November 2018 Reading Wrap-up

Past Month’s Reading

This has been a month of light and easy reads. Most of the month was taken up with uni work, so I didn’t read as much as I might have, but still got a few good titles in there. 

Here’s what I reviewed and read:

Favourite Bookish Photo: 

I didn’t post many photos this month, but this one of my haul of books by Canberra authors picked up at the library was my favourite. You can see all my bookish photos on my Instagram

Currently Reading:

Physical book: 

Truly Devious by Marueen Johnson. This is the first in a YA thriller series and while I think it suffers a bit for being protracted into a series rather than being one tightly-written volume, I have got more into it in the second half.  I will probably finish this tonight.

Wundersmith by Jessica Townsend. This has taken me quite a while to get through but I am on the downhill run with it. While I still love the characters and world, I feel this one is longer  than it needed to be.

Audio book: .

The Midnight Watch by David Dyer. This reminds me a little of the Station Eleven audio book in terms of narration and style. While it took me a while to get into,  I am now interested enough that I am putting it on every time I am driving alone. A good one for historical fiction fans, or those interested in a lesser-known aspect of the Titanic disaster.

Planning to read next:

.I have Sixty Seconds by Jesse Blackadder from the library, and this will be my final Australian Women Writer’s Challenge title for the year. After that, it’s a case of deciding whether to read library books, Christmas books, or some ARCs that I’m excited about.

What are you reading? 🙂


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