Sunday Summary – April 09, 2017



This week in writing


This was a bit of a slow writing week; I only wrote on three out of seven nights. There were various reasons for this but I won’t bore you with them here. I did hit 50k, though! I noticed some structural issues which were going to be too hard to fix as part of the current draft, so I’ve sort of skipped over a section of the story with the intention of fixing that all in the next version.

this week in reading


I finished both Puberty Blues by Kathy Lette and Gabrielle Carey on audio and Walpiri Women’s Voices in print this week. I have started listening to The Man from Snowy River by Elyne Mitchell and reading Soulless by Gail Carriger.

This week in blogging


I have responded to the WWW participants but not to WIPpeteers! Oops! I only realised this this afternoon. However, I do have it on my Habitica to-do list and I’m hoping to still make it around before I reset the linky on Tuesday. I reviewed Puberty Blues on Friday and have a review of Walpiri Women scheduled for tomorrow.


This was the first week of the mid-semester teaching break so I didn’t have tutorial questions to answer or anything like that. I intended to do some more work on my significance report this weekend than I ended up doing, but I have reserved some relevant books at the library and will try to spend a few nights after work doing some research. By Easter weekend I will hopefully be able to start writing. It’s a 4000 word report due May 01.

This week in health and fitness


Not much in terms of weight loss this week (I over-ate the last couple  of , but it was really exciting to take a “two weeks in” photo and compare with the photo I took before I started doing the Blogilates workouts. Even after two weeks, there was an obvious difference in how I looked. I’m already more toned. So that has motivated me to really keep going with the routines. Yay!

That’s me for this week. How have you all been doing? ~ Emily



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