Sunday Summary – September 04, 2016


This week in writing

writingthumbI missed two designated writing days this week. However, I feel I made up for them by writing on Thursday, which is not a designated day, and by writing about 2000 words today, rather than the usual 500. I am nearly finished the second draft of Operation: Sugarplum!

I also found out a local short story competition that I’m going to submit Unicorn Love to (remember that story? I like that one). There are also a few other short story competitions I have my eye on.

Goals for the week:

  • Continue with 500 words a day, 5 days a week where possible
  • Brainstorm some other short story ideas

Work out where to go next writing-wise

This week in reading

readingthumbI am finishing a lot more audio books than print books lately. I finished The Collector by John Fowles today, and have started The Woman In White by Wilkie Collins. I’m hoping to have Paper and Fire (The Great Library #2) by Rachel Caine finished in time to review this Friday. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will be getting a rating anywhere near as high as Ink and Bone.

This week in blogging

blogginthumbWhile I’m still on a WIPpet Wednesday hiatus, I managed to get to a huge number of WWW Wednesday participants due to not going to work on Thursday (wasn’t feeling well).

At the moment, I’m still keeping up with two book reviews every week, though I am not ahead of schedule, and not sure how much I’ll get read this week.

Goal for the week:

  • finish and post The NetGalley book tag.
  • write and schedule Paper and Fire review.

This week in study

studythumbI have an assignment due September 22, which I have made a bit of a start on. Ideally, I’d like to finish it early and start on the next one, which is due on October 13, five days after I get home from a cruise around the Pacific. But to be honest, I’m taking this as it comes and not stressing too hard about it.

Goals for the week:

  • Organise objects for hypothetical exhibtion
  • Write 3 text labels
  • Begin PowerPoint presentation “Visualisation of Ideas” based on response to email from lecturer.

This week in health and fitness

fitnessthumbThis has been a bit of an up and down week. My partner has been away, I’ve been a bit stressed about uni (I did initially think September 22 was the week after next, and I wasn’t sure I’d be ready in time) and also feeling overwhelmed about the material I have to learn for the show I’m in. I think I was reasonably healthy and such, and I definitely reached 10k steps each day, but I’m not sure that I did exceptionally well. I need to get back into my routine. Here’s hoping I can do that this week.

Goals for the week:

  • Continue to reach 10k steps a day
  • Get exercise on at least five days, regardless of weather
  • Continue to eat at least two pieces of fruit a day
  • Continue to try to go to bed at 10pm

That’s it for today. I’m going to go call my Dad for Father’s Day and then try to get in a decent amount of reading. Bye for now!

~ Emily




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