July-August 2018 TBR

Read my June reading wrap-up here!

I can’t believe it’s already July! Half the year gone!

I’ve written myself a completely new TBR for the next couple of months. Previously, I was carrying over any unread books from the last list, but I’m just not in the mood for those at the moment so they’ve gone back into my TBR Jar for later. I’ve been a bit reading slumpy for the last few months (work and other life things have contributed to that), so I haven’t left it up to the chance of the TBR Jar this time. I’ve deliberately selected books I think I’ll enjoy.

Blackwing by Ed McDonald

The Dry by Jane Harper

The Finisher by David Baldacci

Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie (Hercule Poirot #17)

The Olmec Obituary by L. J. M Owen

The Watchmaker of Filigree Street by Natasha Pulley

Where Shadows Rise by Amy Laurens (Sanctuary #1)

Through Roads Between by Amy Laurens (Sanctuary #2)

With the exception of I Had Such Friends, which is an ARC from NetGalley, the rest of these are books I own. I am a little behind on my Australian Women Writers Challenge and will need to also get a few books from the library to make a move on that.

What are you planning to read this month?


March-April 2018 TBR

Read my February reading wrap-up here!

I made it through six of the eight titles on my Jan-Feb TBR list, which is not too bad in my book! (Haha, book pun, geddit?) I’ve carried the remaining two over for the next two months, and have finally had an opportunity to use my TBR Jar to pick out my next few reads! Plus I have one ARC that I know of and a couple of others pending at the time of this writing. It’s really great to be putting a hole in both my physical and virtual TBRs!

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

Scapegallows by Carol Birch

Treason! Treason! by Josh Langston

Call Me Sasha by Genna Leigh

Daddy Darkest by Ellery Kane

Anne of Green Gables by E. M. Montgomery

A Kiss from Mr Fitzgerald by Natasha Lester

What are you reading this month?


January-February 2018 TBR

With the new year, comes a new experiment in how I approach my TBRs. Last year, I found that a monthly reading list was a bit too intense, so I adjusted it to a three-monthly list with about 20 titles on it. I think that was a bit ambitious, too, given how prone I am to getting distracted by other books.

This year, I am going to aim for a TBR with 8 titles to work through over a two month period. I usually read between five and ten titles a month, so that should leave me plenty of time for both completing the TBR and other books such as ARCs or challenge titles. I’ll do a wrap-up at the end of the two months, rather than monthly.

So! Here are my 8 titles for January/February. A couple of ARCs, some books that I own, and a bunch that have been sitting on my Kindle for quite a while now.

Everless by Sara Holland

Your One and Only by Adrianne Finlay

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

The Empty Grave by Jonathan Stroud

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

Dollhouse by Anya Allyn

False Awakening by Cassandra Page

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

Stay tuned for weekly reading updates, reviews and monthly wrap-ups to see how I’m going with this list and how I feel about these titles, and others.


October Reading Wrap-up and November Reading List

Past Month’s Reading:

October felt like a return to regular reading habits , even though other things fell off the wagon with the end of semester and associated pressures looming. I managed to tick a whole five books off my official TBR, as well as cram in a few other things not listed.

^^ I’ll get it all ticked off by the end of the year, right?

The  things I read and reviewed were:

Currently reading:

Physical book: Not Your Sidekick by C. B. Lee. This is really diverse superhero story. The diversity gets a 5/5 , though the writing style is more 3.5/5. Still, I am really enjoying it and unless it does something to really disappoint me in the second half, will probably grab the sequel when I can.

Audio book: The Little Teashop of Lost and Found by Trisha Ashley. I’m about a quarter of the way through this, and going slowly, since I’m really only listening to it when I’m driving on my own, and that’s not all that often at the moment. And sometimes I listen to music instead. It is cute enough for me to want to keep going, but it does have some pacing issues and the main character is naive to the next level. But she has purchased the titular teashop now, so I’m hoping things will start moving forward properly.

Planning to read next:

On Friday, I am going on holidays for a few days, and I intend to read quite a lot… though I am also doing an escape room and going to markets and doing some hiking… but still. I am planning to take the last three Series of Unfortunate Events books by Lemony Snicket and finally see that series through. I also have three other books from the library, and Nyxia by Scott Reintgen will be the first of those that I read.

Then it’s back to the books on the above TBR graphic, though I haven’t quite worked out which order I’ll read those in.

September Reading Wrap-up and October Reading List

Past Month’s Reading:

After a couple of dismal months in July and August, September was a bit of a return to regular reading habits. For the most part. I finished six books, have reviewed three and have the review for a fourth scheduled. That being said, not many of them were on my current TBR:

The other things I read and reviewed were:

My hope is at the end of October, there will be far more ticks on that graphic than there are now. There will be at least two more.

Currently reading:

Ebook:  The Beautiful Ones by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. I’m currently at 15%. I think Nina is a total sweetheart, and I’m looking foward to seeing how the romance plays out, since her love interest has some dubious motives and quite a lot to hide.

Audio book: The Asylum by Johan Theorin. Currently at 27%. The protagonist seems naive but there have been some genuinely creepy moments and I think the last chapter was the catalyst for things to really start happening.

Planning to read next:

I have actually read the first chapter or two of The End of Mr Y by Scarlett Thomas (I had left my Kindle at work) and I am very interested, so I will continue with that next. I have The Foretelling of Georgie Spider (The Tribe #3) by Ambelin Kwaymullina out from the library, so I definitely want to read that and finish up the series (it’s nice to actually complete a series). I also want to read Blood Guilt by Lindy Cameron, to ensure that I complete my personal diversity challenge for the Australian Women Writers Challenge. After that, it will depend what mood I am in!

July to … erm, December TBR? Maybe?

So earlier this year, I thought making three-monthly TBRs rather than monthly would be a great idea. It worked pretty well for March – June. Then in July I was mentally exhausted and ended up in a reading slump, and in August I got bogged down with one single book that I needed to read for uni (plus all the other class readings), so this is as much as I managed to tick off this list over the past two months:

… Yikes.

I’ve been debating how much of this to stick with over the next few months. The top row is currently pending ARCs, most of which are publishing in October, so I shouldn’t ignore them. The second row is the titles for the Australian Women Writers challenge that I drew out of my TBR jar. I’ve already met the number of books I aimed for this year, however, I have not yet met my challenge within a challenge to read two books by LGBTI* women and two books by Indigenous Australian authors. Blood Guilt is by an LGBTI author, but I think I should also prioritise another Indigenous author as well in the coming weeks.

The bottom two rows are for the Beat the Backlist challenge, though I’m honestly debating whether or not to actually continue with this, since I haven’t linked up with the challenge at all during the year, and I’m kind of failing dismally at both the goals I set for myself. I think I would like to prioritise books I own (the bottom row) over books that I added to my TBR more than a year ago (second row from the bottom). I’ve also acquired a lot of new books lately that I want to read sooner rather than later.

With that in mind, here is my revised TBR, that I will aim to finish by the end of the year, along with a myriad of other books I am sure I will get distracted by.

Silly ARCs with your inconsistent cover sizes messing up my graphic. Ah well. I know that some of the titles aren’t all that readable in the condensed version, but I’m kind of tired and can’t be bothered listing all of them? I will link to them in my monthly wrap-up posts and you can see more about them as I get to them… or you can ask if you really want to know now! 😛

So there we have it. Twenty books to have read by the end of December. How hard can it be? 😉

April-June TBR Final Wrap-Up

After a few months of unweildly monthly TBRs, at the end of June, I decided to set myself a three-month TBR with roughly two-months’  worth of books. The end has now come, and even with it being a bit more realistic, I still didn’t quite get there. Still, I don’t think I did too badly, considering all the other books that distracted me along the way. Here’s the final result:

I am about a quarter of the way through The Ship Beyond Time but that’s not far enough for me to count it towards June’s total. To be perfectly honest, while I enjoyed the first two Study books, I’m not even entirely sure I’m  that interested in continuing the series. I won’t get rid of my copies of Fire Study and Shadow Study just yet, but I’m not really feeling the need to dive into them right now. The same can be said of The Bloodshade Encounters. I’m not going to put any of these on my next TBR.


Here are the reviews I posted during June:


  • Australian Women Writer’s Challenge:

I have technically completed my goal to read 12 books by Australian women this year, however, I have not completed my sub-challenge of reading at least two by Indigenous women and two by LGBTI* authors. You can see my challenge page with progress and links to all my reviews here.

  • Beat the Backlist Challenge:

While I’m reading a lot of books that were published prior to 2017, I’m not doing so well on my goals. I’m going to have to really start concentrating on books I own in this second half of the year. My challenge page is here.

I was going to include my new TBR for the coming months in this post, but as I won’t be participating in my usual blog hops this week (no time to commit fully over the coming days), I’ll do a separate post with a shiny new graphic and everything. See you then!

April – June TBR: May Wrap-up

At the end of March, instead of writing an unrealistic TBR for just the month of April, I decided to write a maybe-semi-realistic TBR for the next three months. In April, I ticked off five of the books on the list, as well as getting distracted by a few not on the list. There were similar distractions in May, but I still managed to tick off 4 (actually, I’m still reading Magic Study, but I’m hoping to finish it by the end of the week).

Here are the links to my reviews for the month of May. I did fall off the wagon a little as life got in the way, but there’s still a few.

The Edge of the Abyss by Emily Skrutskie (YA dystopia/LGBTI)

How the Aliens from Alpha Centauri Invaded My Maths Class and Turned Me Into a Writer… and How You Can Be One, Too by Jackie French (children’s/non-fiction)

Heart of Brass by Felicity Banks (steampunk/historical fantasy)

The Devil’s Prayer by Luke Gracias (thriller/horror)

On Writing: a Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King (memoir)

Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder (YA fantasy)

I also read the majority (bar the last 20 pages or so) of The Dalai Lama’s Cat by David Mitchie. My review isn’t up yet, but I’ll count it for May.

So what’s next?

At the moment I am continuing with Maria V. Snyder’s Study series. I own two more books in the series after Magic Study. I also wouldn’t mind reading The Betrayal of Bindy MacKenzie if for no other reason, to nicely tick off the entire bottom row of my banner. I did find that I needed a standalone between the first two Study books, so that may well happen again.

What are you reading this month?

April – June TBR: April Wrap-up

At the end of March, instead of writing an unrealistic TBR for just the month of April, I decided to write a maybe-semi-realistic TBR for the next three months. Of the sixteen books I listed (I ended up not being interested in the rest of the Parasol Protectorate, so that took the total down a bit), I have managed to read five. Well, four-and-a-bit, but when I made the below graphic, I had intended to spend more time reading this weekend than I ended up having time for. As a result, I am only 20% into The Edge of the Abyss, but I had added the tick overlay, so we’ll just have to pretend.
also read a few books not on this list, such as The Secret Science of Magic by Melissa Keil, The Man from Snowy River by Elyne Mitchell and Puberty Blues by Kathy Lette and Gabrielle Carey, though these last two were audio books, so they didn’t intrude on the physical TBR.

Here are the links to my reviews:

Puberty Blues by Kathy Lette and Gabrielle Carey

Walpiri Women’s Voices: Our Lives, Our History edited by Petronella Vaarzon-Morel

The Man from Snowy River by Elyne Mitchell

Soulless by Gail Carriger

The Secret Science of Magic by Melissa Keil

The Asp of Ascension by R. B. Myers

The Abyss Surrounds Us by Emily Skrutskie

So what’s next?

My first priorities are Heart of Brass by Felicity Banks and The Devil’s Prayer by Luke Gracias.  The Study series by Maria V. Snyder is also a high priority, and as of last night I also want to (try to) read Dracula by Bram Stoker. Incredible stage productions will do that. May is not quite as busy as April was in terms of uni work and that sort of thing, so hopefully I’ll also be able to power through these.

What are you reading this month?

December 2016 TBR

Who else can’t believe it’s already December? I certainly can’t! I’ve still got two reading challenges to finish, and while I have the various things I need to finish over this month recorded in various places, I thought it might be a good idea to list it all here. In any other month, I wouldn’t be too worried about trying to finish this number of books, but December is always so busy, and I barely have a free weekend between now and Christmas. We can only hope!

Australian Women Writer’s Challenge

lettersendoflovecoverThe goal I set for myself at the beginning of the year was to read and review at least 12 books by Australian Women, including two by Indigenous authors and two by LGBTQI* authors. While I have reviewed 15, I still need to read one more by a lGBTQI* author. The book I have chosen is Letters to the End of Love by Yvette Walker. This book sounds really enjoyable from the blurb and the reviews, so I’m hoping I enjoy it. I have this one out from the library at the moment, so I can get to it asap.

The 2016 Choose Your Own Challenge Challenge

This challenge has been run out of a GoodReads group. At the beginning of the year, I chose 20 prompts, and I still have five to go, but I’ve worked out which books to read to fill them, and I have copies of all of them, so here’s hoping!

elenorecoverElenore by Faith Rivens = a book with a protagonist who has your occupation

Librarian, that is, not demon hunter. I’d be no good at that. Faith was good enough to provide me with an ARC of this book, and I’m really excited to read her debut.

motherofdreamscoverMother of Dreams edited by Makoto Ueda = a book about a culture you’re unfamiliar with

A colleague who recently passed away wanted her library to given away to family and friends. She was very interested in Japanese culture and had a lot of books pertaining to that among her shelves. This is one of the, uh, seventeen that I ended up with.

fairestcoverFairest by Marissa Meyer = an “in between the books” book (i.e. Book 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 of a series)

I recently replaced “the 16th book on your TBR” with this prompt, as for various reasons, that one wasn’t going to happen. But I’m gradually working my way through Marissa Meyer’s books that I am yet to read, and I’m excited to finally get to this one.

Pyramids by Terry Pratchett = a book published on the year you were born pyramidscover

I already had this on my list and was planning to get it from the library when I picked up a copy from a local market stall. It’s been a while since I read any Terry Pratchett, and this one is quite short, so I think it will be a good one to get back into his books with.

annefrankcoverDiary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank = a book from the Rory Gilmore Challenge

I remember starting Anne Frank’s diary once before, but I never finished it. I understand a lot more about the Second World War now, though, and I have seen the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam (I didn’t go in as the queue was around the block and I was quite sick; I ended up going back to the hotel and sleeping). I have a feeling this one is going to result in lots of tears.

So that’s it! I have 29 days and six books to get through (plus the one I’m reading at the moment)! Wish me luck!

~ Emily