Sunday Summary – December 04, 2016


Things are on the improve this week!

This week in writing


I’m currently working through what I wrote of Operation Sugarplum in November, adding new material and making the existing material better. This new version is currnetly sitting at a bit over 7k, which is not bad for a week’s progress. I’m trialing the idea of not recording my word count, and just working for a solid half an hour each day, doing whatever work I feel like doing.

Goal for the week: Write every day! (actually, except Thursday and Friday this week, because I have choir both nights thanks to our concert being on Saturday. Also I have an audition on Saturday. I need to do a lot of practicing this week.

This week in reading


I’ve accidentally ended up reading a few books at once. I have the rest of the month to read six books and finish my reading challenges! Once choir is out of the way, I don’t have any commitments, so I’ll be able to read a bit more in the evenings, and it sounds like my Christmas Day is going to be very quiet, so hopefully I can get some reading done on those days. But still! Need to work a bit harder!

Goal for the week: Find at least half an hour every day to read. Even this means being really unsociable on lunch breaks.

This week in blogging


I’ve replied to all my comments on this week’s WWW post, but I still need to visit the other WIPpet Wednesday people. I’ll try to do that after I post this. Also I managed to get two book reviews posted in the last week; it’s been a while since I managed that. Not sure it’ll happen this week, though.

Goal for the week: Visit all relevant blogs, and also write review of Heat and Light by Ellen Van Neerven.

This week in health and fitness


I had a small loss this week. I’ve altered my WiiFit goal to “lose 10kg in six months”, which is about 400g a week. So if I can stick to the 500g per week that I’ve pretty much been managing, then I’ll be right on track for that.

I did identify something this week, and that’s that I actually do a lot of unnecessary snacking. I managed on Friday to get through the whole day without a coffee or hot chocolate, and I only had the fruit/nut mix and the piece of fruit that I brought myself from home. I was a little bit hungry by the time I got home from work, but I generally eat dinner early anyway, so that wasn’t a huge issue.

As such, I’ve added “unnecessary snacking” as a ‘bad habit’ on Habitica, which means I lose health whenver I indulge. I’ve made “make through the day without unnecessary snacking” a daily task, which means I will gain experience if I achieve that. I love Habitica. Recommend it to everyone. It’s great fun!

Goal for the week: Get a full week of “make through the day” daily ticked off! Also ride bike to work on at least two days. I need to get back on my bike, it is languishing.

That’s it from me. How are your weekly goals going?

~ Emily



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