April-June TBR Final Wrap-Up

After a few months of unweildly monthly TBRs, at the end of June, I decided to set myself a three-month TBR with roughly two-months’  worth of books. The end has now come, and even with it being a bit more realistic, I still didn’t quite get there. Still, I don’t think I did too badly, considering all the other books that distracted me along the way. Here’s the final result:

I am about a quarter of the way through The Ship Beyond Time but that’s not far enough for me to count it towards June’s total. To be perfectly honest, while I enjoyed the first two Study books, I’m not even entirely sure I’m  that interested in continuing the series. I won’t get rid of my copies of Fire Study and Shadow Study just yet, but I’m not really feeling the need to dive into them right now. The same can be said of The Bloodshade Encounters. I’m not going to put any of these on my next TBR.


Here are the reviews I posted during June:


  • Australian Women Writer’s Challenge:

I have technically completed my goal to read 12 books by Australian women this year, however, I have not completed my sub-challenge of reading at least two by Indigenous women and two by LGBTI* authors. You can see my challenge page with progress and links to all my reviews here.

  • Beat the Backlist Challenge:

While I’m reading a lot of books that were published prior to 2017, I’m not doing so well on my goals. I’m going to have to really start concentrating on books I own in this second half of the year. My challenge page is here.

I was going to include my new TBR for the coming months in this post, but as I won’t be participating in my usual blog hops this week (no time to commit fully over the coming days), I’ll do a separate post with a shiny new graphic and everything. See you then!

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