#StoryADayMay Day 2 – For those who wanted to see more of Sir Aidan


Remember how yesterday I said that halfway through writing my Story A Day for the day, it suddenly became back story for a character in A More Complicated Fairytale? Well, now you get to see how. I have more to say, but I’m going to leave the for the end. Apologies for any typos, I was typing on my tablet and it’s auto-correct is not perfect. If you missed yesterday’s story where Sir Aidan was introduced, you can read it here (though you’ll have to scroll down a bit; yesterday was a lots-of-things-to-post day)

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#WIPpet Wednesday, #ROW80 and #StoryADayMay, oh my!

Random Fact: the first comment on this post will be the 550th on this blog. That’s rather exciting.
wippetwednesdayIt’s the first of the month and I feel like being evil today, so here’s a completely contextless sentence from A More Complicated Fairytale for your, uh, enjoyment? ūüėõ

The further through [Felipe] read, the more his brow furrowed, until his expression was darker than Cait had ever seen it before.

Please feel free to join in! All you need to do is post an excerpt from a WIP you’re currently working on, which somehow correlates to the day’s date (so one sentence for the first, for example, though paragraphs, lines, sentences or excerpts of any length from the relevantly-numbered chapter are also welcome). Then hop on over to the linky and join in! Once again, many thanks to K. L. Schwengel at My Random Muse for hosting.

row80As for my ROW80 and other such writing¬†goals, a¬†bulleted list is probably the best way to go about this. These are the things I want to achieve for the coming month and beyond. For the last few days writing has happened in dribs and drabs, but hopefully I’ll pick up from today.

  • Figure out what I’m going to write for the Australian Literature Review’s¬†¬†May Short Story competition. One of my writer’s group friends was shortlisted for the April competition, which is so very cool! And raises the bar for the rest of us. She was actually really surprised because she finished it about ten minutes before the deadline and had no time for polishing.
  • Write that.
  • Participate in A Story A Day In May. I may be setting myself up for dismal failure here, but we’ll see. I figure if I get some of the ideas rolling around in my head out of my system with a flash fic or two, then I won’t want to turn them into more WIPs. I emailed the link to the website for this to my writer’s group and a few of us are going to attempt it, so it should be fun. I’m yet to decide whether I’m going to post my stories every day or every few days, but either way, see below for today’s kick-off story.
  • Write a proper outline for Operation: Sugarplum.
  • Finish the outline for Friends with the Enemy/Making Friends of Enemies/whatever I end up deciding to call it. This plot has been in my head for a bit over a year (I remember getting excited about it on this blog when the ideas first started coming to me), and I attempted writing it for Camp NaNoWriMo in June 2012, but failed dismally on account of various circumstances (didn’t have a computer for the first two weeks, still had gaps in the plot, etc). I reworked the entire setting, characters and everything in the few months after this, but still struggled when I actually sat down to write it. There were still gaps in the plot, and my setting, while clear in my head, is tricky to establish in writing. However, yesterday, I accidentally ended up reading some of the notes I still have saved for it on my iPod (I was struck with inspiration during an off-moment at a choir rehearsal, and that was all I had to write on), and I suddenly had the urge to get back to it. Or at least figure out the issues with it. So we’ll see about that one.

Also as¬†of today, I am borrowing Lisa’s¬†idea of setting a word count to aim for each month, and having the meter in the sidebar to keep my progress updated. I keep pretty detailed wordcount spreadsheets for my WIPs, but I want to be able to count other writing (such as any fanfiction, or writing for such things as aforementioned competition and Story A Day) towards my goals¬†as well. This seemed to be a good way of managing it. I’m only going to go for 15000 words per month, which is about 500 words a day, roughly. Little bit less than that on months that have 31 days. Sometimes¬†I will¬†probably write more, sometimes less, which is why I like a monthly word count goal rather than a daily one.

And now, onto the first of my stories for A Story A Day In May! This story was partially inspired by this rant I had a few posts ago and partially¬†by Ewan McGregor’s character in Jack the Giant Slayer (he shoulda got to marry the princess, dammit!) and then about halfway through writing I think it turned into backstory for a character in AMCF.¬†I say, ‘character’, there will probably only be mention of him.¬†But I have a tendency to do that. There is a playlist on my iPod for a couple in Friends with the Enemy whose story is only relevant to the plot in that it serves as a bit of a warning to the main characters. Do I have a playlist for the main characters? Nope! But anyway, that is not relevant to this. Moving on! Here is my story for May 1, in all it’s just-finished, unpolished glory.


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