September 2021 Reading Wrap-up

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September was one of those months where I felt like I hadn’t read that much, and that read was a struggle, but actually I finished six books, which is a little above my average. The readathon I’ve signed up for in October has me aiming for 13, but six to nine is my usual.


A row of book covers. From left to right: The Performance by Claire Thomas, Charmcaster by Sebastien de Castell, Seat 7a by Sebastian Fitzek, Soulbinder by Sebastien de Castell, Elsa Goody, Bushranger by Darry Fraser, Chained by Memory by Celine Jeanjean.
  1. Geekerella by Ashley Poston (YA contemporary/retelling – 4 stars – review) (read August, reviewed September)
  2. The Court of Miracles (YA historical fantasy/retelling – 3 stars – review) (read August, reviewed September)
  3. The Performance (literary fiction – 3 stars – review)
  4. Charmcaster by Sebastien de Castell (Spellslinger #3) (YA fantasy – 3 stars – not reviewed)
  5. Seat 7a by Sebastian Fitzek (translated thriller – 2 stars – not reviewed)
  6. Soulbinder by Sebastien de Castell (Spellslinger #4) (YA fantasy – 3 stars – not reviewed)
  7. Elsa Goody, Bushranger by Darry Fraser (historical fantasy – 2 stars – review)
  8. Chained by Memory by Celine Jeanjean (Razor’s Edge Chronicles #6) (urban fantasy – 4 stars – review forthcoming)


I have a YouTube channel where I promote Australian books using the hashtag #AusReads, and also indulge my compulsion for signing up to readathons. Here are the latest videos:

  1. Whodunitathon TBR Part 1 – The Setting and the Crime


As far as bookish photos go, this is not one of my best, but it’s the best of the ones I posted this month. Featured is a pile of new books I picked up, which had been recommended to me as ones to read if I want to get into horror (which I do) but am also a wimp (which I am).

 a hand hiding up a pile of three books against a white wall. From top to bottom the books are Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury, House of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland and Final Girl Support Group by Grady Hendrix.

You can see all my bookish photos (plus some RL as well) on my Instagram.


And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie book cover. It is mostly plain green, with a small picture of a large coastal home and the title and author in plan black text.

Physical book: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. Starting off Whodunitathon with an actual whodunit.

Ebook: Return of the Dwarf King by Charley Case, Martha Carr and Michael Anderle. I bought this on a whim after seeing it somewhere and while it’s not what I expected, I’m giving it chance to get me hooked.

Audio book: I bought the WhisperSync audio companion for Return of the Dwarf King, which means I can swap between audio and ebook without losing my place.


The Final Girl Support Group by Grady Hendrix was recommended to me as a horror book that someone wimpy could still be into. I’ve got pretty high expectations so I hope it lives up to them!

What are you reading? 🙂


September 2019 Reading Wrap-up

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After a slow start, I feel like I found my readin groove again in September. I got through 9 titles, and even though some of them were only short, it all counts!

Some of the books I read this month are not ones I’m intending to review on this blog, but where I’ve left more than a sentence on GoodReads, I’ve linked there instead.

Past Month’s Reading:

    1. Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds: The Musical Drama (audio drama – 5 stars – no formal review – GoodReads thoughts)
    2. Evangeline and the Alchemist by Madeleine D’Este (steampunk fantasy – 4 stars – review forthcoming)
    3. Evangeline and the Bunyip by Madeleine D’Este (steampunk fantasy – 3 stars – review forthcoming)
    4. Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia (historical fantasy – 5 stars – review)
    5. Suicide Club by Rachel Heng (SF dystopia – 3.5 stars – review)
    6. The Modern Girl’s Guide to Safe Sex by Kaz Cooke (non-fiction/humour – 3 stars – no formal review – GoodReads thoughts)
    7. Dead Blondes and Bad Mothers: Monstrosity, Patriarchy, and the Fear of Female Powerby Sady Doyle (feminist/non-fiction – 3.5 stars – not intending to review)
    8. Doctor Who: Scratchman by Tom Baker and James Goss (sci-fi – 3 stars – no formal review – GoodReads thoughts)
    9. Monuments by Will Kostakis (YA urban fantasy – 4 stars – review forthcoming)


Moving house meant I didn’t get anything posted to Booktube this month. I feel like I’ve been saying this several months in a row, but really, October will be the month where I get back into it!

You can check out the channel here

Favourite Bookish Photo:

Gods and Jade and Shadow was a beautiful Mexican historical fantasy, and the cover was also gorgeous. You can see all my bookish photos (plus some RL as well) on my Instagram.

Currently Reading:

Physical book: No physical book on the go at the moment.

Ebook: Evangeline and the Spiritualist by Madeleine D’Este. These novellas are very short, which is why I’m waiting to review them all at once, rather than one at a time. But they are sweet and entertaining.

Audio book: I have started Illumination by Karen Brooks, the third book in the Curse of the Bond Riders trilogy. I read the first two a couple of years ago and I’m not sure why I didn’t get around to this one. It’s 28 hours long! So will probably take me a little bit of time to get through. Fortunately, there’s a summary of the first two books at the start so I was able to refresh my memory.

Planning to read next:

I am kicking off the spooky season with a Christmas-y spooky read, The Dead of Winter by Chris Priestley. I get scared so easily but it’s a kids book so how bad can it be, right? (Famous last words, I know!). I am participating in the Hocus Pocus Readathon, my first ever! Check out my TBR here.

What are you reading? 🙂