“They Kill Without Mercy. Disappear Without A Trace.” // Review of “The Two” by Will Carver

Title: The Two (January David #2)
Author: Will Carver
Audio Book Narrator: Nicki Paull, Richard Aspel
Genre: Thriller/Crime novel
Date Read: 23/11/2016 – 07/12/2016
Rating: ★★


The first book in this series, Girl 4, was by no means perfect, but it definitely left me in the mood to continue. Sadly, by the end of this one, I was barely interested in the outcome and just wanted to be done with it.

Picking up some time after the events of Girl 4, Detective January David is dealing with another series of murders. This time each takes place on a Wiccan Sabbat, and the crimes scenes seem to be some strange bastardisation of Wiccan ritual. January tries to understand the new psychic messages he receives before each murder, but he and his team may have been wrong about this murderer all along.

I mentioned in my review of Girl 4 that Carver does interesting things with structure and narrative voice (i.e. present tense narration that has knowledge of future events). This worked in Girl 4, but it did not work here. The multiple points of view led me to believe on thing was happening, to the extent that when events were revisited from different POVs and the truth of the matter revealed, it felt more like an entirely different story than a thriller after the twist.

There was also the issue that January David became even less likeable in this book. I get that he’s a bit curmudgeonly, and that he’s been through a lot, and that turning to alcohol is his way of dealing with things. But he was just annoying in this one. It didn’t help that there was often a lot of repetition in the narration (not just from January’s POV, but several). Yes, I knkow you should do some proper police work instead of relying entirely on your dreams! You said that before! So do it!

There was also the fact that the supernatural element introduced in the first book played a much larger role here. January wasn’t the only one receiving messages from the other side, so to speak. I felt there was a bit too much reliance on the supernatural for what was written far more in the format of a thriller. While Will Carver calls it a supernatural thriller, it didn’t really work as one.

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