Book Review: “Claw the System: Poems from the Cat Uprising” by Francesco Marciuliano

Title: Claw the System: Poems from the Cat Uprising
Author: Francesco Marciuliano
Genre: Humour
Target age group:
Dates read: 10/01/18
Rating: ★★★


So I’m not really a poetry person, but I had hoped that the humour of this book would overpower this.

Sometimes it did. There were a few poems that made me really laugh out loud and I read a couple of them out loud to my mum.

But some of them felt less like poems and more just like sentences where the writer had pressed the enter key in the middle of sentences and called it a poem. But maybe that’s just me not being a poetry person? I don’t know.

There are some very adorable photos of cats throughout the book. I was also showing those to my mum while I was reading.

I enjoy cats, and I would have one if my partner were not allergic and if we could afford it. But maybe I’m not quite enough of a cat person to fully enjoy this one.

Many thanks to the author, publishers and NetGalley for a free copy of this  book in exchange for an honest review.

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