“It is the fate of all creators: they fall in love with their creations”// Review of “Eve and Adam” by Katherine Applegate and Michael Grant

Title: Eve & Adam
Author: Katherine Applegate, Michael Grant
Audio book narrators: Jenna Lamia, Holter Graham
Genre: YA/sci-fi
Date Read:
28/07/2016- 02/08/2016
Rating: ★★★


eveandadamcoverHeh. This book was interesting enough, but I didn’t really have any connections to the characters, which meant that what could have been a great read was simply a good read.

When Evening Spiker suffers life-threatening injuries in car accident, her mother quickly whisks her away from San Francisco hospital to her own genetics lab. while she is recovering, her mother tasks her with creating the perfect boy via a in-depth genetics simulation, but all is not as it seems, with her mother, the company, or the mysterious Solo, who keeps hanging around but seems to have his own agenda.

As characters, there was nothing particularly wrong with Eve or Solo. Solo particularly had a good character arc, with everything he thought he knew being turned upside down about three-quarters of the way through. I also really liked Eve’s best friend, Ashlinn, who was struggling with an unhealthy relationship she didn’t quite know how to leave. I didn’t quite see the point of Adam, though. His name was in the title, and I guess he was fine, but for a character who started getting his own POV chapters halfway through the book, he didn’t seem to do anything that couldn’t have been covered by a different character.

The plot explores issues of ethics in scientific research, but unfortunately, not much really comes from this. While there is discussion of the concept of “playing God”, I felt this could have been explored in richer ways, rather than just Eve creating a human from scratch, who did little to serve the plot. A lot of time was spent talking about the thought Eve had to put in when creating Adam, and it was interesting discussion, but not very exciting after a while.

Overall, an interesting idea, just not executed very well. I had hoped for something a bit better from the authors of the Animorphs series.

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