“In the morning, there’s another girl floating dead in the lake.” // Review of “Stillhouse Lake” by Rachel Caine

Title: Stillhouse Lake (Stillhouse Lake #1)
Author: Rachel Caine
Date Read: 21/11/2017 – 22/11/2017
Rating: ★★★★


I love a good serial killer book, even if it does make me start looking over my shoulder when I go out alone for a couple of days afterwards. This book certainly delivered not only on that front, but also on showing the dark side of the Internet, and how innocent people can be in danger from  the mob just be virtue of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

When a car accident reveals Melvin Royal’s seceret life as a serial killer, his wife Gina is tried as an accessory, and even after being acquitted, is still dogged by those on the Internet who think she escaped justice, or who want revenge on behalf of the victims. Fearful for her own safety, as well as her own children, she establishes a new life under a false name in the quaint town of Stillhouse Lake. But when a body is discovered in the lake baring her husband’s MO, she realises that maybe she has never been out of danger.

Stillhouse Lake is fast-paced and intense. I read most of it in one sitting because I knew if I didn’t get the closure of the ending, I wouldn’t sleep that night. While Melvin Royal is not present on the page all that often, when he is, he is slimy and horrifying. Gina’s reinvented persona, Gwen, is strong and fiercely protective of her children. I was filled with dread whenever it transpired that the alarm on their home hadn’t been set, or when one of the kids disappeared.

I did guess a couple of the twists throughout the story, but the overall villain remained a mystery to me, and there were several twists I didn’t see coming at all, but which made a whole lot of sense once I knew them. Knowing there was a second book, I had figured that something like what happens right at the end would take place, but I was able to get my hands on a copy of the sequel straight away, so it didn’t bother me.  It is pretty cliffhanger-y, though, and I know some people don’t like cliffhangers, so fair warning for that.

This has been a good year for thrillers, and this is  another one to add to the list. Gripping, suspensful, with a great climax. Stay tuned for my review of book 2!


8 thoughts on ““In the morning, there’s another girl floating dead in the lake.” // Review of “Stillhouse Lake” by Rachel Caine

  1. alilovesbooks says:

    Great review as always. Such a good thriller, I was pretty much the same as you and couldn’t stop until the end. Most of the negative reviews do seem to be about the cliffhanger-y ending but Caine does seem to make a habit of them so it wasn’t that unexpected.

    You’re lucky to have book 2 ready and waiting. The anticipation drove me nuts.


    • Emily Wrayburn says:

      I am so glad I didn’t have to wait! I was expecting to have to request it on NetGalley, I possibly actually did a little dance when I saw it was under Read Now.

      Yeah, exactly, I don’t think Rachel Caine has written any stand-alones. I guess maybe you and me read a lot of series anyway. Maybe if you’re more used to reading standalone thriller/crime books, you’d be a bit more annoyed? I don’t know.


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