#WIPpet Wedneday – 12 October, 2012 (except it’s Thursday)

wednesdaybannerOh look! I’m finally back. It’s 9am on Thursday but that is irrelevant. I’ve missed you guys a lot. Between uni work and editing though, I’ve had no time to share much and also haven’t had many new words to share, either. In fact, I almost wasn’t going to join in this week, but I had really wanted to return after my holidays, so I found a way.

A week before I went away, I was pondering a way to give Clara some magical powers in Operation: Sugarplum so that she could help with the final battle, rather than just be a passive observer. Then suddenly I was hit with all sorts of ideas on how to expand the story into something bigger and better. I’ve been brainstorming it a bit and have a bit of an outline, and I’m maybe-sort-of-perhaps considering doing NaNo to get the words down. Maybe. Endings are my weak point and this one has a clear end point, so that’s a good start.

This is a little bit of something that I wrote to get inside Clara’s head a bit. Um, yeah, so Clara is now a princess. Max is no longer a prince. Everything is topsy-turvy! But it actually relates to the original Nutcracker story so much better this way, so I’m happy the idea finally struck.  Anyway. So this is back story. I am probably going to write some more of it, so you might see some more next week. It’s related to the date because I wrote it yesterday, which was Wednesday. 😛 It’s basically a first drafty flash fiction thing, so don’t judge it too harshly. 😉

My father was the King until a week ago. Until a man named Josef Bauer and his men decided to rob him of his throne. I don’t know what has happened to my parents. I don’t think they ever joined me in prison. They weren’t useful to General Bauer, but I am. The eldest child of each reigning monarch develops an ability to perform magic powerful enough to defend the Kingdom. When the direct line holds, there can be up to three people with this power, more than enough to protect the people.

But my father wasn’t the firstborn of the King before him. His brother was. And his brother died of a fever long before the magic ever manifested. My father was the only other heir, but whatever higher being grants us these powers didn’t extend its gifts to him. It waited until I was old enough, and then granted them to me. It would have worked out all right, if General Bauer hadn’t come along.

If you’ve stumbled across this post completely by accident and are wondering what’s going on, WIPpet Wednesday is a blog hop where writers come together to share excerpts from their WIPs that somehow relate to the date. Please feel free to join up with us. The link up is here.

I’m going to run away, as I’m finishing this up about five minutes before I need to go to a meeting, but I will visit your blogs over the next few days. Love to all.

~ Emily


6 thoughts on “#WIPpet Wedneday – 12 October, 2012 (except it’s Thursday)

  1. AM says:

    Yay, glad to have you back! I know how life can get busy and messy.

    I am a big fan of backstory, so I’m intrigued by this snippet. Makes me wonder exactly who General Bauer is.


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