#MMM – Surfin’ USA – #mondayblogs

I saw The Beach Boys on Friday! It the only after-work commitment I had last week that I was actually wanting to go to (I had five others between Tuesday and the weekend that I was much less inclined to show up at, but did anyway). I’m actually not 100% sure which Beach Boys I saw, apart from Mike Love, because I found one article that said “Mike Love & co.” And their lead guitarist was a young guy who was also their musical director. But the other two, no clue. Anyway. There was some amusing jokes made about us coming out to see a washed-up rock band, and that they were old men singing about girls at the beach. But it was a fun night out, even if I was rather jealous that I was feeling like it was bedtime well before they were and I’m a lot younger than them. So! Without further ado, some fun Beach Boys material:

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~ Emily


#MirthMusicMon – Goodnight, My Angel – #mondayblogs

Hello! I am finally getting back into blogging on a Monday. Hopefully. This is a start.

I was having a Billy Joel day today, and got a surprise when I learned that in amongst all the music I downloaded when I was still at uni, I actually do have a copy of my favourite Billy Joel song. I actually learned this one in choir many years ago, and it is beautiful sung by female voices in harmony. But the original version is also gorgeous. Billy Joel wrote it in response to his daughter (aged 7 at the time) asking him about where people go when they die.

And now for a more amusing bedtime scene. The Count is my favourite. Sorry it’s in two parts, but this was the best version.

Sucks to be Ernie right now.

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I’m off now, but I’ll see you all later!

~ Emily

#mirthmusicmon – #CheckItOut – #mondayblogs

I’m back! The essay is finally handed in, I’ve auditioned for my favourite musical (though I don’t know if I got in yet; with 140 auditionees and a cast of only 40, there’s more chance of not, but I remain hopeful) and had some family stuff to deal with (from afar, since I am five hours away and have to keep up via texts and Facebook), but hopefully this is the start of being back nice and proper.

For MMM today, I have an adorable video that I found. I am a frequent patron of my local public library, and I also work in a library… though it’s a non-lending library, and I also work in the archives section rather than the general collection, but still. This video made me very happy.

😀 😀 😀

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~ Emily

#mirthmusicmon – Jellicles can and Jellicles do – #mondayblogs

When I turned nine, I was given Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats on video for my birthday. Up until then, the only song I had known from the show was Mr Mistofolees, but I wasted no time learning the rest. I still adore the music from it. Last Saturday, I went to see a high-school production of the show, and I have to admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Turns out, this is a school where dance classes can be taken as a subject, and so it was actually far better than I was expecting. Thus, I’ve had the album on ever since. Here’s a few of my favourite numbers for you to enjoy!

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#MirthMusicMon – *whispers* Shia LaBeouf – #mondayblogs

So today Shia LaBeouf was trending on Facebook because a guy painted him as all 13 incarnations of the Doctor from Doctor Who. And they’re actually really good artworks. But it did mean that all I could think of was the Doctor in the lead in the song I’ve chosen for tonight’s post. I have no idea where this song came from, but wow, it’s epic. And hilarious.

See? You needed this in your life.

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#MirthMusicMon – The coolest thing you’ll ever see played on a fairground organ

With any luck, this post signals a regular return to Mirth and Music Monday for me. Admittedly, I am posting this two days in advance because this is a crazy week for me (My Fair Lady rehearsals Sunday – Thursday and then opening night on Friday, followed by three more shows on the weekend), but after this week, I will have my Mondays back! Weee!

Anyway, a page I follow on Facebook just shared this video, and holy carp, it’s amazing. Bohemian Rhapsody is, of course, an incredible number in and of itself, but this just took it to a whole new level.

And now another Queen song, but the clip never fails to make me smile. I wish I had legs that look as good in a mini-skirt as Freddie Mercury’s.

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~ Emily

#MirthMusicMon – Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

I’m not exactly a soaps fan myself, but if you’re Australian, you’d have to have been living under a rock the last 30 years to not at least have a vague knowledge of Neighbours. The show is celebrating its 30th Anniversary on Wednesday, and lots of old stars have returned for the occasion. They also had a special on TV tonight, where even more of the former cast members talked about their time on the show. I sort of nearly forgot about MMM tonight in amongst watching that, so when I finally realised it was time, Edy suggested a Neighbours themed post. Seemed fitting.

For music, Angry Anderson’s Suddenly, which was played over Scott (Jason Donovan) and Charlene’s (Kylie Minogue) wedding. This scene was voted the number one Neighbours moment, and basically every Australian ever (and probably a fair number of Brits as well, given the show’s popularity there) has seen this scene at one point or another, regardless of whether they’ve ever seen any more of the show.

This second one is not one I was familiar with until it came up in the special tonight. Bouncer was the loveable dog on Ramsay St, who basically belonged to everyone on the street. Apparently this was his dream wedding. (Apologies for barely understandable Aussie accents)

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#MirthMusicMon – The Greatest Little Hobbit of Them All

It was a sad weekend for nerds the world over who learned on Friday (or in the case of Australians, woke up to the news on Saturday) that Leonard Nimoy had passed away. For anyone who has been living under a rock for the past fifty years, Leonard Nimoy played Science Officer Mr Spock in Star Trek, both the TV shows and several of the movies (he even had a cameo in the JJ Abrams reboot in 2011). He was an actor, director, photographer, poet, and teacher, but he’ll always be known as the logical pointy-eared half-human, half-Vulcan.

In honour of Mr Nimoy, I have this fabulous little song that he recorded in 1967. It’s actually incredibly cringe-worthy, but glorious once you get past that. 😛

Since that is not actually the lasting memory anyone wants to have of Leonard Nimoy, here’s a compilation of Spock at his snarky, I mean, logical, best.

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~ Emily

#MirthMusicMon – Popular Sayings

A very slap-dash MMM post today, and I’m relying on my other half’s good taste, since I haven’t even actually watched either video in its entirety. My Fair Lady rehearsals started tonight, and we didn’t finish up until 10pm. It takes me half an hour to drive back home, so it’s now quite late. Edy has pretty good taste, though, and I think these are pretty good.

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~ Emily

#MirthMusicMon – Pirates edition

So it’s Friday night and I’m going on holidays tomorrow and will have limited Internet access. That’s not stopping me from scheduling a Monday post however! To be honest, I was a bit stuck on what to use for today’s post, so I was just scrolling through YouTube’s “recommended for you” pages and after a couple of related videos, ended up here. Enjoy!

While I was at uni, the PotC soundtrack was a staple in my study music playlist. Nothing like some swashbuckling to get you in the mood to write art history or gender studies essays. Anyway, when I moved off campus and into a real house, my housemate at the time showed me this one. It takes a minute to get used to, but then it’s really cool!

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~ Emily