2015 Writing Goals


A More Complicated Fairytale

  • Format for CreateSpace to know page numbers
  • Write back cover copy (enlist Edy to help)
  • Find stock images [these three goals all completed by around 04/04/2015]
  • Liaise with Kathi about a cover (sub-goal: don’t take forever to answer emails)

Unicorn Love

  • Come up with a more fitting title – no longer necessary, since I went back to the original version of the story where this title makes sense [3/1/2015]
  • Work out plot holes – figured these out by turning the two sub-plots into their own separate stories [3/1/2015]
  • Finish rough outline – complete [10/1/2015]
  • Create scene-by-scene outline – As the story became much shorter in its new form, I was happy to just have this in my head. [10/1/2015]
  • Be guided by outline but aim for 8 to 10k. – First draft came out at 9k [14/2/2015]
  • Brainstorm second draft
  • Write second draft.

Unicorn Love ended up in the form of a 3000 word short story, which I completed on 30/03/2015.

NaNoWriMo 2014

  • Brainstorm world-building. Aim for 2000-3000 words of notes on this.
  • Figure out how it ends
  • Write rough outline
  • Write scene-by-scene outline
  • Create Aeon timeline to check everything fits in
  • Be guided by outline, but aim for 50,000 (good) words
  • Come up with a title


  • MMM post Mondays
  • WIPpet and ROW80 check-in every Wednesday
  • Comment on 5 other ROW80 blogs and return comments
  • Reply to WIPpet comments and visit as many others as possible (try for at least half)
  • Book review every second Friday

Other Things to Get Distracted By

  • Expand First Christmas into a full-length short story to submit to Writers’ Digest’s short fiction competition (entries close in May)
  • Write a 10-minute play to submit to Crash Test Drama.

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