2015: A Year in Books

I was going to do a nice retrospective blog post today, but time got away. It’s already 8:35pm, and I’m generally not one for staying up and seeing in the New Year, so I’ll be going to bed at my usual time. However, in various places on the Internet, I found a couple of fun year-in-review bookish memes, so I thought I’d do them myself and post them here to cap off 2015. You can also see my GoodReads 2015 Year in Books.

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WIPpet Wednesday – I write about demons now. Demons are cool.

It’s the last WIPpet Wednesday for 2014. How did that happen? I ended up not showing up on Christmas Eve, but I’m back now, and feeling a bit reflective.

checklistI’ve been looking over the goals I set myself throughout 2014. I didn’t meet all of them, but I did pretty well. The only thing that slightly bothers me is that I didn’t get myself into gear enough to publish A More Complicated Fairytale during the year, but I’m not letting that get to me too much. With any luck, it should happen next year. I did give up on a couple of WIPs that just weren’t getting anywhere. It took a while to get past the guilt. I tend to have this idea that once I start something, it ought to be finished. Even now, I keep thinking, “Well, I can always come back to it…” even though it’s unlikely that will happen. I’m still working on persuading myself to delete the Pinterest boards.

2015 is going to be busy, but I will be posting tomorrow with more info on where I hope 2015 will take me (I like having looking-back posts on New Years Eve and looking-forward posts on New Year’s Day, it’s a thing). As for now, one last WIPpet for the year. I’m being sneaky. Since this is the last day of the year, I’m giving you the last paragraph of my NaNoWriMo manuscript. Which is by no means the end of the story, but I hit 50k and threw up my hands and said “YAY! THAT’S IT!” (Also this was November 29 and I was auditioning for My Fair Lady the next day, so I wanted to spend the rest of the time preparing for that).

There was a puff, and the demon disappeared. “Well, there you have it,” Miriam said. “You can’t argue now.”

Yes, I ended up with demons in my story. Also a woman named Miriam, who is a demon master and about whom I had completely forgotten about until now. I also feel like the demon should disappear in a puff of something.

The whole demons thing will probably work a lot better in the next draft, and be introduced as a concept far earlier than it was in this one. In fact, a lot is changing in the second draft. Magic isn’t as common as I tried to make it in the NaNo version, and it’s set in a more Victorian era than modern-day… which means looking at pictures of Victorian waistcoats on Pinterest is totally research, right? (But seriously, this suit I picked out for Armand is very pretty). I actually had a document running concurrently to the story for most of November in which I was making notes for how it could be better-developed in subsequent drafts, even while I was just rolling with what I’d originally started with for the month.

To join in on WIPpet Wednesday, simply post an excerpt from a current WIP that somehow relates to the date (feel free to get creative with that) and link up here. There are always some very awesome offerings. Thanks to K. L. Schwengel for hosting.

Anyway, this post is getting a bit long and ramble-y now, so I’ll finish up here. Happy New Year! I’ll see you in 2015!

~ Emily

#MirthMusicMon – Happy New Year!

It’s the last Mirth and Music Monday for 2014! In some ways, it feels like the year has dragged on forever, and in others, it feels like it was gone in the blink of an eye! I’ve got a pretty awesome year set for next year, and I wish everyone else one just as good.

In light of that, here’s a catchy tune I found on YouTube. I think we can all relate.

In other news, this is my 300th post on this blog! Woo! *raises champagne glass*

The MMM linky is over here. Join in if you like! 😀 Have a great new years!

~ Emily

In which Emily gets reflective.

A year ago today, I was sitting in my parents’ house,  annoying my mum with questions like “What’s a good name for a prince?” The previous night I’d had a dream that had involved one, and had been inspired to a) wade my way through the dream logic and make it make sense and b) turn it into a story.  After 2012 had been such a fail year for writing, I was determined to make sure 2013 was better.

As you probably guessed, the prince in question was Prince Felipe, and the story it became was A More Complicated Fairytale. Cait was originally going to be called Madeleine, and was also a Josephine for a while before I settled on Caitlin. I knew that there would be some kind of war involved,  but I didn’t really expect it to be the backdrop for so much of the story as it is. So much of the story just flowed from my fingertips without me even having to think much about it. After a dry writing year, it was a wonderful feeling.

This was also the first story that I got to a point where I was happy to let people read it, and also the first story I have ever bothered to take further than a first draft. I met the WIPpeteers in March and their feedback has been invaluable.  I think, overall, we can certainly call 2013 a success as far as writing goes.

2014 is shaping up to be just as awesome, if not more so. Day 1 began with a trip to Greenwich to explore a 19th century merchant ship and geek out at the Royal Observatory,  followed by a West End performance of Jersey Boys, which literally had me dancing in the aisles (only during the finale,  I promise).

I’ll be starting work on  the next draft of AMCF as soon as I return home. I’m going to be taking over the lease on our flat when my housemate moves out with her boyfriend, so I’ll have the master bedroom,  which means room for a desk, and I’m also planning on investing in a desktop computer. I’ve accepted the offer of a new job, starting in February. It’s fewer hours than my current one,  but it’s a permanent position, and I feel a permanent 28 hours a week is preferable to a full 36 that could be pulled out from under me at the end of a contract period. Fewer hours though, means more time that I can set aside for writing.

And now for a WIPpet.  I’m being a bit lazy today, as I’m typing on my tablet and the only copy of AMCF available to me is read only, so I can’t copy and paste.  Being the first of January, here is one line from fairly early on in the piece.

“I’m afraid His Royal Highness insists.”

Suffice to say this is the beginning of Cait thinking for quite some time that Felipe is a conceited prat.

If you would like to join in on WIPpet Wednesday,  post an excerpt from your current WIP that somehow corresponds to the date (one line for the first, for example), and then head on over to K. L. Schwengel’s blog to find the linky and join us. I’m going to go now because the new episode of Sherlock is on BBC iPlayer (I am going to miss that when I go home) and Jersey Boys hyped me up way too much to go to bed yet. If I don’t get around to your posts beforehand, I’ll be arriving home Sunday, so I’ll do the rounds while I’m trying to combat the jet lag.

Happy new year, everyone!