#MirthMusicMon – Isabella for next Disney Princess!

I was browsing Facebook on the weekend and one of the pages I follow linked to a story about a corgi who visited Disneyland. This is one post about it, though not the one I was reading. The one I was reading linked to another very cute Disneyland video, this one of a little girl totally putting Gaston in his place when she lined up for a photo and autograph. It’s awesome. Gaston is one of my favourite Disney villains, but he certainly needs a few more sassy little girls telling him off.

When I went to look up the video, I found this one made by the same person. This guy improvised a song about the incident. I always take my hat off to people who can come up with stuff off the top of their heads. I have a friend who does it a lot and I am eternally jealous.

As a bonus, here’s the original Gaston song.

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#MirthMusicMon – Epic Rap Battle and Surfing Seals

A little while ago, a friend/former housemate was showing me the Epic Rap Battles of History YouTube channel, and oh my, it’s amazing. The video I’m sharing today is Artists vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles (yes, the artists they were named after), but really, you should just hang out on this channel for a while because it’s hilarious.

And now, for your daily dose of cute, something that popped up on my Facebook feed that I just had to share.

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#MirthMusicMon – Happy New Year!

It’s the last Mirth and Music Monday for 2014! In some ways, it feels like the year has dragged on forever, and in others, it feels like it was gone in the blink of an eye! I’ve got a pretty awesome year set for next year, and I wish everyone else one just as good.

In light of that, here’s a catchy tune I found on YouTube. I think we can all relate.

In other news, this is my 300th post on this blog! Woo! *raises champagne glass*

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#MirthMusicMon – Thank you for shopping at Volde-mart.

So last Saturday I was eating breakfast and watching Saturday Disney, as one does. I feel that since my days of watching Saturday Disney, the quality of the shows has gone down, but maybe it’s just that I grew up. Anyway. There was one show called Random As, which was essentially a sketch show, and this sketch was on it. Apologies for the bad quality; there were only two versions on YouTube and both were people aiming their camera at the screen.

And on a more traditional note, here’s another one from King’s College in Cambridge.

As one last holiday video, the quality of this one is pretty terrible, but I’m mostly sharing it for the cloak-swishing. I’m not sure when this was. Hugh Jackman looks very young.

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#MirthMusicMon – Best Flashmob Ever!

It’s only a bit over a week until Christmas, so I thought today and next Monday, I would share some Christmasy videos. For the first video… this might look like an ordinary German supermarket, but check out what the staff do for their customers!

And now for something a little more traditional. How awesome is the King’s College carols service every year?

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I think most people in the blogging sphere are at least aware of NaNoWriMo, whether or not they participate. In case you’re not, it’s an online writing challenge in which participants aim to write 50000 words of a novel in the 30 days of November. This year, I had a fair few other commitments during November as well as NaNo, so it was pretty stressful. And while I haven’t been able to persuade myself to take a break from writing (see my previous post), it is a relief not having that target to reach each day. Here’s a song about the experience for your viewing pleasure. It’s a scarily accurate description.

Another thing that’s been driving me crazy the last week or so was preparation for an audition I had yesterday for chorus in a local production of My Fair Lady. It was my first audition for a musical in two years, so I wanted to get it right. I went for chorus, which meant I had to learn the Ascot Gavotte (for the ‘posh’ accent) and Wouldn’t It Be Loverly? for the Cockney one. I think the whole thing went pretty well, and we will find out by the end of this week whether or not we got in. Keep your fingers crossed for me. In the meantime, here’s a performance of the Ascot Gavotte.

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#MirthMusicMon – With One Look

I’ve been rather terrible at showing up to Mirth and Music Monday the last few weeks, but look, I am actually back this week! In fact, I’m so keen, I’m writing this on Sunday night. I went to see a local production of Sunset Boulevard and it reminded me how much I adore Andrew Lloyd Webber’s schmaltzy musicals. So of course, I’m going to foist it on you lovely people today. This song, With One Look, is performed by Norma Desmond, a silent movie star who by the 1950s is mostly forgotten. She’s never stopped believing that she will one day return to the silver screen. Glenn Close played Norma and Broadway and won a Tony Award for it. There is a bit of scene work before the actual song, which starts at 2:40 if you want to skip ahead.

Since Sunset Boulevard is a story about Hollywood, it only made sense to find something quintessentially Hollywood for the mirth part of my post today. For some reason, despite being 10 years old, this clip has always stuck in my head. We were trying to find a particular Steve Martin opening monologue, but none of the YouTube clips had the specific bit, so this one will do instead. This is Jack Black and Will Ferrell informing the 2004 Oscars audience of the lyrics to the music the orchestra plays when a person’s speech goes on too long. My favourite part is the shot of Sean Connery.

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#MirthMusicMon – Tourists

I expect everyone has a bit of a love-hate relatonship with tourists in their city at some point or another (providing you live somewhere where tourists are likely to visit, of course). Here is a Whose Line Is It Anyway Hoe-Down about them (and also about kids in the cinema because the topics got a bit confused).

This second one needs a little explaining. There was a show here a while ago called “The Gruen Transfer” (later “Gruen Planet”) that analysed advertising. At the end of each episode was a segment called “The Pitch” in which two advertising agencies had to create an ad for something “unsellable”. This one was made around the time that the Government as coming under some fire for its laws regarding asylum seekers, so the brief for the Pitch was to create an ad to entice said asylum seekers to go somewhere else (so… not quite tourism, but you could probably use it for that, too). The “where the bloody hell are you?” part is a reference to a British ad for Australian tourism from a few years ago (it was controversial for featuring a pretty model asking “So where the bloody hell are you?”). Anyway, it’s probably taken as long for you to read this paragraph as it will to watch the video, so without further ado:

Here’s the other entry. I’m not actually 100% sure who won.

That one may just be funny to me because we are actually a tiny bit proud of all our “scary shit”. Though we maintain and healthy respect and healthy distance from most of it.

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#MirthMusicMon: Falling Slowly

This is kind of another post for the Doctor Who fans, except this one can be appreciated by those who aren’t as well. Arthur Darvill is known and loved by Doctor Who fans for his role as Rory Williams from 2011-2013, but what many people don’t know is that he can REALLY sing and was even in a band called Edmund (named after his favourite Narnia character). ThisΒ  year, he took over the role of Guy (yep, the main characters are Guy and Girl) in the musical Once on London’s West End (which I saw back in November and between this and Richard Armitage doing The Crucible last July, I’m like, dammit, why didn’t I wait another eight months to travel?!*). Basically, the entire set is an Irish pub (even when the scenes are different, the set remains) and the bar you can see at the back is used as an actual bar before the show and during the intermission. I hung out at the side of the stage and drank an orange juice whilst the cast played various songs pre-show. It was awesome.

Anyway, over the weekend I found some of these clips on YouTube, so I’ll share with you Falling Slowly, which is probably the best-known song from Once, what with it winning an Oscar for the movie (which came before the stage show).

In other news, Edy has recently introduced me to Victor Borge, so I thought I would introduce you to him, too [if you are already familiar with him, then just enjoy an amusing clip]. I think his accent makes everything even funnier.


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*The answer to that is because the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary was last November, and that’s why I was traveling. We can’t have everything. I did see both David Tennant and Matt Smith on stage so I really can’t complain.

#MirthMusicMon – Still Not Ginger

Hello! I have an apology to make at the beginning of today’s post. If you’re not a Doctor Who fan, then the song I’m posting will make little sense to you, but Series 8 started yesterday and it’s been a long time since there was a full series of Doctor Who on my TV, so I’m celebrating. We have a new Doctor, so I’m sharing a song about the last time we were getting to know a new doctor, by Time Lord Rock band, Chameleon Circuit.

Also, I ate fish fingers and custard once for a competition on LiveJournal (and then once again a few months later at a Doctor Who-themed board games night; it’s surprisingly moreish). Here’s that video for your amusement. Look at me all nineteen years old and long-haired and different-glasses-ed. Actually, I don’t have any glasses in my WordPress avatar, as I was wearing contacts. But anyway. Here it is.

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