#MirthMusicMon – Let it flow – #mondayblogs

So… I’m not actually that into Star Wars…? I like Doctor Who, but apart from that, I enjoy my sci-fi earth-based. But just because I’m not into it, doesn’t mean that thousands of people are lining up to see the new Star Wars movie when it comes out this week. A friend of mine and I were watching various John Williams-related videos on YouTube yesterday and then we stumbled across this gem. Enjoy! (And join us for MMM over here)

#MirthMusicMon – “And I’ll be a… HAPPY SNOWMAN!”

I’m actually writing this at a uncivilised hour on Saturday night while I consider going to bed, because I’m sure I will completely forget otherwise. So I’ve become a little bit obsessed with the soundtrack to the newest Disney movie, Frozen. Not so much with the movie itself (it was great but I think Tangled will always occupy the “favourite Disney movie” spot in my heart), but when a soundtrack has that many Broadway names, how can one not? So, for Mirth and Music Monday, I give you a fun song from Frozen, called “In Summer”.

And now I’m going to go and actually clear my bed, and try to ignore the loud techno music coming from next door. I know it’s Saturday, but really, we live in a block of 12 flats. Argh. Maybe I’ll blare the Frozen soundtrack back at them. Anyway. Cheerio for now.wordpresssig2