Sunday Summary – Special 2017 Goals Edition




Happy 2017! I think I am far from being the only one who is glad to see the back of 2016. This will be a slightly different Sunday Summary post, in that I’m not going to sum up the past week (which can basically be summarised as “I laid about and read a bit and was a bit productive but not really”), but rather look forward to the coming year.

2017 in writing


Ideally, I would really love to have Operation: Sugarplum published this year. It is doable. Watching the progress of some of my blogging friends over the last six months has inspired me on this front. I hit 20k yesterday, which was a nice milestone to hit on NYE. I estimate the first draft probably has about the same again to go. If I put my mind to it, I could have that done in a month or six weeks. Especially as I don’t have any uni or rehearsal commitments just yet.

2017 in reading


In 2016 I read 94 books (though GoodReads only has 93, as one of them had no record on the site and I was too lazy to add it πŸ˜› ). I figure I will probably read at around the same rate again. I have chosen not to do an official GoodReads challenge this year, and instead just create a shelf for everything I read this year. I am going to do the 2017 Beat the Backlist challenge, though, and I will of course, be participating in the Australian Women Writers Challenge again this year.

2017 in blogging


Not much is going to change here. Wednesday will still be my biggest blog day, with both WWW and WIPpet Wednesdays. Book reviews will still go up onΒ  Mondays and Fridays (starting back tomorrow) and the occasional book tag on Thursdays. I want to try allocating an hour on Thursday evenings to visiting other Wednesday blogs. I’ve done this before and it worked quite well.

2017 in study

studythumbAt the moment, I’m still just looking at doing one subject each semester again. I have considered dropping down to four days a week at work to allow myself time to do extra study, but due to various things, I don’t think we’re quite in the financial situation for that at the moment. Hopefully that will happen at some point, though, otherwise this degree is going to take me until 2022 to complete!

2017 in health and fitness


As cliche as it is, my partner and I have both committed to healthy eating and regular exercise in the new year. I currently weight 78kg and have set a goal of losing 5kg over the next three months, which works out at about 400g a week, a completely doable goal! I just have to keep that will-power muscle in good working order!

So that’s what I’m working towards this year. Have you made goals for the year? What are you aiming for? πŸ™‚

~ Emily




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