#MirthMusicMon – Tourists

I expect everyone has a bit of a love-hate relatonship with tourists in their city at some point or another (providing you live somewhere where tourists are likely to visit, of course). Here is a Whose Line Is It Anyway Hoe-Down about them (and also about kids in the cinema because the topics got a bit confused).

This second one needs a little explaining. There was a show here a while ago called “The Gruen Transfer” (later “Gruen Planet”) that analysed advertising. At the end of each episode was a segment called “The Pitch” in which two advertising agencies had to create an ad for something “unsellable”. This one was made around the time that the Government as coming under some fire for its laws regarding asylum seekers, so the brief for the Pitch was to create an ad to entice said asylum seekers to go somewhere else (so… not quite tourism, but you could probably use it for that, too). The “where the bloody hell are you?” part is a reference to a British ad for Australian tourism from a few years ago (it was controversial for featuring a pretty model asking “So where the bloody hell are you?”). Anyway, it’s probably taken as long for you to read this paragraph as it will to watch the video, so without further ado:

Here’s the other entry. I’m not actually 100% sure who won.

That one may just be funny to me because we are actually a tiny bit proud of all our “scary shit”. Though we maintain and healthy respect and healthy distance from most of it.

Come and join us for Mirth and Music Monday! I’ve had a not-so-great few days, so I’ll be keen to check out the other posts. You can find us here. See you all soon!