Sunday Summary – December 11, 2016




This week in writing


Today I finished “Part 1” of the new Operation Sugarplum. It’s about 14k in length, and took me about two weeks to get through. Things are likely to slow down now, though, as i will no longer be doing a lot of copy-paste from what I had already written in November but writing completely new material.

I’m enjoying only recording my word counts on a Sunday. It’s much less stressful.

Goal for the week: Write every day! With a possible exception of tomorrow, when I have something on in the evening, but definitely every other day!

This week in reading


I finished a number of things in time for Wednesday’s WWW post, but since then, reading has been a bit slow. I’m trying to read Letters to the End of Love by Yvette Walker, but I’m considering starting Pyramids by Terry Pratchett. I think I’m more in the mood for witty satire than literary romance.

Goal for the week: Find at least half an hour every day to read. Even this means being really unsociable on lunch breaks.

This week in blogging


I replied to all comments on my own blog and reciprocated comments on both the WWW and WIPpet memes. I’ve also got two book reviews already scheduled for this week. On the ball with this one for once! 😀

Goal for the week: Visit all relevant blogs, and also write review of The Two by Will Carver.

This week in health and fitness


i didn’t actually get a chance to weigh myself this morning, as my partner presented me with breakfast in bed, which I consumed before thinking about getting up and getting on the WiiFit. I think I will just skip the week and weigh in next Sunday as usual. I think if I have lost anything this week, it will be a small loss at most. I have kept active this week, though. I think there was only one day I didn’t reach 10k steps.

Goal for the week: Get a full week of “make through the day without snacking” daily ticked off on Habitica! (This was my goal last week, but then I entirely forgot to make it a daily).  Also get back on the bike at least 2 days a week. (this was also a goal last week which I never got around to).

Other highlights this week

highlightsthumbYesterday, I auditioned for a local production of South Pacific that is taking place next year, as well as performing in my choir’s end of year concert. I was already wired up because of the audition, but didn’t have time wind down because I continued to be nervous about my solo and the trio I was singing as part of. However, it all went very well, and we raised $1500+ for the charity we donate to! I was hoping I might have a video of my solo to share here, but that will have to wait til next week, as a friend ended up having to do it on her phone, rather than my video camera.

That’s it from me. How are your weekly goals going?

~ Emily




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