Sunday Summary – March 19, 2017



This week in writing


This was one of those weeks where I could either do work at work, or I could do work such as writing at home. And there was also some uni work thrown in there. I was just not going to manage both. Obviously, I have no choice about those two things, so writing had to be put on the backburner. Honestly, I think it was a good thing. While I haven’t quite written all the scenes that are in my head for my contemporary Wizard of Oz retelling, I’ve returned to With Memories and Magic and I’m feeling really motivated, which is a sign the break I’ve taken was exactly what I needed. I met with some writing friends today and wrote 1000 words on it, and it was in a scene that was causing me trouble before I took the break. so that’s a sign it was exactly what I needed.

this week in reading


In the couple of weeks since my last Sunday Summary, I’ve polished off a whole heap of books. Even with some disctractions, I still feel I’m doing reasonably well on my March TBR. Yesterday I finally started A Conjuring of Light by V. E. Schwab, the third and final book in the Shades of Magic series. I’ve been a bit apprehensive because I was disappointed by the second book, but so far, so good!

This week in blogging


While I am yet to visit the WIPpet Wednesday blogs for this week, it is still on my radar. I have it on my Habitica to do list for the week, which should mean it gets done either later tonight or tomorrow. I did, however, reply to all comments on my blog and receiprocate WWW Wednesday comments. I’ve also updated my 2017 Reading Challenges pages. I have a review scheduled for tomorrow but I’m not sure I’ll have finished reading anything in time for a review to be scheduled for Friday.


Here’s an ephiphany I had today: doing the assigned reading can help you understand the terminologies being discussed in class! What a surprise! I’m  shocked! Not really, of course, but I was reminded of it the hard way today, after angsting for a couple of weeks about not understanding a particular framework then realising there was a reading on it two weeks ago. I didn’t get quite as much done as I’d hoped today, given that I spent from 1pm to 8pm at the library, but I’ve given myself some good groundwork to continue with the next assignment, so I’m actually feeling pretty motivated and on track.

This week in health and fitness


I’m actually not going to address this topic at the moment. I’ve sort of fallen off the wagon, I guess, but I’ll be reassessing my goals on April 1 and then I’ll go from there.


Highlights this week

This week at work, staff received a talk from a very inspirational woman named Lucy Perry. While the title of the talk was Focus on Leadership, a lot of what she spoke about was women’s rights, and the work she has done with leading charitable non-profit organisations. I came out of it feeling incredibly inspired, and requested an info pack for the 2018 Trek for Rights event being run through Inspired Adventures in conjunction with UN Women. I have sent off an email with a few more questions, so there’s no firm commitment yet, but hey, in a few weeks, this section might be reading “OMG I’M GOING TO NEPAL, YOU GUYS!”

That’s me for this week. How have you all been doing? ~ Emily



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