authorphotoHi there! Thanks for visiting A Keyboard and an Open Mind. My name is Emily Wrayburn. I’ve been a reviewer since 2014, though back then I was only reviewing one book a fortnight. My reviewing really took off at the end of 2015, and  I now try to review two books a week. I also post a reading check-in every Wednesday, and occasionally other fun reading-related content.

I don’t really have a favourite genre exactly, and I read a bit of everything. Having said that, I read more Young Adult fiction than anything else, and urban fantasy or dystopia do seem to come out on top. I also enjoy crime fiction, historical fiction, and thrillers. And it doesn’t have to be just for the younger age groups.

I’m sorry but while I do accept review requests from authors whom I’ve known through blogging or other reading/writing circles for a while, I don’t accept unsolicited requests from strangers. I already have a TBR list a mile long, and that includes ARCs received from places like NetGalley. Adding more to that list just causes me unnecessary stress.

This blog actually started as a writing blog, but in May 2017, I started a new blog, Letting Out The Voices, to focus on my writing in a space separate to reading. I’d love if you checked it out, too.