need to save her, Lexie. Do you understand that?” Her voice was barely above a whisper. Lexie nodded.

In reference to Lexie’s ignorance/naivety, bear in mind this is set 100-150 years ago (I haven’t set it in concrete, but I think 1880s…) and Lexie’s not got a huge range of life experience. I actually as I was posting this figured out the plot point that I have been stuck on with this one, so I will definitely be filing it away for post-NaNo continued work. Yay!

Anyway, it’s past my bedtime and I was tired before, so I should hurry this up. To join in on WIPpet Wednesday, simply post an excerpt from your WIP that somehow relates to the date and then link up here. Many thanks to K. L. Schwengel for hosting. And now, I am off to bed!