#WWW Wednesday – 21 June 2017

It’s time for WWW Wednesday! This blog hop is hosted by Sam over at A World Of Words. Link up with us by commenting on Sam’s post for this week, and just answer the three questions.


What have you recently finished reading?

I realised that I totally missed a book last week that I actually read during my WWW Wednesday hiatus. That book was Starting Out as an Indie Author: A Beginner’s Guide to Preparing, Publishing and Marketing Your EBooks by Ruth Nestvold. I will definitely be coming back  to this book when I’m preparing to self-publish again. It has heaps of valuable information and links to other resources that will definitely be a help.

This week I also read Ensnared by Rita Stradling and it… was not great, in my opinion. The romance was a little too weird and unhealthy for me to really get behind it. My review will be up on Friday.

I also switched from audio to paperback and finished Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice today. I enjoyed it enough to give it three stars, but I’m not 100% sure what I’ll be saying in my review yet. Some of it was a bit squiffy.

What are you currently reading?

Dracula by Bram Stoker continues to be ongoing. I’m focusing on getting as much of my April-June TBR ticked off before the end of the month, but in July I wil try to go back to my two-or-three-chapters-a-week plan with this book.

On audio, I started The Prestige by Christopher Priest today. I’ve seen the movie a couple of times and really loved it, so I was intrigued when I saw it available on Overdrive. I knocked off about three hours while I was cooking and then driving later on, and I’m really enjoying it so far. Nineteenth century illusionists are always a fun topic to explore.

What do you think you’ll read next?

My next print read will be The Mystery and Maplemead Castle by Kitty French. I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while and revisiting Melody Bittersweet and Co. and their ghosthunting shenanigans.  It’s time for something a little more lighthearted.

What are you reading this week? 🙂

~ Emily



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