MMM – Funny songs for real life

I very nearly forgot about Music and Mirth Monday, but it’s okay, I’m here now! I still haven’t responded to comments on yesterday’s post, nor have I done any writing for today (getting to that next) but I have been working on a job application that’s due Thursday, so I have a good reason! Anyway, both my music and mirth today is care of a Canberra musician by the name of Rafe Morris. I was listening to his music on the way to work this morning, so since I’m making this post up pretty much on the spot, here is a TedX talk he did in Canberra, where he shared some funny songs for real life.

And as a bonus, here is the theme song he wrote for the improv show I often go to on Monday nights. It was part of a fundraiser for a music festival – the improv people gave them funds and Rafe wrote the theme song in return. The show is called Schnitz and Giggles for reasons that would take too long to explain, really, and that’s me who yells out “Doctor!” at 1:28. ūüėÄ

With that, I leave you. If you would like to join in Music and Mirth Monday, just post a similar post and then join up at the linky here. Many thanks to ReGi McClain for hosting!

~ Emily

Mirth and Music Monday Doctor Who Style!

So some of you may know I’m a reasonably big fan of Doctor Who. How big? Well, I’m going halfway around the world in November to attend the 50th Anniversary Celebration Weekend in London, so… pretty big. (I’m not just doing that, I’m also spending about seven weeks gallivanting about the UK and Europe, but this thing is the reason for doing it at this time of year and not in the summer when all the gardens-type places I wanted to visit in France would actually be open). And guess what? TODAY THE TICKETS GO ON SALE! Being on the mailing list means that I have the code for the two-hour window for priority tickets from 9am – 11am BST, before they go on sale to the general public. As you can imagine, I am sitting here, poised, and a little paranoid. So! Let’s have some Music and Mirth to take my mind off things, shall we?

Both these clips are from the 2010 Doctor Who at the Proms. The music in this show is phenomenal; I have a number of the series soundtracks, and went to the Australian version of this concert, the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular, at the Sydney Opera House in November last year. Sadly, there was no appearance from Matt Smith a la this first clip, but Alex Kingston (River Song) and Mark Williams (Brian Williams, Rory’s dad… and also Arthur Weasley if you’re more into Harry Potter) were the hosts, and Ben Foster still conducted and¬†the show’s composer, Murray Gold, was there and played the keyboard for the encore,¬†so one can’t really complain. Anyway, here is Matt Smith as the Doctor, saving the Royal Albert Hall from total destruction with the help of a very clever and very adorable audience member:

On a slightly moodier note, this piece of music is a medley of This is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home and Vale Decem. This Is Gallifrey gives me ALL THE FEELS every time I hear it/watch the episode it is in, as does Vale Decem, though I haven’t actually watched The End of Time even a second time, because I really wasn’t all that fond of the 2009 specials or of the 10th Doctor’s regeneration. Maybe I¬†will rewatch¬†one day. I don’t know. Anyway. BEHOLD THE FEELSY MUSIC!

Ahh! It has gone 6pm and the tickets website has slowed right down which means everyone is trying to get on it and now I’m really nervous. So I’m going to sign off here, and go be a nervous wreck for the rest of the night. You will see my victorious or devastated tweets at some point later, I’m sure.

~ Emily

Update: I have ended up with 2 tickets, one for Saturday November 23, which is the actual anniversary date, and one for the day after that. I bought the second one during the pre-sale, just in case, since all the Saturday pre-sale ones disappeared like hot cakes. But then getting through the general sale stuff was a breeze, so I have a Saturday one as well, which means, Yay! Tom Baker!

MMM – French cats and Edith Piaf

It’s Music and Mirth Monday, the brain child of the very awesome ReGi McClain. You can join in simply by posting something musical and mirthful and then adding it to the linky here
For Music and Mirth Monday, I bring you this image, which was posted on Facebook the other day, and it is now my desktop wallpaper and makes me giggle every time I boot up my laptop. I think I just really love the moustache. And the beret and stripey shirt. The Facebook page it appeared on is Grammarly, which regularly posts grammar and pun-related fun images.


In keeping with the French theme, for the music part of this post, I bring you my favourite song by great French songstress, Edith Piaf. The song is L’Hymne a L’Amour and the gist of the lyrics is “If you love me, I don’t care about anything else in the world.” I sang it as part of my Year 12 music assessment, though my sheet music was the Josh Groban arrangement, so it was a bit different. Anyway, without further ado:

But seriously, you guys, a French cat. Your argument is invalid. And with that, I go to bed. G’night!

~ Emily