April – June 2017 TBR

month, I did reasonably well on my TBR, reading 4 out of 7 nominated books (plus getting totally distracted by a series not on the list at all). I’ve decided to try something a bit different now, though, and list about two months’ worth of books for a three month period. This way, I thought I might actually get through them by the time the nominated period comes to an end.

No, but seriously, I really need to read these Next

heartofbrasscoverI started Heart of Brass by Felicity Banks a while ago now, but it didn’t really grab me and I ended up setting it aside for some library books. My relationship with steampunk does tend to be quite hit or miss, so this is not a huge surprise, but I was hoping to enjoy this one as it was set in Australia. Still, I do want to finish it and review it for the Australian Women Writers Challenge.

I’devilsprayercoverve been saying this a lot but The Devil’s Prayer by Luke Gracias is another one to get to soon. I read maybe the first 5% of it on my phone a while back and I think it will be a really gripping read. I just need to give it my full attention.

colleague has loaned me the first four books of Gail Carringer’s Parasol Protectorate. I’ve had them for weeks so I figure I should at least read Soulless and see what I think as soon as I can. If I end up getting into it, I will continue with the series. Well, at least the four books I have on hand.

Dammit, I thought I wasn’t requesting ARCs at the moment.

Actually, it’s fine. Not counting the Devil’s prayer above, I only have two that are released soon (both in April). But one of them’s a sequel.

The first is Asp of Ascension by B. R. Myers, a YA mystery involving ancient Egyptian curses. What more can you want?!

Well, maybe a fantasy dystopia with lady pirate captains and LGBT representation, which The Abyss Surrounds Us by Emily Skrutskie promises? The sequel, The Edge of the Abyss, is the ARC, but I figured I should probably start from the beginning. I’ve been sort of hyping this one up in my head ever since finding out about it earlier in the week, so I hope it’s good!

THese are hanging around on my Kindle; I should read them

Beneath the Apple Blossom is by a blogging friend of mine, Kate Frost, and was released last year. I had it on pre-order and yet I haven’t read it yet, so it’s really about time! While this isn’t my usual genre,

The Ship Beyond Time by Heidi Heilig is a really anticipated read for me, as I loved The Girl From Everywhere when I read it last year. I’m really glad this series is a duology; it will be good to see its conclusion.

Mystery at Maplemead Castle by Kitty French is something light and fun that I’m quite looking forward to. This is the second in the Chapelwick Mysteries series starring the Girls’ Ghostbusting Detective Agency.

The Bloodshade Encounters and The Songspinner are one volume in the Shadeborn series by K. C. Finn. This has been on my Kindle the longest of everything on this list. To be honest, I’d probably need to read the first book, The Book of Shade, again to refresh my memory. We’ll see how that goes.

Oh yeah, remember how I was trying to read books I own?

I picked up three of the books from the Study series by Maria. V. Snyder at a garage sale for $2.50 each a little while ago. They’re so shiny! The Australian covers are really quite stunning. Not to mention, I’ve seen really good things about this series so I’m quite keen to read it. I will have to get the second book from the library, but that’s okay.

Jaclyn Moriarty may have let me down with A Tangle of Gold, but I’m willing to put that behind me, and pick up The Beytral of Bindy Mackenzie, which I think I picked up at a work book swap. I also want to read Warlpiri Women’s Voices: Our Lives, Our History by Georgina Napangardi and Janet Nakamarra Long (they are possibly the editors, but I haven’t got the book on hand right now and I’m  going off what Amazon says), as I am trying to incorporate both more writing by Australian women and more work by Indigenous Australians into my reading.

That’s nearly 20 books if you count the sequels to the ones listed here as well, so given my total reading for the first three months of the year was 23, I think that will do! (So much for two months’ worth to aim for over three).

What will you be reading next? 🙂~ Emily


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