Release Day Interview With Crown Prince Felipe and Princess Caitlin

This is by far the strangest thing I have ever written. My brain can’t cope with too much meta, but because today is the release day for A More Complicated Fairytale, I thought I would try my hand at writing something like this. It was weird, but fun.

AMCFTsmallWe’re sitting in the library in the Palace of Nardowyn. It’s a room I know well, as Cait and Felipe spent many of their early meetings in here. The word “library” is a bit of a misnomer, though; “museum” would be more accurate, since as well as the many shelves of books, there are cabinets and glass cases lining the walls, full of rare artefacts collected by the Royal Family over the generations.

Cait and Felipe are sharing a sofa across from me. Between us is a coffee table, which always seemed to have a couple of books lying on it, though that number has increased since Cait has been living in the palace and making the most of full-time access to this room. Felipe has his cane leaning on the arm of the sofa next to him; his war injury is continually improving, but there are still times when the cane is required.

“Thank you for meeting with me today,” I say, and they both nod in acknowledgment, smiling. “It’s been a while since I’ve spent any proper time with the two of you. How is married life treating you?”

They glance at each other, making a quick, silent decision about who will answer the question. “It’s been wonderful,” Cait says. “Marrying into the royal family was a terrifying prospect, but everyone has been very welcoming.”

“And I believe you’ve got some news to share?”

Another glance. Felipe slips his arm around Cait’s shoulders. Wide smiles spread over both their faces.

“We’re expecting a child in August,” Felipe says.

“Congratulations,” I reply. “I’m sure he’ll be a wonderful addition to the family.”

Felipe tilts his head at me. “He? It will be a boy, then?”

Dammit, self, don’t give your characters foreknowledge of major life events. That never works out well.

“That’s all for the next book,” I say quickly. “We’re here to discuss the first one.”

Felipe gives me a sideways look, but he doesn’t press the issue.

“So, how does it feel having the story of your romance out in the world?”

“I’m not sure I was always presented in the best light,” Felipe remarks.

“Well, you can blame Cait for that. It’s from her point-of-view.”

“I was always perfectly charming toward Cait.”

Cait rolls her eyes and grins. “You were an entitled prat at the start.”

Felipe puts on his best wounded expression and claps one hand across his heart. “Cait. It hurts me when you say things like that.”

Cait rolls her eyes again and laughs. She pulls his hand away from his chest. She rests her hand on his knee, still holding his.


This is a screencap from Phantom of the Opera, but it’s the picture that most matches Cait and Felipe in my mind.

“Anyway,” she says. “I think it tells the story very faithfully, and I’m glad you’ve done so much work in putting it all together.”

“Thanks, Cait.”

“But what’s next for you?” she asks. “Are you going to be staying here or are your next projects taking you farther afield?”

“Well, I’ve got a few projects on the go. I definitely won’t be leaving Nardowyn for good. Ginny’s going to be getting up to a few things in a few years’ time.”

“What sort of things?” Cait’s eyes narrow at me suspiciously at the mention of her sister as the central character in a new story.

“Don’t worry, I promise I’ll bring her home safely at the end.”

“You’d better.”

By the point, the conversation is starting to get a bit too meta for me to get my head around. I stand to go and give a small bow.

“Your Highnesses, thank you for letting me visit you here today. I’ll keep you posted on the status of the book.”

Cait and Felipe stand up to see me out of the library. When we reach the large wooden doors, Cait says, “Thanks once again,” and I turn and smile.

“You’re very welcome,” I reply, and then step out the door. They close behind me and I am left with the task of finding someone who can help me navigate my way out of this labyrinth of a palace.

Don’t forget, you can now purchase A More Complicated Fairytale from the Amazon Kindle store (link to the American site, but it available pretty much everywhere, I think). It’s also on GoodReads if you want to keep it on your radar but not quite ready to buy it just yet.


#WIPpet and #WWW Wednesday – 23 March, 2016

smileyI didn’t actually intend to participate in WIPpet Wednesday this week, as I was not really sure I knew what I was writing at the moment. Over the past several weeks (for most of this year, actually), I’ve been really struggling with my writing. My weekday goal is 200 words (I give myself weekends off unless I’m feeling inspired) and that was often a struggle. I don’t like trying to force the words out, so I was sort of rolling with it, but after a while, non-writing also gets to me, because I have a lot of words in my head, and if I’m not doing something to channel them out, it starts getting cramped in there. But with the release of A More Complicated Fairytale looming, I thought I would look over my 2013 NaNoWriMo project, the sequel, An Eventual Happily Ever After. And on seeing that there was some good stuff in there, I thought perhaps I should revisit that, rather than stressing about Worlds Apart. Tonight I met with my writing group, and figured I would try rejigging the opening. Two hours and 1100 words later…! So I’m feeling pretty good and wanted to share some.

I’m sharing five sentences today, as it’s the 23rd and 2+3=5. These are the very first sentences of the new opening.

“You look morose.”

“I am morose.”

“And why’s that?”

Ginny looked up at the knight who had made his way to stand next to her. “Because, Sir Aidan, I am being courted.”

For a bit of context, Ginny is the sister of Cait, the heroine in A More Complicated Fairytale. Sir Aidan is the Captain of Prince Felipe’s guard. He fought in the war with Prince Felipe, though he doesn’t actually feature in that story. He’s a fair bit older than Ginny, but they’re bros. His character is ever-so-slightly based on Ewan McGregor’s character in Jack the Giant Slayer, whom I firmly believe deserved the princess more than Jack. Not that I actually ever changed the situation with Sir Aidan.

I am rambling now. Enough of that. If you are interested in joining us for WIPpet Wednesday, just post an excerpt from your WIP that somehow relates to the date, and then link up with us by clicking on the little blue guy to the right.

Onto WWW Wednesday, another blog hop in which we answer three questions relating to what we’re reading. This one is hosted by Sam over at A World of Words. To join in, go to today’s post on her blog and leave a comment with your link.

  • What are you currently reading?

    Still reading A Chameleon in a Mirror by Ruth Nestvold. I’m really enjoying learning about Aphra Behn and the Restoration, as I have to admit that I knew very little about either. I expect to finish this over the Easter weekend.

  • What did you recently finish reading?

I finished two Doctor Who audios, The Blood Cell by James Goss and Apollo 23 by Justin Richards. I wasn’t terribly impressed by either of them. The Blood Cell’s plot was a bit meh, as was the Apollo 23 narrator.

  • What do you think you’ll read next?

Still planning on The Bloodshade Encounters/The Songspinner by K. C. Finn.

Anyhow, as I mentioned, I was out with my writing group tonight, so this post is going up later than usual. It’s time I hit the hay. Have a great Easter and I’ll see you all back here soon!

~ Emily

#WWW and #WIPpet Wednesday – 16 March 2016

First up today, some really exciting news! The cover reveal for my novel, A More Complicated Fairytale, was yesterday. If you missed it, you can go sneak a peek here. If anyone fancies a review copy, let me know your email address and preferred format and I’ll send you one. Or if you’re like me and sometimes prefer to pay for a book because then you’ll feel less bad if you don’t like it, you can pre-order the ebook here. You can also mark it as to-read on Goodreads!

Onto more regular Wednesday things, next up is is WWW Wednesday, a blog hop in which we answer questions about what we’ve been reading this past week. This is hosted by Sam over at A World of Words. You can join in by commenting on today’s post over on her blog.

  • What are you currently reading?

Finally, after having it on my Kindle for goodness knows how long, I am reading Chameleon in a Mirror by fellow WIPpeteer, Ruth Nestvold. I only started it today so I am not very far in, but I am definitely enjoying it so far, especially the descriptions of the 17th Century theatre.

I’ve also got back into the Doctor Who audio books, and am listening to The Blood Cell by James Goss. It’s a bit different to most of these novels, in that it’s got a first person narration from a secondary character’s POV. It does mean we’re a bit distanced from the Doctor, but it’s not too bad. I’m about 30% in and things are picking up a bit.


  • What did you recently finish reading?

I read a lot this week! Firstly, I finished Life in Outer Space by Melissa Keil. It was a really cute book, though the love interest, Camilla, did strike me as a bit Manic Pixie Dream Girl, which annoyed me a bit. Review goes up on Friday.

I spent Friday night reading Unmasking: Lemon’s Thesis by Gloria Weber. This is the start of a fun superheroes series, and I recommend it! My review is here.

I was trawling through Borrow Box trying to find an audio book to listen to and found Animal Farm, read by Simon Callow. I didn’t enjoy it as much as 1984, but I appreciated what Orwell was doing. I had it in my head that each animal in the book represented a different political ideology, rather than the whole thing being an allegory for Stalinism, so it wasn’t quite what I expected.

And then, over Sunday and Monday (we had a long weekend here), I finished Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. I’ve got to admit, while it was pretty good, it didn’t really feel like a thriller to me, more a standard crime novel.

  • What do you think you’ll read next?

I’m hoping to read The Bloodshade Encounters/The Songspinner, which combined make up Book 2 of the Shadeborn series by K. C. Finn, and then move onto The Potioneer, which is Book 3. I reviewed Book 1 back in January. Captive Prince by C. S. Pacat also arrived at the library for me today, but I’d like to finish some of these ebooks first.  I also picked up two other Doctor Who audios, as I decided to start at the start of the 11th Doctor ones and work through them. My library has at least the first five, so I’m hoping they have a lot of them.

Also, my library has A Gathering of Shadows by V. E. Schwab on order! And guess who is at the top of the queue for it? Meeeeeeeeee! Not that this means I will get to read it in the next week, I just wanted to squee.

wednesdaybanner Next up is WIPpet Wednesday, a blog hop we writer types do each week, in which we share snippets from our WIP that somehow relate to the date. You can find our linkup by clicking the little blue guy to the right. I’m sharing three lines for the third month. This follows on from last week; Jasper is being interrogated by Eli Masden.

“Would I be correct in assuming that it is you and your associates that the Princess has had dealings with in the past?”

“Is the Princess in the business of running away? I would have thought you’d have a better eye on her than that. Especially as it seems the King’s laws regarding magic are rather lax around here.”

Out of the corner of his eye, Jasper saw Helena cringe and look down at her hands. She always did object when he used sarcasm, and he supposed she would consider him using it here to be worse than usual.

That’s it from me this week! Let’s see if the new goals I set myself at the start of this week regarding blogging will mean that I actually get to your blogs this week! Fingers crossed.

~ Emily

Cover Reveal: A More Complicated Fairytale by… Me!

Over three years after I started writing it, it’s nearly time to unleash my baby on the world. My first novel, A More Complicated Fairytale, will hopefully be launched on April 02. I’m in the midst of setting up a pre-order. I will, of course, share the link when it’s available.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a long time will have read plenty of snippets from AMCF over the last couple of years. For those who haven’t, you can acquaint yourselves with Cait and Prince Felipe here.

For those who just need a quick refresher, here’s the blurb:

Most of the young women in Nardowyn swoon over Crown Prince Felipe, but Caitlin has never seen the appeal. When she catches his eye during a royal festival, she has little choice but to begrudgingly go along with his attempts to form a friendship between them, and soon learns that there is more to him than meets the eye.

When Felipe goes to war to avenge the death of his brother, Cait enlists as a nurse to be nearer to him. Here, Cait’s connection to the prince will put her in more danger than she can imagine. But Cait’s never been one to take the easy way out, so if her life is going to turn into some sort of fairy tale, with a prince and a happily ever after, it’s no surprise it will be a more complicated one.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, here is the cover in all its glory:


This thing of beauty was designed by the wonderful K. L. Schwengel and I am forever in her debt..

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks for giveaways, interviews, and more!

~ Emily

#WIPpet Wednesday –

Before I go any further, I want to apologise for not being a good WIPpeteer and visiting many of you last week. I had a super productive weekend, and usually productive weekends include visiting WIPpets, but this week it was more devoted to cleaning up the spare room so one can actually sit on the sofa in there.

amcfbannerSecondly, I wanted to say how chuffed I felt after reading all your comments about how you love Cait and Felipe and could never get sick of them. Because sometimes when I’m writing WIPpet posts, I feel like I’ve been posting from their story forever and that you’re all thinking, “Just publish the thing already!” Which you may be thinking anyway, but in a more positive way. 😀 Well, good news there, I finished my final round of edits last night!!! Now I just need to format it, and get back to the wonderful Kathi regarding a cover – as well as possibly splurge on some stock photos next payday – and then…! It’s not quite the August release date I had in mind, but you know, I’m really more interested in the fact that I will have published a book rather than exactly when it happens.

Speaking of that, though, would anyone who beta read a previous draft be willing to read over a particular scene and give me some comments in light of the edits Edy made on it? Because there was one part where he was saying that Cait really needed to respond in a certain way, and I was like, “… but how?” I couldn’t really figure out what she might say to give this reaction. And to me, it’s fine as it is, so I just wanted a few other opinions on it. I say people who have read a previous draft because it’s a fairly major scene so a) context will help and b) it’s also fairly spoilery.

Since I’ve been focusing on edits this week and haven’t written anything new, I’ll stick to AMCF for WIPpet Wednesday this week. This scene is early on, during the festival that’s taking place when all the visiting royals are there to find Felipe an appropriate wife. Cait and her sister Ginny have been hanging out with Ava, Guy and Bridget (Guy’s the one Cait fancies, Ava’s her best friend and Bridget is Ginny’s age). My WIPpet math was going to be 1+7 (the date) = 8 paragraphs, except I didn’t actually count properly, and it’s really only five… so… 1+4 (from 2014) = 5 will do.

It was when they were considering what to purchase for lunch that Ava and Cait ended up separated from Guy and their sisters. Ava and Cait were inspecting the options from a man selling noodle dishes, but when they turned around, Guy, Bridget and Ginny seemed to have been completely swallowed up by the crowd.

“They were just over there!” exclaimed Ava, pointing to the stall where the other three had been looking at food. “Where could they possibly have gone?”

“It’s all right,” said Cait, briefly trying to figure out a way to balance her plate of food in one hand so she could put the other on Ava’s shoulder. She gave up on that idea and instead simply said, “I’m sure they’ll be fine. Maybe they couldn’t see us through the crowd and thought we’d wandered off. Guy will look after them. And they know where to meet us at the end of the night, so they’ll find us there if not before. Come on, let’s go and find somewhere to sit and eat.”

There was an area with tables set aside nearby. As it was the middle of the day, it was crowded, but Ava and Cait timed their arrival to snap up a table just as a husband and wife vacated it. Cait wanted to savour her meal – the noodles and vegetables had been cooked in a spicy sauce she’d never tasted before and she wanted to make it last – but she and Ava agreed they should eat as quickly as possible to free up the table again. After Cait assured Ava a second time that Ginny and Bridget would be fine, they decided to go and wander some more of the attractions.

Truth be told, Cait was actually worried about Ginny, and hoped she was still with Guy. There was little chance of them running into the others in these crowds, though, so she was hoping for the best. Before they had parted ways with their parents, they had arranged a meeting spot for the end of the day’s festivities so they were certain of all making it home together. Cait simply crossed her fingers in hope that everyone would be reunited when the time came and there would be nothing to worry about.

To join in on WIPpet Wednesday, simply post an excerpt from your current WIP that somehow relates to the date, and then link it with the rest of us here. Thanks to K. L. Schwengel for hosting. 🙂 I’m going to head off now because it’s 9:30 and while I usually don’t go to bed til at least 10 or 10:30, I’ve had a long day of First Aid Refresher Training, so my brain is a bit fried. I did get 100% on the test at the end, so it’s likely I can keep people alive until paramedics arrive, which is comforting. Anyway. I was going.


#WIPpet Wednesday – Hungry

Hello everyone! This is my 250th post! But apart from this announcement, it is not really anything out of the ordinary because I’m pressed for time and need to keep this short.

Editing has begun in earnest on A More Complicated Fairytale. Edy has done a fabulous job, and my writing is now so much tighter because of it. I did have one moment of panic when I opened the Scrivener file and a whole scene was missing, but thankfully it was in the printout, so I have been typing it back in. I have no idea when it disappeared, though. While there are a couple of bits that I want to tweak, I’m hoping once I’ve gone through Edy’s notes, I’ll be pretty much done with the writing part.

Since you’re all probably somewhat sick of Cait and Felipe, since I’ve been sharing them on and off for 18 months or so, I’ll keep sharing from Unicorn Love, at least until I run out of things from that. This is the scene I said I wanted to share last week, but I couldn’t be bothered finding the notebook it was in. Basically, after a few people dismissing her the way the guy in last week’s post did, Lexie tries stealing as a last resort. She sees a well-dressed woman walking alone, which is unusual, and goes for her purse. But the woman catches her.

“Are you trying to rob me?”

Lexie was not a quick thinker in these situations, and that was why she had ended up on overnight visits to the local station’s cells before. Her eyes went wide.

“No, ma’am,” she stammered. “I was just…”

“You thought I wouldn’t notice? Or that I’d be too feeble-minded to catch you or do anything about it?”

“No, I just…” Lexie’s shoulders slumped. “I’m just hungry.”

For future reference, this woman’s name is Grace Littlewood, and she’s rather important. 😉

If you would like to join in on WIPpet Wednesday, simply post an snippet of your WIP that somehow relates to the date (I did 10 sentences for the 10th day of the month), and then link up with us here. As I said, I’m going to keep this brief, and take off now. Catch you soon!


#WIPpet Wednesday and finally, a finished edit!

So after six weeks of me nagging him about it, Edy has completed the edits on A More Complicated Fairytale. I actually thought it was longer than that, but I just scrolled back through my blog posts and it was around mid-July when he started, so I guess I should take back some of my complaining. I’ve decided I’m not going to look at it until the weekend, when I can give it my full and undivided attention. But that’s pretty exciting.

For now, though, I’ll continue on with The Work Formerly Known As Unicorn Love, which I have tentatively retitled Love in a Time of Time Travel, which I like, because it basically sums up the two key aspects of the plot, but does it feel a bit clunky as a title? While I haven’t written a whole heap of new material, I did sit down on Sunday evening and type out the issues I need to figure out with the plot. My main couple are being uncooperative and refusing to reveal the exact nature of their relationship to me. I have no idea whether they were trying very hard to be “just friends” or whether they were a couple or if they’d even acknowledged their feelings for each other.

I had a grand plan this morning to get up early and do some writing. Except it was 6am and I could feel cramps coming on and it was cold and so after 213 words I went back to bed for another half an hour. I am, however, going to try and do the same thing tomorrow. 213 words each day is better than my recent track record of zero, and it would be good to get into this habit (even if the habit also includes the going back to bed again). We’re coming into spring in this part of the world, so hopefully in another month or so the weather will be warm enough that I won’t just want to snuggle down into the covers when the alarm goes off. (I say that now. Give it three months and I will be sleeping with only a thin sheet over me and the fan on and all the windows open and I’ll be wanting to know when the cooler weather is coming back.)

Anyway, I should really get a move on as it’s now nearly 10pm. The bit I was going to share, I have just realised, still only exists in my notebook, which is in another room and I can’t be bothered getting up. So I’ll share a bit before it. While Lexie and David are kind of the heads of their street gang, Lexie is on the outs with everyone else after David is sent to gaol, so in this scene she’s trying to scrounge a few pennies to get herself something to eat. WIPpet math… it’s the third so three paragraphs. It’s too late in the evening to be complicated now.

“‘Scuse me, miss!” she called out, running slightly ahead of the woman and then turning and walking backwards so she could face her. “Spare any change?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I’m afraid I don’t -”

“Out of our way!” The woman was cut off by the older man she was with. “Be gone with you!” He swung his cane in Lexie’s direction and she jumped to the side to avoid being hit.

That’s all for tonight. By next Wednesday, I’ll have hopefully typed up the following bit, which is where another main character is introduced. I nearly named this character after a Doctor Who companion, but thankfully Googled the name to see if it was familiar or if I was just imagining things, and promptly changed her surname.

To join in on WIPpet Wednesday, simply post an excerpt of your current WIP that somehow relates to the date, and then join us at the linky. Thanks to K. L. Schwengel for hosting. Since I am now nodding asleep on my bed’s foot-board, I shall head off and visit again when I am more awake. Love to all!


#WIPpet Wednesday –

row80-2So I did a thing on Sunday night. I deleted my July 2014 Camp NaNoWriMo story from the site (obviously I kept the words). There is so much about the story that I need to figure out before I can continue with it, and I would rather not write waffle for three weeks and then fix it. I would prefer to research it and plan it properly, and then sit down to write it, knowing exactly what I am doing.

With that in mind, I’m returning to my old ROW80 goal of working on WIPs in theory for one hour, two nights a week. Sometimes it ends up being more than that on several nights a week, sometimes it’s four half-hour periods over the week, sometimes it’s something else… I don’t really mind as long as I feel I’m doing some solid work each week.

I was on the info desk at work yesterday morning, but everyone seemed to pretty much know what they were doing, so I brainstormed a few things that need considering for Unicorn Love (the title of which is likely to change now that the story has, but I’ll keep referring to it as that until I come up with a replacement) and I actually ended up with something resembling a plan. Well, the first part of a plan. There are still some aspects I need to work out. But yay, plan!

In other writing-related news, I’ve finally got Edy proofreading A More Complicated Fairytale for me! Okay, so he’s only done three pages so far, but he’s being very ruthless (I was a little horrified at first by the amount of red on page 2), so I’m rolling with that. I shall continue to be a naggy girlfriend of the “Oh, you’re beading? You could read some more. Oh, you’re knitting a beanie? Why don’t you read another chapter?” variety [yes, he does both these things], until it’s finished, but at least a start has been made. He tells me that as he is not working Friday, he will do a blitz then.

wednesdaybannerI think that’s about it for a ROW80 check-in, so onto WIPpet Wednesday. You may remember the square-jawed lad mentioned in last week’s excerpt. He and Lexie, my MC, well, neither of them will admit any feelings for the other, so there’s that, but they are also the two oldest in a group of street urchins living on Sydney’s streets in the 1890s. When David is arrested after an alleged robbery, Lexie lies to save herself from also getting in trouble, and David ends up with a prison sentence. (This will probably change slightly, as in my new plan, she’s not actually at the trial and he’s pissed at her for other reasons, but this is what I have written for now).

In this scene, she’s sneaked into the police station where he’s being held overnight (the desk sergeant is old and drunk and thus asleep) to apologise for not being there for him.

Her eyes were beginning to adjust to the dim light but she still grasped the handrail and took her time on the stairs. There was no use ending up with broken bones from a nasty fall. That would help no one.

She reached the cells, and cast the lamp light over the nearest couple. They were empty.

“Who’s there?” David’s voice came to Lexie from the third cell down.

“It’s me,” she said, walking the rest of the way.

David was standing up in the middle of the cell, about a foot away from the door.

“Oh,” he said, and Lexie stopped when she heard the disappointment in his voice. “Come to get your knife back, then?”

“My what?”

“The one you stabbed in my back.”

“What was I supposed to say? ‘Oh, yes, your Honour, I was there, I was his accomplice?

“You could have thought of something that helped me as well as you!”

Poor Davey… If it makes you feel better, she’s going to attempt to change the course of history so you don’t end up in prison for six months…? Aphrodite is still hanging about in the new version of the story, though I’ve switched to calling her Venus, because for some reason in my head, Aphrodite = vain and vacuous but Venus = glamorous and elegant, and that’s what I need now.

Anyways, this post has taken me way too long to type. I’m going to head off now, finish my glass of Baileys and try to have an early night. If you would like to join in on WIPpet Wednesday, post an excerpt from your WIP that somehow relates to the date (today mine was 16 sentences for the 16th) and then link up with us here. Thanks to K. L. Schwengel for hosting. ROW80 (the writing challenge that knows you have a life) is the brainchild of Kait Nolan and you can read more about, and link up with fellow paricipants, here.



Heading into the second half of the year

Today is July 1, the first day of the second half of 2014. Since finishing the edits on A More Complicated Fairytale in April, I haven’t really written anything amazingly useful, and have spent the past few days leafing through notes I’ve made on stories I’ve never completed and wondering (read: stressing about) whether I’ve only got one complete story in me and I’ll never finish another one (don’t worry, I’m 99.9% confident this is not the case, I just every now and then let that o.1% get to me… like when the only thing I’m writing is fanfiction and I’m only writing a few hundred words every few days on it).

A More Complicated Fairytale, when more work was being done on it. I had a big think about this on the weekend and as a result, I’ve decided to try to work out what I want to achieve in the next six months, and how I might go about achieving it. So, without further ado:

Ongoing Goals:

  • Not a writing goal but putting it here nonetheless: return to using My Fitness Pal as a way to track eating and hold myself accountable if I am over-indulging/encourage myself not to over-indulge.
  • In months where I’m not participating in a NaNoWriMo-type event, return to previous writing goal of two nights a week, sitting down for an hour and working on writing. I usually end up achieving more than this when I’m really into a project, but two hours a week doesn’t feel like work when I’m not on a roll.
  • Participate more fully in ROW80 again – post check-ins on Wednesdays, as well as try to visit five blogs after each check-in.


  • Camp NaNoWriMo, 500 words a day on new WIP “Unicorn Love” for a total of 15500 words by the end of the month.
  • Organise (or at least make a proper start on organising) a cover for AMCF
  • Have AMCF proofread.
  • Bribe Edy with cake (or similar) to achieve said proofreading.


  • Decide whether or not to continue with Unicorn Love depending on how July goes.
  • Brainstorm and write an outline for AMCF companion, An Eventual Happily Ever After.
  • Read over the version of AEHEA from last year’s NaNoWriMo, decide what might be kept.
  • Publish AMCF?! (I had August in mind as a publication date at the beginning of the year and if I get myself into gear, this is totally still possible)


  • Work on new version of AEHEA (and Unicorn Love if I decide to continue with that as well), following two hours/week goal.


  • Continue work on AEHEA and ULnanowrimo_logo
  • Decide what I will write for NaNoWriMo
  • Start planning NaNoWriMo.


  • NaNoWriMo madness!


  • Take a bit of a break, but don’t let up entirely.
  • Work out a better December goal closer to the time, and when some more progress has been made.
  • It feels a bit too far away for me to make any kind of goal right now.

Even though the new round doesn’t start until next week, I’m using this post as my ROW80 Goals Post for round 3 as well, since I’ve pretty much listed my goals. Hopefully I’ll see you around there as well! 🙂


#WIPpet Wednesday and some pondering

Psst! The WIPpet is in the second half of this post. Feel free to scroll past my ramblings about other things.

wattpadlogoSo I’ve been thinking about Wattpad recently. One my friends, Sam, has achieved great popularity with his story Darkness Girl: Trickster God on there (I know it was at the top of, or quite close to, the Teen Fiction section at one point, and he has secured an agent to publish the book traditionally as well) and K. L. Schwengel has just recently announced that she’s going to post her first novel First of Her Kind on there a chapter a week as well.

The reason I’ve been thinking about it is that I have a new writing project in mind, and I’m wondering if Wattpad might be the place for it. Basically, ever since doing the Crucible, I’ve wanted to tell Abigail’s side of the story. Any girl who saw her parents violently killed in front of her at a young age (“I saw Indians smash my dear parents’ heads on the pillow next to mine…”) is going to be more than a bit messed up, and while I’m sure Arthur Miller was going for “Abigail seduced John Proctor with her evil feminine wiles”, I feel like Proctor is presented as more blameless than he should be (not to say Abigail is entirely blameless, just saying it takes two, y’know?). 

The reasons I’m thinking of maybe using Wattpad for this are:

a) this actually probably counts as fanfiction, since the play is not in the public domain yet and while part of my brain goes, “Yeah, but the characters are all totally historical figures, you could totally argue your way out of it”, it would be following the events of the play, and Arthur Miller definitely made some of the important bits up himself.

b) I’m not 100% sure I’d be willing to put in the effort to make this the kind of work I would be willing to ask money for, either from a research/accuracy standpoint, or a “write a million drafts until it’s as good as it possibly can be” standpoint. I’m thinking of it as more of a personal post-show project, like how I’m reading lots of books about the Salem Witch Trials as well, rather than something I’d be likely to pursue in the long term. But because I live for the validation of strangers on the Internet, I’d probably want to share it anyway.

I considered Archive of Our Own as another possible location, what with the whole fanfiction vibe, and maybe I’d post it both places, but AO3 seems to be where people who know things about fandom go for their fandom needs, while Wattpad seems to be where people go if they just want something to read. It used to be, the sister-site for, but I think it’s pretty quiet on there these days. I do still get the odd review for a story I put up there when I was 13 or something. The two most recent ones were to tell me that it’s spelt “realize”, not “realise” and to request I use a spell checker in future. Whatever, dude.

I have a sort of an outline for it, and I’ve been pondering things like style and voice and tense (annoyingly, the pen I was trying to use at work was useless and kept slowing me down), but I’ll probably not start it seriously until the weekend. (Related: how is it only Wednesday? This week’s been dragging on forever!). Has anyone else used Wattpad, either to post or read? How did you find it? I haven’t seen Sam in ages, but I’m possibly seeing him on the weekend, so I’m probably going to grill him about everything.

wednesdaybannerAnyways, this post is apparently already 600 words long, so I’d best get onto WIPpet Wednesday. I’m going to share another snippet from An Eventual Happily Ever After. While this is probably going to change, in the NaNoWriMo version, Ginny deliberately ran away from home because she was so sick of all the constraints being put upon her. Not to mention, Sir Kieran, the suitor mentioned in last week’s WIPpet, did not make a good first impression. It’s the early hours of the morning, she’s ended up in the woods on the edge of town and suddenly she’s remembering all the stories she and her friends used to tell each other about these woods when they were young. WIPpet maths is nice and simple: 4 sentences for the 4th of June.

According to the story, one day an employee had been killed in an accident at a mill that had been on the edge of the town. Rather than inform their superiors and possibly get in trouble, the other workers just roughly buried the miller who had died somewhere on the edge of the woods. His ghost now supposedly roamed the space between his shallow grave and the old mill site, waiting for someone to lay him to rest properly. As she found a tree to lie underneath, and tried to settle her mind down, Ginny wondered if the Miller’s Ghost had his eyes on her.

The story of the Miller’s Ghost was originally intended for A More Complicated Fairytale, but then the whole section of plot where it featured ended up getting replaced with something far better. I was pleased to be able to recycle it in the sequel. 😀 Speaking of AMCF, I got the third draft printed the other day so proofreading can begin. Now to just entice Edy to embark on that adventure. Maybe I need to figure out how to make a vegan version of the berry cheesecake cupcakes he made for the Crucible after-party, and he can have two per chapter. (He has recently started doing freelance copy writing [as opposed to copyrighting; I only learned the difference when he started doing the former] from home and is busy with that, but he did promise he would put that Editing and Proofreading diploma to some use for me).

To join in on WIPpet Wednesday, simply post an excerpt from your current WIP that somehow relates to the date, and then join us at the linky over here.Many thanks to K. L. Schwengel for hosting. 🙂 It’s taken me way too long to write this, and I really need to fold some of the clothes strewn across my bed before I can get into it. I shall take my leave, and probably see you on the weekend! 🙂