2020 Australian Women Writers Challenge

The Australian Women Writers Challenge has been running since 2012, with the aim of combating the gender bias prevalent in the Australian publishing industry.

I first joined in 2016, with the aim to read and review 12 books by AWWs, including two by Indigenous authors and two by LGBTI* authors. In 2018, I increased my goal to 20, with the same diversity challenge-within-a-challenge. In 2019, I stuck with 20 but also added a goal of reading two books by POC authors other than Indigenous writers.

In 2020, I’m briefly dispensing with the diversity challenge. Instead, I’m aiming to read all the Australian books I own.

If you would like more information about the Australian Women Writers Challenge, please click here.

Here are the books I read and reviewed for 2020’s challenge. Click the titles to read my reviews. The list will be updated as the year goes on.

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