#ROW80 Checkin and #MirthMusicMon: “Home sweet home… it’s crap.”

Before I go into anything else, a friend of mine would be very grateful to anyone who has a spare half an hour or so and would be able to fill out this survey for her. It’s on senses of humour and responses to various jokes, and is for her Honours thesis for psychology. All responses are completely anonymous of course. She still needs quite a few responses.

This week has been a bit of a blah one for ROW80 goals. Well, it started out well, with an hour spent on Keep Your Enemies Closest, my Short Story Saturday WIP. But then adding a second hour to that to make my goal? Yeeah… I got about 280 words written in the half-hour of Thursday night where me and the members of my writer’s group bothered to do any writing (we were all tired and there was good food and Suz is going overseas for 12 months in about three weeks, so we were sort of just hanging out with her). Since my usual goal is an hour/500 words, I suppose you could say that half-hour was right on track. But the second half-hour, which I tried and tried to get through today, just wasn’t happening. I wrote maybe 100 words of Operation: Sugarplum (I’m still stuck on that fight scene, and even moving onto the next scene for the moment proved difficult)… so I decided to come write this post and then I’m actually going to return to AMCF editing for a bit. I did finally write this up earlier; I rearranged my pin board to accommodate it a couple of weeks ago, but only just got around to it:

2013-09-01 18.39.32

… Yes, sometimes I like to pretend I’m Cockney.

The reason the text is so big is so I can read it from my bed, the head of which is at the other end of my room. There is still plenty of room on the pin board if I end up needing another couple of pages when writing at that size. As for 101 Things in 1001 Days goals… yeah, I kind of forgot about them all together this week, so no work was done on them at all. And I think that’s about it for ROW80. Onto MMM!

I was really struggling for what to post this week. It was only when I thought Tripod might be an option, and typed them into Google, that a couple of things they had done with the Umbilical Brothers came up, and I remembered the intense and passionate love affair I had with all things Umbie a few years ago. Seriously, though, the Umbies are awesome; they are both professional mime artists, but they do all the sound effects for their scenes as well. This is their summary of the film “Gone With The Wind”, which was part of the Australia’s Favourite Film special done by the ABC back in 2007 or so. You should click on the related videos as well. *nods sagely* (And for anyone with kids, I deeply recommend their show, “The Upside Down Show”. It’s amazing and encourages kids to use their imaginations like nothing else!

I also had some music to go in this post, but our Internet went down last night and was still down when I got up this morning, so I am unable to look up the clip (since I’m now at work). It was going to be “I Believe My Heart” from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “The Woman in White” if you want to go look it up. Just make sure you listen to the version from the show, not the annoying pop version that I stumbled upon last night. I’ll be back on Wednesday! 🙂