November 2020 Reading Wrap-up

November was a much better reading month than the past couple, I’m glad to say.


Cosi by Louis Nowra, Ripper by Angela Slatter, Newsletter Ninja by Tammi Labrecque, Breaking the Surface by RebeccaLangham, Who Could That Be At This Hour? by Lemony Snicket
  1. Cosi by Louis Nowra (play script – 3 stars – not intending to review)

  2. Ripper by Angela Slatter (historical fantasy – 4 stars – review)

  3. Newsletter Ninja by Tammi Labrecque (non-fiction – 5 stars – not intending to review)

  4. Breaking the Surface (Outsiders Project #2) by Rebecca Langham (sci-fi/LGBTI – 4 stars – review)

  5. Who Could That Be At This Hour? (All the Wrong Questions #1) by Lemony Snicket (MG humour – 3 stars – not intending to review)

  6. A Pocketful of Eyes by Lili Wilkinson (YA contemporary/mystery- 4 stars – review)

  7. Doing Time (Time Police #1) by Jodi Taylor (YA sci-fi – 3 stars – not intending to review)

  8. The Lefthanded Booksellers of London (YA historical fantasy – 2 stars – not intending to review)

A Pocketful of Eyes by Lili Wilkinson, Doing Time by Jodi Taylor, The Left-handed Booksellers of London by Garth Nix


I have a YouTube channel where I promote Australian books using the hashtag #AusReads, and also indulge my compulsion for signing up to readathons. Here are the latest videos:

  1. #AusReads #Musicalathon November TBR


The book “The Binding” by Bridget Collins sits on a wooden table at an angle. There is a latte in a tall glass next to it. .

You can see all my bookish photos (plus some RL as well) on my Instagram.


Physical book: The Binding by Bridget Collins. I’m reading this for one of my book clubs. It’s a slow burn, definitely. And there are a few world-building things that are bothering me. But other than that, I’m enjoying it.

Ebook: The Afterlife of Holly Chase by Cynthia Hand. At this point, I’m not sure if I’m going to see this through. The worldbuilding is incredibly flimsy and the main character is kind of awful… but some reviewers and friends whose bookish opinions I respect a lot say it is surprisingly touching and fun, so I’m trying to give it a chance.

Audio book: Where Dreams Descend by Janella Angeles. This was one of my most anticipated 2020 releases and so far it’s living up to expectations. Steve West is also one of the narrators and I loved his performances of the Strange the Dreamer books; it’s really great to be hearing his voice again.


I’m really looking forward to Hollowpox (Nevermoor #3) by Jessica Townsend! Even if the Hollowpox is a mysterious illness affecting Wunimals. I wonder if that aspect of the plot was part of the reason for delaying the original early-2020 release. Anyway, I need to read three more books to complete my 2020 Australian Women Writers Challenge and this is definitely high on the list.

What are you reading? 🙂


2 thoughts on “November 2020 Reading Wrap-up

  1. Lyn Webster says:

    I probably need to read Newsletter Ninja some time too, but newsletters are a long way down the list right now. And I will get to Hollowpox sooner or later.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Emily Wrayburn says:

      As with social media and all the other author biz, there is a certain element of “the sooner you start, the better it will work out for you” but at the same time, I do get that we have to prioritise what we can actually achieve!


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