September/October 2020 Reading Wrap-up

It’s another “monthly” wrap-up covering two months, as I didn’t really read enough during September to warrant the effort of writing a post. October improved, even as I was madly scrabbling to finish my last book to make it count for this month.


  1. Sleep No More by Ellie Marney (YA crime – 4 stars – review) (read August, reviewed September)

  2. Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia (gothic horror – 3 stars – review) (read August, reviewed September)

  3. The Blood Countess (Pandora English #1) by Tara Moss (YA urban fantasy – 3 stars – review)

  4. Holiday Brew (Belladonna U #2) by Tansy Rayner Roberts (urban fantasy – 4 stars – review)

  5. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (historical fantasy – 4 stars – re-read, no review)


  1. People of Abandoned Character by Clare Whitfield (historical fiction – 4 stars – review)

  2. Veiled War by Celine Jeanjean (steampunk fantasy – 5 stars – review)

  3. Future Girl by Asphyxia (YA contemporary/sci-fi – 5 stars – review)

  4. It’s Been a Pleasure, Noni Blake by Claire Christian (contemporary romance/comedy – 5 stars – review)

  5. Lovely War by Julie Berry (historical/magical realism – 4 stars – not intending to review)

  6. Coraline by Neil Gaiman (MG horror- 2 stars – not intending to review)


I have a YouTube channel where I promote Australian books using the hashtag #AusReads, and also indulge my compulsion for signing up to readathons. Here are the latest videos:

  1. August 2020 Trope-ical Readathon Wrap-up
  2. How I Failed at #AusReadsSept
  3. #AusReads Mid-month Update


I didn’t post any bookish photos in September, so have a couple from October:

The book “Future Girl” by Asphyxia being held up in front of a sign that says “Paperchain Manuka”. The photo was taken for Love Your Bookshop Day on October 03.
The book “Lovely War” by Julie Berry sitting on a wooden table, with a bunch of white flowers next to it.

You can see all my bookish photos (plus some RL as well) on my Instagram.


Physical book: Harlequin’s Riddle by Rachel Nightingale. I have to admit this hasn’t really grabbed me, but I’m about two thirds of the way through and I plan to finish it.

Ebook: Nothing on the go at the moment.

Audio book: Doing Time by Jodi Taylor… i have to admit I’m less than an hour in and I already have a few issues with the writing style, but I’m giving it a bit more of a chance before I write it off.


Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta has been on my monthly TBRs for a while now but this is the month it definitely gets read! Promise!

What are you reading? πŸ™‚

October 2019 Reading Wrap-up

"monthly reading wrap-up" banner

At the start of October, I was speeding through a book every two days. I was hoping to keep that momentum up in the second half of the month, but alas, it didn’t happen. Still, I read a decent amount of books. I also participated in my first readathon, and I have already signed up for another one because I had so much fun!

Having said that, I’ve got other challenges to finish before the end of the year, plus a bunch of library books, so we’ll see how I actually go. Oh, and did I mention I’ll be doing NaNoWriMo at the same time?

Past Month’s Reading:

    1. Monuments by Will Kostakis (YA urban fantasy – 4 stars – review) (read September, reviewed October)
    2. Evangeline and the Spiritualist by Madelein D’Este (YA steampunk – 4 stars – review forthcoming)
    3. The Dead of Winter by Chris Priestley (MG horror – 2.5 stars – review)
    4. Songbird by Ingrid Laguna (MG contemporary – 5 stars – review)
    5. Vampire Island by Adele Griffin (MG urban fantasy – unrated – not intending to review)
    6. The Kingdom by Jess Rothenberg (YA sci-fi/thriller – 5 stars – review)
    7. Serpent and Dove by Shelbie Mahurin (YA fantasy – 4 stars – review forthcoming)
    8. The White Hornet by Celine Jeanjean (steampunk fantasy – 5 stars – review)
    9. Evangeline and the Mysterious LIghts (YA steampunk – 3 stars – review forthcoming)


I have a Booktube account where I talk about Australian books. I didn’t post for about six months but I said October would be the month when I got back into it and I meant it! I got two videos posted.

You can check out the channel whole here.Β 

Favourite Bookish Photo:

I always love the covers for Celine Jeanjean’s books and this one for the White Hornet is no different! You can see all my bookish photos (plus some RL as well) on my Instagram.

Currently Reading:

Physical book: Too Flash by Melissa Lucashenko. This is a YA contemporary that I’m reading as part of my Australian Women Writers Challenge. I’m not very far in, yet, but it’s got a really authentic voice that I love.

Ebook: A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. I have to be honest, I wasn’t intending to read this series but a close friend recommended it so I’m giving it a go. So far, so good though it’s kind of on hold until I get some library books read.

Audio book: Circe by Madeline Miller. Audible kept recommending this to me so I selected it when Iw as at a loss about what to listen to. It’s not something I would normally read but I do enjoy my witches in fiction and Circe was kind of the original.

Planning to read next:

In my September wrap-up I said I was listening to the audio book of Illumination by Karen Brooks. This was way too long and I knew I wouldn’t get through it before it was due back, so I have the hard copy instead and that is next up. It is quite a hefty tome, though! Lugging it around is going to be annoying.

What are you reading? πŸ™‚