Sunday Summary – May 15, 2016


Welcome back to the Sunday Summary! This week was sort of a mixed bag with regards to achieving goals, but overall, I did reasonably well. I’ve finished most of my uni work and am looking forward to having a ten-week break between semesters. Here’s how I went.


Read half an hour per day – Fairly sure I achieved this every day. I finished Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch, though unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy it much. I was hoping to finish Rebel of the Sands this week and while that hasn’t quite happened, I should manage it either later tonight or tomorrow. I have also been listening to the audio book of World War Z, which has been pretty good. The next audio book I intend to listen to is The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor.

Write on 5 of 7 days – I totally did this! I think making my goal “write 5/7 days” rather than “write every week day” is actually beneficial.

Post WWW/WIPpet post on Wednesday – check!

Reply to blog comments and visit other blogs – I responded to all the comments on my own blog, and I was pretty good about visiting the WWW people, but I failed dismally getting around the to the WIPpet Wednesday posts.

Schedule book review for next Monday – I did this! My Rivers of London review goes up tomorrow.

Goal for next week: Write Rebel in the Sand review for Friday, and hopefully I’ll have had time to finish World War Z, in which case have that review ready for Monday week.


Complete presentation – I did this! I’m not sure how good it was, but it is done and ready to hand in!

Complete tutorial portfolio – I have on question left to answer, which I intend to do tomorrow night.

Goal for next week: Have the final question answered in time to hand in by Wednesday.


Exercise every week day – I didn’t do this at all, and I felt quite guilty. While some circumstances were out of my control, some of them certainly weren’t. I’m hoping to do better this coming week.

Stick to planned menu – I probably managed this about… 60% of the time? Sometimes it was too tempting to indulge in something else.

Track calories – I mostly did this, though sometimes I forgot to log dinners.

My goals for the next week will remain the same, except in instances above where I’ve specified. Here’s hoping I can do even better in the coming days!

~ Emily


Sunday Summary – May 08, 2016


Welcome to the Sunday Summary! Some of you might remember these posts from late last year/earlier this year. They got briefly taken over by the 100 Days of Productivity Challenge, which I subsequently decided did not really work with my way of achieving goals.

I have a week and a half left of uni for the semester, and then I don’t have to study anymore until the end of July! But it’s not like uni goals are the only goals I have, so I’ll try to keep this up. I might be inclined to roll this into ROW80 participation at some point, but I always feel bad posting to ROW80 and then not getting around to visiting others’ ROW80 posts.

So without further ado, my goals for this week:


Read half an hour per day –  I’m currently reading Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch. It is due back to the library on Tuesday, but I might just have to keep it a couple of extra days and pay the overdue fine. Next on the list is Rebel of the Sands, which has got mixed reviews but which I’m hoping I’ll enjoy. I also have three other books from the library, not to mention being in the middle of two ebooks, but once uni is over, I’ll be able to devote more time to reading.

Write on 5 of 7 days – I’ve been working on Worlds Apart again, and my goal is to stop wallowing in angst and write the damn first draft. On Friday, I suddenly ended up with a couple of characters taking their part of the story in a direction that WAS NOT IN THE OUTLINE, and the character who I was desperately trying to make unapologetically nasty has finally found an in with the good guys. Damn him.

Post WWW/WIPpet post on Wednesday

Reply to blog comments and visit other blogs – I have found that if I commit an hour to doing this before heading out to choir practice on Thursday nights, that gets this goal knocked out in a timely fashion.

Schedule book review for next Monday – I’m hoping I will have finished Rivers of London in time for this.


Complete presentation – since the presentation is based on the report I just handed in last week, I’m hoping I should be able to knock this off fairly quickly.

Complete tutorial portfolio – this is made up of about six (maybe seven?) questions. I found letting myself read a chapter of my book for each question I answer tends to speed the process up.


Exercise every week day – make time for half an hour of activity, preferably first thing in the morning. Even if it’s just laps around the first-floor balcony at work, at least do something.

Stick to planned menu – I bought up a whole pile of fresh veges at the farmer’s market this weekend, so there’s no excuse for indulging, though I do still need to buy some hummus.

Track calories – I’ve been really lazy with this lately, and I need to get back to doing it properly.

And with that, I should probably go to bed. I would have finished this earlier, but I kept getting distracted. Mostly by the fact that I have not done any housework this weekend, which was very relaxing, but also means I will have to try doing uni work in a shambles.


Sunday Summary – 07 February, 2016


Welcome to the Sunday Summary, where I check over my progress for the past week and set goals for the coming one. I’ve done pretty well this week, though I’m still somewhat stuck on my writing. I’m going to take a break with that, as you’ll see below. Here’s the breakdown of last week’s goals:

  • Write reviews for Illuminae and The Gospel of Loki before the weekend.

Done and done! Illuminae’s review is posted here. I’ve changed up my blogging schedule again, and The Gospel of Loki will go up tomorrow.

  • Try to brainstorm or write a page a day for the new version of Worlds Apart

I think I managed this at least 3 days out of 5 (I give myself weekends off from writing). But I’m still really stuck on it. As I talked about on Wednesday’s post, one of my major problems is I’m not actually that adept at developing a consistent magic system, but this plot relies on magic existing in order to work. So. I’ve decided I probably need to take a break from this and come at it fresh in a week or so, so this coming week I’m just going to write whatever comes to mind.

  • Reply to comments on Wednesday’s post

I did all of that. Finally. Today.

  • Reciprocate comments on Wednesday posts and try to make it around to others if time permits

I got around to nearly all the WIPpeteers, but only managed to return comments to the WWW participants who visited my post first.

  • Ride bike to work at least 3 times, and go for a 30 minute walk on the other days

I actually did this! I slept in on Monday and was catching quite a late bus (late for me is anything past 8am). Seeing how crowded it got reminded me how much better it is to ride my bike, so I rode it every day. It felt good! My partner also ordered DDR for the Wii, so I played that a bit, too.

My goals for this week will be very similar. Uni starts back on the 15th, so then I’ll start adding in goals about that, but for the moment, I will take advantage of my last week of freedom.

  • Write reviews for The Girl From Everywhere and The Ghost Writer before the weekend.
  • Try to write 200 or so words every day, on any subject, and if possible, come up with something to use for the MsLexia Women’s Short Story Competition.
  • Reply to comments on Wednesday posts
  • Reciprocate comments on Wednesday posts and try to make it around to others if time permits
  • Ride bike to work at least 3 times, and go for a 30 minute walk on the other days

And now, I’m going to head off and settle in with a new book for the rest of the evening. Ciao!

~ Emily

#WIPpet Wednesday – “We were just…!”

I almost decided not to post a WIPpet this week, since I’ve done very little writing, but I changed my mind. I might have got more done if the write-in I showed up to with a couple of writing friends last night had actually turned out to be a write-in, and not just a “let’s moan about how we’ve done no writing and we’re so uninspired” session. I had turned up with some ideas in my head that I wanted to get down on paper, so I was kinda cranky when that didn’t happen. And tonight I’ve had a few other things on my mind, plus a really inconvenient cut on the top of my right index finger which is making both writing and typing painful, so it still hasn’t happened. But I did find a bit that I had written during April that I can share today.

You may remember this scene from a few weeks ago where I started setting up some sexual tension between Grace (then known as Rosa) and Frederick Merrow… at the time, I neglected to mention that Frederick really ought not be doing that because he’s married to another woman. In the original plan, Frederick tried ending the affair and Grace freaked out, causing some magical havoc, but in the new version, it’s the other way around. Anyway, this bit still works either way and will probably stay very similar. Five paragraphs for the fifth month.

“So it’s you, is it?” she hissed. “I knew there was someone.”

“Mrs Merrow, I…”

“Did you think I was blind? That you could sneak around with my husband behind my back and I wouldn’t notice?”

“You don’t understand, we were –”

“Don’t lie to me!” Mrs Merrow shook her. “I saw you just now!”

The fun starts when Grace and Laura Merrow have to work together to stop Frederick from wreaking more havoc than usual. You can probably see why this idea might be met with little enthusiasm from either of them.

I gave myself a week off uni work this past week, but I do now have two weeks in which to research, draft and polish a 3000 word final paper. So some quick goals for the week:

  • Decide on an essay topic
  • Email lecturer with initial choice of essay question and plans of approach
  • Find five books and five journal articles relevant to the topic
  • Write something resembling an essay plan
  • Reach at least 1500 words
  • Read for half an hour a day (on average)
  • Write for half an hour a day (on average)
  • Visit at least 50% of WIPpeteers

Please feel free to join in on WIPpet Wednesday at the linky. All you need to do is post an excerpt from your WIP that somehow relates to the date. I’m going to rush off now because I’m rather sleepy, but I’ll see you all soon!

~ Emily

#ROW80 Check-in and #WIPpet Wednesday – April 22

This week I had a little trouble keeping up with my goals. I’m not way behind, but I’m not quite where I would have liked to be.

  • Stay on track with Camp NaNo – ehhh, I’m a couple of days behind at the moment. I have been writing every day, but only between 100 and 200 words. I can’t give exact figures at the moment because it’s all still handwritten.
  • Write 1000 words of history essay pending response from course convener – at time of posting, I only have about 799 however, I wrote a plan last night with estimated word counts for each section and I think that will help. I’m aiming to hit 1000 tonight.
  • Write a new forum response for history – I’ve just got to finish it off and post it.
  • Read half an hour a day – I expect it averaged out. I finished Jackaby by William Ritter.
  • Visit 50% of WIPpet Wednesday posts – done!
  • Visit 5 ROW80 blogs – yes!
  • Read over lecture slides for three MUSC8017 lectures – I did this, and it didn’t enlighten me about either of the remaining assignments in the slightest. I’m just glad the next assignment is based on an external document that has nothing to do with the course, though there are aspects of that I’m also confused about.

There are still maybe eight weeks left of semester (my final assignment is due June 9) but I’m basically at a point where uni work has to take precedence. I have discovered that doing a musical where the performances are around the same time as final papers are due is a terrible idea. However, it is too late now to back out of either thing, so I’m just going to have to do the best I can. I was doing a Wednesday night casual sport thing with some friends, but I’ve told them I will rejoin in June, as I have too much on my plate at the moment and need those evenings for studying. I did have my first little Masters-related cry yesterday. It wasn’t a cry, really, just a bit of a stress out about things.

I have come to the conclusion that Camp NaNoWriMo has not been so much a month of planning but of brainstorming. The story I set out to plan has taken at least two turns and is now very different. In a good way. Good guys have become bad guys and vice versa, magical police procedural has become more the story of two characters (not police-types) out to stop the nasty magical character before everything goes completely downhill, all the while having to deal with the issues they have with each other… It’s a much more personal story for all the characters.

On that note, since my characters have all swapped their character arcs in the past few days and have new back stories, very little of what I’ve written up until now is still relevant. For today’s WIPpet, I’m going to have to take you right back to when Rosa and Frederick Merrow first met, or at least, properly interacted. I’ve got 4 paragraphs because it’s the 22nd and 2 + 2 = 4. And it’s also the fourth month and all that. It’s a hot day and Rosa thinks she’s wandered far enough from the house to not be disturbed on her afternoon off.

She had been dozing off when a crack of twigs behind her made her jump and spring awake. The figure of Frederick Merrow emerged through the trees, a large dog by his side. Rosa had taken off her shoes and stockings, and now she scrambled to try to at least replace her boots, as her skirt would possibly disguise the fact that her legs were otherwise bare.

Her movements attracted Frederick Merrow’s attention, and he stopped walking, looking over at her. His expression was initially bemused, but it quickly transformed into a grin and he chuckled at her efforts.

“Please, don’t feel you ought to cover up for my benefit.”

Rosa’s cheeks turned a dark scarlet, and she felt as though she were completely naked, not just stocking-less, in front of him.

Given that I’ve turned him into the villain, and he’s more “total jerkwad” than “roguish charmer”, this scene now feels a whole lot sleazier.

If you are wondering what on earth this WIPpet thing I keep referring to is, wonder no longer! WIPpet is a portmanteau of the acronym WIP (work in progress) and the word snippet, and every Wednesdsay, we share a snippet from our WIPs that somehow relates to the date. The linky is here; do join in! The fabulous K. L. Schwengel is our host and many thanks go to her for keeping us all in line.

Now I return to ROW80 and my goals for the coming week. I have this 2500 word history essay due Thursday of next week, and a museum significance report due the following week. Thus, I really need to get the essay out of the way this weekend. I do have a birthday party to go to on Sunday, but I’ll probably excuse myself after a couple of hours. My Fair Lady chorus members are all a little annoyed when today we were informed we now have a rehearsal on Monday, where we didn’t before. It would have been handy having that extra spare night.

  • Complete essay by Sunday night
  • Polish essay on the following couple of days
  • Write a review of Jackaby and schedule the post
  • Finish forum response
  • Decide on item for significance report. Email course convener and also have chat to people at work about it.
  • Visit 50% of WIPpet Wednesday posts
  • Visit 5 ROW80 blogs
  • Reply to comments on this post

Doesn’t seem like much, but watch me fall apart in a quivering heap in next Wednesday’s post. I’m going to leave it here, but be sure to check out other ROW80 posts. I’ll see you soon!~ Emily

#WIPpet Wednesday April 8

I’ve managed to be pretty productive in the last week! Hurray! I perhaps should have done a bit more studying over my time off, but I decided to enjoy the time instead. I head back to work tomorrow and I can get to work on the next essay then as well.


      • Read 1 hour a day and finish A Wicked Thing – I just spent Friday reading and finished it then.
      • Complete text-to-speech run-through of AMCF (8 chapters, so maybe 2 a day?) – done! Though I did it all yesterday, because I procrastinated up until then. But this means the interiors are all done and I just to worry about the exterior. Exciting times!
      • Finish review of Scarlet by Marissa Meyer – done!
      • Write review of Cress by Marissa Meyer – done!
      • Write review of A Wicked Thing once finished reading – done!
      • Make a list of books in uni libraries that may be useful for history essay – sort of? I initially chose an essay question that was a comparative question, and I could find lots of books on one aspect of the topic but not the other. So I’ve changed topics, and stocked up on books for the new topic today.
      • Spend an hour each day doing uni readings – haha. Yeah. Well.
      • Try to dot-point an essay plan – see previous couple of points.
      • Remain on target for Camp NaNoWriMo (approx. 334 words a day = 2333 words by the end of Tuesday) – yes! More on that below.

It  would seem that no matter what I set out to write, some kind of epic and/or tragic romance always manages to make its way in there. This has happened with my Camp NaNoWriMo plans. I was supposed to be revamping and planning in more detail my WIP from last November’s NaNo (you know, the one with Armand and Bianca, and Josephine who was turned into a statue for 500 years and finally escaped?). I’ve accidentally ended up with a sympathetic antagonist, when I was going for “evil for the sake of evil” (almost – she did still have her own motivations). In her case, the romance is more on the tragic end of things.

As part of the Camp NaNo stuff, I’ve written some important scenes from this antagonist’s back story. It’s from this that I’m taking today’s WIPpet. I need you to imagine a large homestead on a farm out in middle-of-nowhere Australia, around the end of the nineteenth century. If you need an example, I have the Monte Cristo homestead, which is purportedly the most haunted house in Australia, in mind. Rosa is young and naive, and a member of the household staff. Frederick Merrow is the head of the household, and has been teaching Rosa magic in their spare time (there’s a pretty extensive back story for him as well, how he got into magic, etc, but I’ll go into that at a later date). My WIPpet maths is eight paragraphs for the 8th of April.

“It’s all about the right mind-set, you see.” Frederick put his index and middle fingers against Rosa’s temples. She felt herself blushing from the contact. “You have to believe you can do it or it won’t work.”

She glanced up at him. “I believe I can do it. It’s just… well… I still feel like I shouldn’t.”

“If God was going to smite people for performing magic, Rosa, he’d have got me years ago. You’ve got nothing to fear.”

He removed his fingers from her head, and stood, moving around to Rosa’s side of the table. He squatted down next to her and put an arm across the back of her chair to balance himself.

“You can do this,” he breathed in her ear.

smurf-vela-candleShe wanted to do this. She wanted to prove to Frederick that she was a worthy student. He believed she could do it, so she had no reason not to believe it herself. She stared at the unlit candle between them, willing it to light. In her mind, she saw the same candle, a flame flickering at its top. She closed her eyes, focusing on that image until her head was pounding.

There was a faint whooshing sound, and then Frederick’s hands clasped her shoulders. She opened her eyes and saw the flickering candlelight.

“Was that me? Did I do that?”

I haven’t actually figured out yet whether they would be on first name terms yet (particularly Rosa calling Frederick that), but given that this is unlikely to be in the actual finished work and is mostly just for my benefit, I figure it doesn’t really matter. I’m also yet to entirely figure out the magic system, so I’m just rolling with what comes to me right now.

I am actually loving Rosa more the more I write of her, and I have a feeling it’s going to be much like when I played Abigail in The Crucible last year. Everyone else was like, “Wow, what a bitch” and I was all “YOU JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND.” Which is still how I feel about Abigail.

WIPpet Wednesday is a blog hop hosted by the very fabulous K. L. Schwengel. All you need to do to participate is post an excerpt from your WIP that somehow relates to the date (eg. 8 paragraphs for the 8th of April. I went simple, but encourage creativity). Then link up with us here. And on that subject, you can learn more about ROW80 here.

Anyway, time for this week’s goals.

  • continue with ROW80 goal of 250 words a day/keep on track with Camp NaNo.
  • Read for half an hour a day
  • Read uni readings for at least one hour a day
  • Make a bullet-pointed plan for the essay and email it to the course convener for feedback
  • Reply to all comments received on this post
  • Visit at least 50% of fellow WIPpet Wednesday post
  • Visit at least 5 ROW80 posts

I think that’s all I need to work on this week. If anything else comes to mind, I’ll add it in later. I’m going to go now and consider reading about Britain’s involvement in the Seven Years War, though its more likely I’m going to watch something on Netflix. (Netflix is still new in Australia. For those of us who didn’t know there are free VPNs out there, anyway. Don’t judge.). See you later!

~ Emily

A belated WIPpet Wednesday

Ohai, WIPpeteers. It’s been a little while. Uni work has been eating up my time, and sadly, leaving very little for writing. Boooo. I had expected to have time to write this post last night, but unfortunately, Easter hymn practice at my church went at least an hour longer than expected, and it was after 10 when I finally got home. After a stressful day at work, I wasn’t doing anything apart from falling into bed. However, it’s still Wednesday in some parts of the world, so here I am.

As I mentioned in last week’s post, I have finally finished Unicorn Love. Actually, when I was writing that post, I had only mostly finished it, as I still had a couple of final paragraphs to perfect. I think it’s there now, though. So, in light of that, I can totally still count it as a WIP for WIPpet Wedneday. Yesterday was the first, so I have one line of dialogue. This is Aphrodite is speaking to Lydia.

“Oh, forget about the silly deal. I can always find another cupid. You, on the other hand, will only get one second chance [at love*].”

*I added those last two words, just for some context. Aphrodite is encouraging Lydia to stop worrying so much and go for it.

I’m doing Camp NaNoWriMo in an attempt to properly plan what started as last year’s November NaNoWriMo. I don’t know how much of it is actually going to remain the same. So far, there have been mostly changes, with the exceptions two of the main characters staying the same. If/when bits of the actual story come to me, I intend to write them, so hopefully I’ll be able to return to WIPpet Wednesday full time soon.

In other news, I know we’re between ROW80 rounds right now, but I wanted to tick off this week’s goals anyway, and write some for the next week. This is what I intended to do last week:

  • Write review of Scarlet by Marissa Meyer – started, but not completed.
  • Write review of The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black – done, at about 10:30 on Friday night when I realised it was review day and nothing had gone up yet.
  • Write review of Playing Beatie Bow by Ruth Park. – not done, and I might not worry about this, since I have read a few more recent books in the last week
  • Type up the end of Unicorn Love and send it out to my writing group for their consideration before submitting. – did the typing, am yet to send it out
  • Spend an hour continuing to format AMCF and compare two files with text-to-speech software. – don’t think it would have been an hour, but I have done this up to the end of chapter 10. I hope to have the rest done over the Easter break.
  • Research and write Module 3 750-word response for HIST8015 – done. It wasn’t amazing, but it’s only worth 5% of my grade, so…
  • Research and write Module 5 750-word response for HIST8015 – not done, as Module 3 took longer than I expected. Also, I decided to do Module 6 rather than 5.
  • Decide which essay questions I will use before meeting with lecturer on Monday (also HIST8015) – done. I think I’ve even thought of an angle for the essay.
  • Decide on an object to use for my significance report (MUSC8017) – not done, as there are far too many options and I am yet to narrow it down.

A lot of the not done stuff is due to motivation, and the fact that I spent a lot of the time when I wasn’t doing uni work just reading. I really just have to push myself to actually do the things I need to do. I have not only the four-day Easter weekend, but also Tuesday and Wednesday of next week off, so I want to be as productive as possible while still having a relaxing time off. I have a bunch of church services to prepare for/attend, as well as catching up with some friends, and that sort of thing. So, goals for the next week:

  • Read 1 hour a day and finish A Wicked Thing
  • Complete text-to-speech run-through of AMCF (8 chapters, so maybe 2 a day?)
  • Finish review of Scarlet by Marissa Meyer
  • Write review of Cress by Marissa Meyer
  • Write review of A Wicked Thing once finished reading
  • Make a list of books in uni libraries that may be useful for history essay
  • Spend an hour each day doing uni readings
  • Try to dot-point an essay plan
  • Remain on target for Camp NaNoWriMo (approx. 334 words a day = 2333 words by the end of Tuesday)

I think that’s about it for this week. I’ll hopefully also have time to catch up with you all on your blogs and see how your WIPs are going. Happy Easter to all, whether it’s of religious significance to you, or just an excuse to eat copious amounts of chocolate guilt-free. I’ll see you next Wednesday!

~ Emily

#ROW80 – Don’t mind me, just having a bit of a crisis

My friends, I need you to indulge me for a bit. Long-time readers of this blog will know that every now and then I have a bit of a crisis with my writing, and then I do some actual writing and it stops. This one is possibly a little more in depth than usual, though, so I’ll give you some dot-points about why I’m feeling down tonight. I hope it makes sense.

  • During my undergraduate degree, I wrote very little for pleasure. A few small pieces of fanfiction, but that was it.
  • I started a Master’s degree this year, so there’s a vague feeling in the back of my head the same thing will happen again.
  • I have an assignment due a week from today and I’m still not entirely sure what I’m doing with it.
  • Apart from uni, I’m also doing a musical at the moment. Sometimes we’re not required at all, but other times that’s a full two nights out of my week. And as we get closer, it will be busier.
  • With the exception of NaNoWriMo last year, I have basically been on a rewriting/revising/editing cycle for the last 12-18 months. I haven’t really had that writing-solidly-on-a-new-idea rush and outpouring of words for a long time. This isn’t to say I’m not passionate about my existing characters, but there’s something about starting a new project.
  • What made me realise the above point was the tinge of jealously when meeting with my writing group tonight. One of the other members has calculated that in a couple of weeks she’ll be finished her 2014 NaNo story. This is because she’s had that time to solidly work on it over the past few months.
  • It also made me realise that until I get this piece of paper (I’m studying part time, so it’ll be the best part of four years), I’m unlikely to have that sort of time, except over mid-year breaks and summers.
  • And on top of all that, what with AMCF being in post-writing stages and Unicorn Love being just about done, I’m having the I-don’t-have-any-new-ideas! freak-out, which is being made worse by the And-I-have-no-time-to-explore-new-ideas! freak-out.

My Internet was down last Wednesday, and since I wasn’t able to blog, I didn’t write myself goals for the week, even though I had proven the two weeks prior how much it helped. I’ve also been constantly tired lately, which isn’t helping. I actually really can’t wait until Easter, when I have Good Friday through to the following Wednesday off work. I have a terrible tendency to get obsessed with housework when I’m at home for long periods, but I have faith my partner will insist I relax for at least some of the time.

Anyway, so, goals for this week. Mostly I will be trying to concentrate on getting the paper written that I have due next Tuesday. I’m seeing a local production of Evita on Saturday so that will take a chunk out of my day, and I’ve got some church commitments which are going to take a larger chunk out of my Sunday morning than the regular service normally would. So I’m really going to have to try to work on this every night…

Thursday: Read relevant readings on Wattle. Makes notes.

Friday: Read collection development policies for the institutions I’m comparing in the assignment.

Saturday: (Morning) Make notes based on everything I’ve read and which angles I’m looking at. (Evening) Try to begin a first draft.

Sunday: Finish writing.

Monday: (I think I have My Fair Lady rehearsal)

Tuesday: Polish, proofread, etc.

Judging by this, it’s probably not going to be the greatest essay I’ve ever written, but as long as I turn in something, I should be all right.

I could say “no time for writing in amongst all that” but I saw a very helpful post on Twitter today, and I really think I ought to follow it.

So I’m going to try! It’s 10pm, though, so for now, I’m off to bed!

~ Emily