Sunday Summary – August 28, 2016


This week in writing

writingthumb Tuesday night was the only one of my five nights per week that I was unable to write, as my computer was, as I said in my word count spreadsheet, “being a poo”. At time of writing, the total word count on the second draft of Operation Sugarplum is 8865, and I should easily reach 10k by the end of the month.

This week in reading

readingthumbI finally finished the audio book of Votive by Karen Brooks, which was far too long and spent too much time from the POV of characters I wasn’t interested in. My new audio book is The Silver Pigs by Lindsey Davis, the first in the Marcus Didius Falco series of crime novels set in Ancient Rome. In print, I finished This Savage Song by V. E. Schwab and have started Paper and Fire by Rachel Caine.

This week in blogging

blogginthumbI decided to take a break from WIPpet Wednesday this week, and probably a few weeks more. I’m editing rather than writing, and since Operation Sugarplum is so short, I feel like I’ve already shared all the good parts in one form or another. Not only that, but the past couple of weeks, I made a pretty dismal effort to get round to fellow WIPpeteers, so I felt i t was better to not participate just now. I’ll do my best to participate over the next couple of months, but I’ve got quite a lot going on.  I do need to remember to get my review of Votive written up in time to go up tomorrow morning.

This week in study

studythumbI handed in my first assignment for the semester this week, and I was pretty happy with it. Now I need to get onto working out what I’m going to do for the hypothetical exhibition that I have to design. I have a few ideas, I’ve just got to see which will be the most feasible.

This week in health and fitness

fitnessthumbThis week was a bit of a mixed bag. I definitely reached 10k steps each day, but I was indulging in things  I shouldn’t have been more often than not. Having said that, in a rearrangement of my kitchen this evening, I found room for my fruit bowl on the bench, so I’ve filled it up with all my suppllies, so I won’t be able to forget to take a couple of pieces to work each day this week.

Other Highlights this week

I attended my first book launch! Actually, my first two. This weekend has been the inaugral Canberra Writer’s Festival, and while I wasn’t really planning on going to any of the events, I saw a Facebook event advertising the launch of Heart of Brass by Felicity Banks. As it’s a steampunk novel, there was Victorian dress, waltzing, and also tea duelling (you should Google that).  I ran into some people I knew who were also staying for the following launch, and I ended up buying that book and sticking around too. Here’s a photo, and there are some others at my Facebook (my author page, so the post is public):


That’s it for today. See you later!

~ Emily




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