Book Review: The Mysterious Adventures of Becca Carlisle by Cate Morgan

Title: The Mysterious Adventures of Becca Carlisle (Blood & Steam #2)
Author: Cate Morgan
Genre: Steampunk/YA
Date Read: 09/09/2016 – 11/09/2016
Rating: ★★★★


I read this book almost exactly a year to the day after I read the first Blood & Steam novella, and while this one had less of the exciting exotic locations, it still had all the bright, vibrant characters that I enjoyed in the first one.

Becca Carlisle receives a letter from her family lawyers in London, claiming that her brother is going to be charged with desertion from the army. She soon learns from a junior partner in the firm, however, that her lawyer is in league with Baron Lindsey, the same man responsible for her father’s alleged death in an airship accident.  As she and Avery begin to build a case to prove their senior’s connection to the Lindseys, they find there are a few people determined to stop them investigating.

Becca and Avery were both fun characters. Becca is the slightly more “normal” Carlisle sister, compared with adventurous Acacia and inventor Lucia. Still, she sticks up for what she believes in and isn’t afraid to join with Avery in building a case against Avery’s former employer and the Lindseys. Avery is very sweet, a bit dorky, but also determined to have revenge for his father, who came to grief when he crossed the Lindseys some years before. There was also some entertaining side characters in the Ladies’ Adventurers Club, in particular three ofo these ladies who were too old to give much of a damn what other people thought of them.

As this book was set in London, it did lack the exciting description of faraway lands that the first book did, and there was even less of a steampunk vibe than in the first. Apart from a few telescopes and a fancy telegraph system, there was little to distinguish the setting from regular Victorian England. Even so, it was a quick, fun read and I certainly look forward to reading book three and concluding the story.

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#WWW Wednesday – 14 September, 2016

It’s time for WWW Wednesday! This is a blog hop hosted by Sam over at A World Of Words. Link up with us by commenting on Sam’s post for today, and just answer the three questions.


What have you recently finished reading?

I finished Thbeccacarlislecovere Birdman’s Wife by Melissa Ashley and posted my review here. I ended up quite enjoying it for the most part. I also read The Mysterious Adventures of Becca Carlisle by Cate Morgan, which is the second in a series of steampunk novellas. This one was less steampunky as it dealt more with the Carlisle family’s legal matters and building a case against their enemy, but as with the first one, the characters were vibrant and fun and it was a quick read. In related news, my review of Paper and Fire by Rachel Caine also went up this week.

What are you currently reading?

dragoninthegardencoverThe Dragon in the Garden by Erika Gardner, which I also got from NetGalley. I’m almost halfway through it. Not  much has happened so far, but the world-building and characters are interesting. I’m a bit worried it might get messy, though, as we already have fallen angels and dragons, and the fey are apparently going to start showing up, too.

Still going with Shadows in Bronze by Lindsey Davis on audio. I haven’t had as many opportunities to listen to it but luckily I was able to renew it so I should be able to finish it before it gets returned.

What do you think you’ll read next?

illkeptoathcoverI want to try to read The Ill-Kept Oath by C. C. Aune in time to get a review up around its release on September 27. This is the one I accidentally-on-purpose requested from NetGalley last week. I have another one I that I requested in the same manner this week. Still waiting on approval for that one, but fingers crossed! After finishing the Birdman’s Wife and getting through Dragon in the Garden quite quickly, I feel a bit better about having a few ARCs sitting around.

I’m going to love you and leave you on that note, and try to do something that involves moving about. I thought I would try a new class at the gym yesterday, but it turned out to be well beyond my abilities, and  unlike the one I normally go to, didn’t really have different levels for those of us who are beginners. As a result, 36 hours and a massage later, I am still stiff and sore, but it wears off a bit when I move around.

See you all later!

~ Emily