Book Review: “The Rise of the Sparrows” by Sarina Langer

Title: The Rise of the Sparrows (The Relics of Ar’zac #1)
Author: Sarina Langer
Genre: YA/fantasy
Date Read: 17/10/2017 – 19/10/2017
Rating: ★★★★


I’ve had this on my Kindle for so long, probably since it came out! It’s one of those books I wished I got to sooner, because I ended up really enjoying it.

I think one of the bes things about this book was the fact that Rachael, the main character, was no special snowflake when it came to saving the world. Yes, she is a Chosen One, but she struggles to develop her magic and it is acknowledged that prophecies are vague and that things may not work out the way anyone expects.

I also really enjoyed the character development of Cephy, a young girl Rachael befriends after Cephy is kicked out of home due to her magical abilities.

The other characters were also well-developed. I particularly liked Cale, the leader of the group of rebels known as The Sparrows, and Aeron, the witch who seeks to disrupt the rebellion and put a child of her own on the throne, was suitably nasty.

I did feel that there were times when characters judtified the deaths they caused a bit too easily. There are some pretty shocking death scenes, too; not so much from a violence perspective (the level of violence is pretty standard fantasy fare) but the fact that they happen suddenly and caught me by surprise on a few occasions.

The world-building is simple but effective. There is no drowning the reader in unnecessary description. New locations are described as needed, and the history of the world is explained over a few conversations between Rachael and more knowledgable characters.

Overall, this is a strong series opener and I’ve been hearing good things about the sequel. I’m looking forward to continuing this series when I have the chance.

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