#ROW80 Check-in #11, #WIPpet Wednesday and “Oh god, I HAVE NO HAIR!”

Well, the year’s first ROW80 round comes to an end tomorrow. This round has been fantastic for me, I both began and completed the first draft of my novella, and it’s now with my wonderful beta readers for a couple of weeks. While I haven’t really done much else in the way of writing in the last week or so, this morning I did start nutting out an opening scene for my modern-day retelling of The Nutcracker and my characters are even nerdier than I expected, which is pretty awesome.

I’ve cast the two leads, though as often happens when I cast my characters, I’ve made them a mixture of a few pre-exisiting personalities. On the page I have set up for Clara Steele, my lead female, I have pictures of Clara Oswin Oswald (the new Doctor Who companion), Lizzie Bennet (from the Lizzie Bennet Diaries) and Darcy Lewis (from Thor). For my male lead, I have Josh Groban (photos from his slightly hipster photoshoot for his latest album) and Daniel Gordh as Mr Darcy in the Lizzie Bennet Diaries (the characters from this series are kind of in my head and determined to be paid attention to at the moment; I spent last weekend catching up on episodes 45-98). The characters are both university students and for the first time I seem to be managing to write uni students like the people I went to uni with and not cooler, fictional versions of such. Not that there’s anything wrong with “cool” characters, but nerdy is kinda what I’m going for here. There aren’t enough nerds in fiction.

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Anyway! Today is Wednesday, so it’s time for another WIPpet Wednesday! 😀

The rules are as follows: post an excerpt from your current WIP that somehow corresponds to the day’s date. Today is the 27th, so I could post 27 lines, an excerpt from Chapter 27, etc… You’ve met both of my characters where they are at the beginning of their story in previous WIPpet Wednesdays… the 27 lines I’ve chose today are from the end of the story, after all the character development and ~feelings and things.

Felipe was sitting in his usual armchair, reading. His cane was leaning on the side of the chair. He looked up when Cait entered, and recognising her, snapped the book shut and stood up, only stumbling slightly and supporting himself with a hand on the chair. Cait had not moved much further once she was far enough inside for the guard to close the door behind her, so he quickly grabbed for the cane and began making his way towards her. As soon as she saw him, she felt a lot of her nervousness disappear, and she began walking towards him as well, meeting him halfway. 

“I wasn’t sure you’d come,” he said, touching her hair, then her face, and then placing his hand on her arm, all as though to assure himself she was really there. 

“Why wouldn’t I have?”

“Because after our last meeting, I had convinced myself you hated me.”

Cait grinned. “Sometimes I do,” she replied.

“Well, then, I’m fairly sure you won’t ever forgive me for this,” he said, and before she could ask what for, he had leaned forward to kiss her. She almost laughed; if he had tried this when they had first met, then she certainly wouldn’t have had any of it, and would have refused to ever speak to him again. Now, though, she found she was perfectly happy to kiss him back. How far they had come.

This scene gives me all the warm fuzzies, I have to admit.

And in final news (kinda rushing along with this post now, because it is rather past my bedtime), my hair is all gone! Well, not quite, but. Well, see for yourself:


I don’t actually have any photos of the short version from the back, they are on my friend’s phone and I am yet to see her to get them off her, but I’m really happy with how it looks. No qualms about turning up to a job interview in the morning with that. I have always been one who runs her fingers through her hair, though, and it stops rather a lot earlier than it used to. If you would like, you can find out about the World’s Greatest Shave and sponsor me here. Now to sell as much of the fundraising baking I did on the weekend to the work folk tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, if I want to wake up in time, I’d really better go to bed now, it’s nearly 11. Goodnight! I will catch your check-ins over the next couple of days, and I’m sure I’ll see many of you in the next round! 😀

~ Emily

#ROW80 Check-in #10: Laziness, Uni and the World’s Greatest Shave (again)

This post is fairly long, so bear with me. First of all, I’m going to repost my previous post, just because I think this post will get a bigger audience, and this is something important to me. Apologies to those followers who have already seen it once.

This Wednesday, I will be shaving off my hair for the World’s Greatest Shave. The WGS is an initiative of the Leukeamia Foundation, to raise money for research into blood cancer and to provide support for those suffering this terrible disease, as well as their families. I’ve been wanting to participate for a few years now, but I’ve kept putting it off. This year, however, I’ve decided to bite the bullet!

This is my hair at the moment, all 20 inches/50 cm of it:

Of course, an event like this relies on the genorosity of sponsors, and as such, I’m putting out the call. If you have a little spare cash, even just $5, I would be very grateful if you would consider sponsoring me. The URL for my own efforts is The URL for my page is http://my.leukaemiafoundation.org.au/spaciireth or you can sponsor my team at http://my.leukaemiafoundation.org.au/TeamPage.aspx?teamID=75612. I’ll post up photos along with my final ROW80 post for this round on Wednesday.

On that note, on the writing front, I have been rather lazy since finishing my WIP first draft a fortnight ago. I only fixed the couple of formatting issues and sent it out to my betas yesterday. However, now it is sent, so that’s exciting! I can get on to reading these three different editions of The Nutcracker that I have in order to research for the modern retelling I have to write. I already have the premise, an idea of main characters and at least the first bit of plot… I just need to figure out exactly what the conflict is and… the rest of the story. So I’m hoping reading the original story will help with that. Or you know, if nothing else, give me ideas for throwbacks.

And regarding my third ROW80 goal,  remember how my third goal for this round of ROW80 was to spend Saturdays at the National Library studying? Well, after nearly having a panic attack (or at least working myself into a headache-inducing tizzy) when I was there on Monday afternoon (making up for having to work Saturday and therefore not being there then), and then discussing my options with my boyfriend and my mum, we came to the conlusion that might actually be better for me to drop this current enrolment and think about something else in a year or so. As I posted on LiveJournal, my main reasons for this were as follows:

a) I applied for this degree within six months of finishing my undergrad and in the nearly two years since then that I’ve been working, my priorities have changed. I would rather get more museum qualifications than a librarianship. Two years ago, I desperately wanted to go back to the National Library to work, but now I’d much rather get a job at the National Film and Sound Archive or the National Gallery. (I feel like such a snob throwing around all these “National” institutions, but, well, it is what you apply for if you have my degree and live in Canberra. And someone has to work there, so it might as well be me, right?). Ideally, I’d like to work in some overseas institutions at some point in my life as well, and the places I’d be most interested in working would respond better to museum qualifications than library ones, I think.

b) I really think that part of my struggles is the distance-learning. I’m not cut out for it, I’m not dealing well with it, and I think that’s part of the reason I’m not performing well. The two museum qualifications I’m looking at are both through ANU, which is, you know, my “local” uni, which means I’d have a student card and I can go into the library, find the general area with the books on my subject and then empty the shelves and read all the books. Which is how I had so many sources for my undergrad essays (I was at ANU for that one, too).

When the best hope I’ve got of finding sources is the Internet (which really only gives me journal articles) and the National Library (which is a non-lending library) where I’d have to just try searching various things related to my topic and requesting things to be brought up from the stacks, it makes things much more difficult.

c) Okay, there is every possibility this makes me sound lazy, but… I’m twenty-three years old. I have a good job, and an interview next week for one a pay grade above the current one. I don’t need a Masters degree just yet, and honestly, there are other things I’d rather be doing, such as the Italian lessons I’ve got on Tuesday nights and choir, which is on every Thursday and sometimes on Mondays, because I always say yes to solos and things which require extra rehearsals. And then whinge about said extra rehearsals later, but shhh. I’m taking a break from choir after our May concert, but I want to start going to my writer’s group meetings (I’m theoretically a member, but they meet on Thursdays, so I very rarely see them, except at weekend events). I want to hopefully get the story I’ve just finished up to publishing standard by the end of the year and get my writing out there. “By the end of the year” basically means “by the end of October” since I’ll be travelling in the final two months of the year. I don’t want to be doing these things I love and feeling guilty because I should be home studying something I’m not enjoying.

Anyway. I kind of got distracted from this post because my housemate, neighbour and I decided to watch some old episodes of Doctor Who (and by “old” I mean end of 2005, yeah I know… I actually am a Classic Series fan, Jon Pertwee was my first Doctor ♥) so it is my bedtime now because I have to be up for work tomorrow. So I shall say goodnight, and see you on your own check-ins, and then again on Wednesday for our final one! ♥

~ Emily

#ROW80 Check-in #9.5: Completed my WIP! and WIPpet Wednesday: Introducing Cait

row80Last night I went to bed in a very good mood. I finished my WIP! Or the first draft at least. Just a few formatting fix-ups and then I’ll send it off to beta readers. I often have trouble finishing off a story with a concise, punchy closing line, but the one for this story came fairly easily.

While this story is with beta readers, I have a couple of options of other things to work on. I have two different versions of the Nutcracker out from the library, as well as the Penguin version newly purchased on my Kindle… I want to read as much as possible of this story before I start working on the modern-day retelling of the story that I am throwing around ideas for. I also want to do some work on last year’s NaNoWriMo, which I reread recently and realised was nowhere near as bad as I had convinced myself it was. Obviously being a NaNo MS, it has inconsistencies and typos and all that sort of thing, but I think it has potential.

So there’s also that, though at the moment the reading seems the most appealing, since lately I’ve been in “Write all the words!” mode and haven’t really taken any time out for just reading. I’m currently in the middle of the second Temeraire book, but I think I’ve read maybe 70 pages in the last 10 days. Being able to justify reading something during my designated writing time sounds like a plan.

And, since it is Wednesday again, it’s time for another WIPpet Wednesday!

The rules of WW are as follows, you simply post an excerpt from your WIP that somehow corresponds to the day’s date. Today is the 13th, so you might post 13 lines, something from Chapter 13… etc. Last week you guys met Prince Felipe, a bit of a playboy but new heir to the throne since his older brother was killed in the ongoing war between their kingdom and the neighbouring one. This week I wanted to introduce you to Cait, perhaps the only girl in the kingdom who hasn’t fallen for his charm at some point.

Though this wasn’t a conscious decision, while I was writing, I found Cait reminding me a bit of Elizabeth Bennett, in that she allows her preconceived ideas about the prince – most of which come from what she reads in the newspapers and a five-minute conversation she has with him at the beginning – to prevent her from actually seeing him as a person. I think this comes through a bit in the 13 lines I’ve chosen for today’s post. The conversation takes place just after it has been announced that Prince Felipe has chosen a wife and that the wedding will take place in a month.

“Well, I’m happy for them,” Cait declared one afternoon a few days after the news had been announced, “now it’s only a month and all the fuss will be over.”

“Cait, you’re always talking about Prince Felipe as though you really dislike him,” commented her sister, Ginny, whose hair Cait was brushing, “he only wanted to dance with you. Was he really as bad as all that?”

Cait shrugged. “I suppose not. I guess I just didn’t find him as charming as all the other girls seem to. Everyone seems to think I should have considered it a huge privilege that he asked me to dance with him.”

“Well… he is the prince.”

“Oh, not you as well, Ginny.”

Ginny does have a point. He might be a bit of a prat, but he is a good person underneath it all, I promise! This is it from me as it is now actually Thursday and after my grand intentions to grab the links to the blog hop when they appeared (which is never til Thursday evening my time). The ROW80 blog hop is here and you can join in the WIPpet Wednesday fun here via myrandommuse. See y’all Sunday! 😀

~ Emily

#ROW80 Check-in #9: Distractions all week

Not a great amount done on the writing front this week, and I still haven’t actually finished the WIP, despite it being this close to the end. I managed 927 words for the week, so that’s nearly up to my goal, but…

However, I have had a busy week, including things that required my attention on nights when I would usually write. It’s a long weekend here this weekend to celebrate my city’s centenary, so my mum came down to visit on Friday night and we were hanging out. Saturday and Sunday were spent doing things around the city and then recovering from the miles and miles of walking we did. Mum is heading home tomorrow (Tuesday), though, so then I should be able to get back into my routine.

Also on the writing front, I discovered WIPpet Wednesday this week and think I will continue participating in that. I invite everyone to do the same (it could be combined with your ROW80 check-ins for those of you who check in twice a week), I really enjoyed reading everyone’s excerpts, and it was great getting encouragement on mine! This is my post here, you can see the rules and the blog hop link and everything there.

On the studying front, I’m feeling a little bit worried because I’ve now missed out on two Saturdays at the National Library, and I’m working this coming Saturday. Having said that, I work in the public service, which means I can do flex time, i.e. if I work an extra hour early on in the week, I can work an hour less later in the week (or a month down the track, it doesn’t really matter when, as long as I keep my time sheet updated). My workplace works on a 7hr, 21 min work day, and since I usually start work at 7:30 because I’m a crazy person, I only need a couple of hours of flex time up in order to take an entire afternoon off. I’ve got three hours up at the moment, and have Italian class tomorrow which means I can work through til 5pm while waiting for my lift, so a couple of afternoons later in the week will definitely be taken off for studying. I also need to look into whether or not I can apply for study leave, though I have a feeling that might only be available to permanent staff members, not ones like me on a contract. But it’s worth investigating.

Choir was fun this week. We were running through the sketches we’re going to do in our variety show in May – I am playing Ethel in a performance of Basil, He Loved Ethel, also known as “NOT YOU BASIL.” Hopefully, we will have enough practice that we will not all be giggling the whole way through the performance. I do have to try to maintain a Cockney accent, which will be interesting, so we’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, it’s lunch time on  Monday where I am now, so it’s about time I finished off this post and posted it. I’ll catch you all around the blog hop!

~ Emily

#ROW80 Check-in #8: Request for beta readers

I had grand plans of finishing my WIP today. But then I got distracted by various things, and ended up only getting a couple of hundred words written today. That’s okay, though, another couple of days and it’ll be there. In light of that, I would like to put out a request for beta readers for a romance novella of about 21000 words, involving a prince who is a bit of a prat and the outspoken townsgirl who refuses to like him until he starts being less of a prat. It’s set in a quasi-Victorian era, and there is a war going on between the characters’ country and the neighbouring one, against which the romance is set.

If it sounds like your cup of tea and you would be willing to give it a look over, fling me an email at fuzzyagent999[@]yahoo[dot]com[dot]au. I’ll probably have it ready to send out before the end of next week. At the moment, I will just be looking for general feedback, like whether the characters are likeable, whether the plot is interesting,whether there are plot threads that I began and then forgot (I’m aware of one of these, but as far as I know, there might be others)… that sort of thing. Also any suggestions for titles might be good, as I currently have nothing. My working title is “A More Complicated Fairytale” but I don’t actually like that at all. And I am terrible at titling.

In other writing news, I finally reread my NaNoWriMo story from last year. I had convinced myself that it was really, really awful but then I started rereading the ending (the most “awful” part) and realised it was nowhere near that bad. I mean, you know, it’s of a NaNoWriMo standard, but it can definitely still be used. I’m actually thinking of making it a shorter work, like the one in the above paragraph. I think I work better within that word length frame than longer.

And in other other writing news, I was listening to Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker suite on repeat the other day, and was inspired to start nutting out a modern-day retelling of the story. Mostly because whenever I listen to the pas de deux from the ballet, all I can think is, “This is the most romantic piece of music ever, I cannot reconcile this with the fact that the characters are supposed to be about twelve (or younger).” So, after discovering there is nothing online that can help me with this, I decided to write my own. So far I only have a few vaguely connected ideas, but I’m working on it.

Anyway, so specific goals progress this week:

row80Write for an hour on Wednesdays and Fridays, or until 500 – 1000 words (minimum) is reached in each session.
Well, I haven’t really been timing, but I wrote Wednesday, Friday, yesterday and a bit today, for a total of 3807 words for the week. So not a bad effort. I didn’t quite reach the 10000 words for February mark, but if you allow for the fact that February is a short month, and therefore allow me a couple more days, I did reach 10000 words within the length of any other month. So I’m counting it. 😛

Spend Saturdays at the National Library working on uni stuff.
Ahem. Well, my semester doesn’t technically start until tomorrow, but I was going to be good and studious and go to the library yesterday to get a bit of a head start. The universe was conspiring against me, however, as first, my phone was turned off overnight (my fault entirely, I admit; I had changed some settings and turned it off to reboot it) and so my alarm didn’t go off, resulting in me sleeping in until 9am. Then about an hour later, my sister called me to say they were in town for her partner’s niece’s 21st birthday, and would I like to catch up. I don’t get to see them very often, so I said yes, and ended up spending a good portion of the afternoon with them. Then despite good intentions to study at home later in the afternoon, I ended up being completely distracted by the House DVDs that my housemate put on, despite having never really watched the show much and only having a passing interest in it. Amazing what catches your attention when you’re procrastinating.

I think I might try to spend a couple of evenings at the library this week, since next weekend is a long weekend and my mum is coming down to visit. I’m sure she’d be cool with me spending a morning or two studying, but I would rather be spending the time with her. Wish me luck with that.

Attend choir on Thursday nights.
Check. I was looking forward to a Thursday off this week, but received an email today saying there had been a change of plan and we would be having a rehearsal after all. That was a bit disappointing, since I had been hoping to make it to the Italian conversation classes this week. Those classes are one reason I am going to take a break from choir after our concert in May, as well as the fact that my writing group meets every second Thursday and I only see them on the irregular weekend events at the moment.

Write a ROW80 check-ine very Sunday.
This is it. 🙂

That’s about it from me. Once again, if you are able to beta, that would be fabulous and you would have my eternal love and affection. And gratitude. I will see you on your own blogs, and next Sunday here! 🙂

~ Emily

#ROW80 Check-in #7: Ergh.

Edit: WordPress just informed me that I just reached 50 followers on this blog! Wow! I have no idea what I’ve done to deserve that, but thank you to everyone for your support, encouragement and other kind words over the last year. I appreciate it all! ♥

Well, the second half of this week was nowhere near as productive as I might have hoped. Mostly I was feeling restless and just not in the mood for writing, which I know is no excuse, but just every time I sat down to write, my mind was completely blank and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out where to go from where I was.

row80Of course, this has happened enough times in the past that I really should know by now that all I have to do is force out a couple of lines and then things usually tend to start flowing properly. This I finally did last night (Sunday; I am writing this on Monday morning), and got about 750 words out… so not great, but…

In light of that, my “write 3000 words for every week in February” plan has kind of died, but that’s okay, if a bit disappointing. If I can write another 2500 words before Thursday, I will be at 10000 words for the month, and will be able to say that for the first time ever, I have written that amount in a month, two months in a row. As I said back in Check-in #2 for this round, I’m never this productive outside of NaNoWriMo!

I did realise, though, that those 2500 words I want to write this week may well see me through to the end of my WIP, or very nearly. Which on the one hand is fantastic, but on the other hand is completely terrifying! I think part of the reason I haven’t done much with either of my NaNoWriMo manuscripts is that I’m actually scared of completing the process any further than the writing part… well, I’m okay with self-edits and redrafting, but actually giving it to beta readers and an editor and finally getting to actual publication and having to do all the work associated with that is quite scary. But I figure I will cross those bridges when I get to them.

I’m going to finish up here, and actually attempt to comment on some fellow ROW80ers’ blogs, unlike I did on Wednesday. I shall see next Sunday!

~ Emily

#ROW80 Check-in #6: Catch-up post

I didn’t get around to writing a post on Sunday, so I’m playing catch-up now. Last week, I managed to write about 2800ish words, if my Scrivener word count is to be believed, and I have no reason to doubt it. It does mean I forgot to log about 500 words on the spreadsheet I use for keeping track of my progress, but I’m not really too worried about that.

Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

I did have a bit of a crisis with one of my characters’ names. Her name is Caitlin, though she is mostly called Cait throughout the story. This is fine, except for the fact that she marries a prince at the end of the story. Add “Princess” to the shortened version of her name, and you end up with a name remarkably like that of another princess we all know…

I went through a few options for a new name for her, and trawled through baby naming websites for inspiration. It had to be either a name that could be shortened to a one-syllable nickname, like Cait, or a strong, finite-sounding two-syllable name. The character is independent and a bit outspoken, so I didn’t want a name that sounded childish or cutesy. Some that made the shortlist were Heidi, Joanna and Ava.

In the end, though, I decided that it doesn’t really matter. Readers may not even notice, and at this stage I’m not sure if the wedding will happen in the story, or whether it might end with the prince proposing. It might be something I ask beta readers about, though, and see if it occurred to any of them… otherwise, it’s probably much less of an issue than I thought.

As for this week, so far I’ve actually done nothing in the way of writing. I was doing Italian homework with my neighbour on Monday night, and yesterday we had our Italian class. Once I got home from that, I was quite tired because I’d been in a practical training session all day at work, so nothing happened there.

row80However, I do quite like the plans I had last week for writing three thousand words a week for all of February, and getting a total of 12000 words a month. It would make me feel very accomplished. With the exception of choir tomorrow night, I don’t have any plans for the rest of the week, so even though the first half of the week has slipped by, there is nothing stopping me from still making that goal. I have a Skype date with a friend in England at 9pm, but that’s still two hours away, which is plenty of time to get 1000 words down tonight. Plus it would be a shame to have an off-week when I’m on such a winning streak with both this WIP and this ROW80 round.

On that note, then, I think it is time that I was off and got stuck into the real writing. See you all on Sunday, when I will hopefully have some amazing results to report back! 😀

~ Emily

#ROW80 Check-in #5: In which dragons have been distracting

I mean actual dragons, that’s not a metaphor or anything. Actual dragons, in the book I’m reading. The book is Temeraire by Naomi Novik, and I like it so much I’ve been reading it on all my breaks at work, even though I usually use at least some of my break time as writing time. It has dragons (fierce ones and adorable just hatched ones, and everything in between), and battles and men in uniforms really and ships of the line and plucky female characters and really, what else does one want?

row80So there’s that, but I have managed to keep up with my writing. I ended up not needing to do much brainstorming; once I worked out where I was going with one particular scene, the rest just followed. The first 10,500 or so words can be read from beginning to end with no gaps, which is nice. My feminist tendencies are sneaking in more than I planned, not that I see this as an issue; at first, my MFC just got annoyed that my MMC was a bit of a dick sometimes and didn’t seem to think it was worth figuring out the proper way to treat her, but now a whole other character I hadn’t even planned has turned up in her workplace and is being an actual dick who will not learn, so she’s going to have to complain about him. I don’t envisage this particular little subplot taking up too much of the story, but it will add a bit of length I hadn’t expected. That’s where I’m up to at the moment. At time of writing this post, I have added 2524 words to the WIP this week, and will probably edge it up to 3000 before I go to bed tonight, since I’m halfway through a scene.

Incidentally, I think I have been converted to Scrivener this week. I put all my scenes into separate text parts in Scrivener so I could work out what I still needed and what needed to be reworked, and now I’ve realised I actually quite like formatting things to look like a real manuscript and the corkboards and lots of the other features as well. Guess I’ll actually be getting my money’s worth from it in the future.

As to other goals, well, choir started back on Thursday, and I went, so… check? While my uni courses don’t officially start until March 4, both course outlines have been put online, and if the course material starts getting uploaded, I’m thinking I will start getting to the library a bit earlier than March just to get a head start for myself. Assignments don’t sound too bad, but probably won’t be that much fun. Well, maybe the course on local history and archive collections might be fun, since that’s sort of the industry I work in (though my work is on a more national level without going into much detail). But these courses have a tendency to sound all right and then suck to do. Too bad I need the piece of paper to get any further, really. If I’m really lucky, my WIP will be just about finished by the time crunch time for assignments rolls around (in about mid-April), at which point writing will unfortunately fall off the radar for a bit.

Also,  just randomly, I will be changing my “official” Writing Night from Tuesday to Wednesday. I am starting Italian lessons with my friend Casey (whose family is Italian, though she second-generation Australian, so she’s never really had to learn) and since they are from 6-8 on a Tuesday, it’s unlikely I’ll feel like doing an hour of writing afterward, particularly considering we will have to travel a little afterward to get home. Learning the basics of Italian is one of my 101 Things in 1001 Days goals, so I’m pretty excited, even if I have felt poor this entire pay period after spending $330 on the course plus textbook (luckily they use the same textbook right through all their courses, it’ll “only” be $260 for any subsequent courses).

That’s it from me this week, I’ll see y’all at the Linky!~ Emily

#ROW80 Check-in #4: An off-week but some pleasing stats

An admission: this week, I wrote only 500 words. However, I thought I could have an off-week (and was encouraged by my boyfriend to do so) since for January, I wrote 10526 official words on my WIP, not including the 1000 or so that got scrapped early on, plus about 2000 words of fan fiction. As I said a couple of check-ins ago, I’ve never been this productive in one month before.

However, the reason I have hit a wall on the WIP is that I have written all the scenes that are very clearly in my mind. I know what has to fit in between them all, but the scenes just aren’t forming for me.

Therefore, I have decided that this week (Feb 4-10) will be not a writing week, but a brainstorming week. I’m thinking I might try to acquaint myself with Scrivener, so that I can put everything into scenes, and even have titled but unwritten scenes that I can move around and use to figure things out. That is my plan. I have the software, having made the most of NaNoWriMo’s half-price offer, but I find it more useful as an editing tool than a writing one. I think, however, it might be helpful for this, too.

Incidentally, does anyone know where in the leg a character would have to be shot in order for him to have to take it very slow getting to walk again, and possibly have to use a cane the rest of his life, but not be confined to a wheelchair?

Forgive the brevity of my check-in today. It is due to a combination of not much to report and the fact that I have left this til bed time to actually write. I have grand plans of getting up early and riding my bike to work, so I’d best not stay up too long. I’ll read up on your check-ins when I am free at work. 🙂 Best of luck for this week to you all!

~ Emily

#ROW80 Check-in #3: Genre ponderings, etc

Tomorrow is the 28th of January, four weeks into 2013. In that time, I have written just over 10000 words, an average of 2500 words a week, which is pleasing me to no end. This is not including the two opening scenes that I wrote and then scrapped before hitting on the one that worked, so it might be closer to 12000, actually.

It’s interesting, though, you know how people say don’t try to write outside your genre? I had always thought my genre was urban fantasy/science-fiction and the fact that this story that’s going so well was a romance was really odd to me. Then I was trawling through my FictionPress.com account and realised that two of the best stories I have uploaded on there are romances (one an office romance and another a dramatic, whirlwind romance set in Italy). Perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised that romance is what comes so easily to me.

I also finally looked up my university dates and discovered that the semester doesn’t actually begin until March 4. Therefore for the next month or so, I’m going to add an extra hour of writing to my goals, since I have entire Saturdays that I’m not doing anything with (not entirely true, but nothing goal-related). My goal is technically currently an hour on Tuesday and  an hour on Friday, but as long as I write a total of 2 hours or 1000-2000 words per week, I’m letting myself cheat by doing twenty minutes here and half an hour there as long as it all adds up. If I throw an extra hour in there to stretch myself, that is all well and good.

Anyway, I started this post at about 3pm and it’s now 9:30 and I’ve kept getting distracted and/or being lazy, so I’ll finish this off and go visit some other check-ins. See y’all soon! 🙂

~ Emily