#MirthMusicMon – As the World Falls Down

I’ve had David Bowie on the brain lately, and between re-watching Labyrinth on Saturday and then re-reading a very entertaining fan-comic based equal parts on Labyrinth and Phantom of the Opera yesterday, today’s Mirth and Music Monday post could only be themed around that movie. I usually end up cranky at Cinema Sins videos and trying to dispute half the things they say, but this one actually is quite entertaining and brings up some valid points. And I don’t care if Jennifer Connolly was only 16 when Labyrinth was made and Bowie was 23 years older, I adore this dream sequence. Kinda wish he’d show up in my dreams wearing something like that.

Join us for Mirth and Music Monday over here! I’ve been reading aforementioned fan-comic and done no uni work like I should have, so I suppose I should go and at least try to make a start on the thing I have due on Friday. It’s only 800 words, but I do have things on both Wednesday and Thursday nights. Goodnight for now!

~ Emily