Beat the Backlist Challenge 2017 #BeatTheBacklist


Recently I learned of this challenge over at It’s All About Books, and even though I had said no challenges in 2017, this one actually fits in quite well with my general reading goals for 2017, so I thought why not.

The 2017 Beat The Backlist challenge is hosted over at Novelknight. The aim of this challenge is to attack the books that have been languishing on your TBR for a while, while you’ve been favouring all those shiny, new releases as they come out. As such, no 2017 releases count towards the challenge, but everything published 2016 or earlier does. If you’re up for it, there’s also a Harry Potter themed mini-challenge running as well as other mini-challenges. I am just doing the bare bones, though, as I don’t really want to have another thing I have to remember to log each month or whenever.

My goals for the challenge will be as follows:

  • Read at least 20 books that I own
  • Read at least 20 books that I added to my GoodReads TBR prior to 2016.

I thought about doing a tentative challenge TBR but I decided against it. I’ll pick and choose from what I feel in the mood for at any one time.

At the moment my plan is to write an update on the first of each month, and I’ll also create a page under the “What’s all this?” link above to keep track of the books I read. My review posts will have the #BeatTheBacklist tag so that they end up in the right places on Twitter.

I read 93 books in 2016, so if I continue at that pace, I should be able to topple both these goals, as well as have plenty of time for new releases.


6 thoughts on “Beat the Backlist Challenge 2017 #BeatTheBacklist

    • Emily Witt says:

      I was trying not to sign up for any this year because I failed my 2016 one where I had to fit certain prompts with my reading. But this one works because I can pretty much still read whatever and make it fit, especially given I don’t actually get to that many new releases the year they are published anyway.

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