Sunday Summary – August 07, 2016


This week in writing

writingthumbThis month has been designated a revision month, and I have begun by working on Operation Sugarplum, which really needs a new title, but is basically a modern-day version of The Nutcracker, that I first began back in 2013, abandoned for a while, then revisited last year.  I did discover that I decided my first draft was finished when Max and Clara were still in the middle of a conversation. I think I must have been impatient to start writing Worlds Apart.

Anyway, I spent the first few days of August reading through the first draft and making notes, and last night at a writing group meet-up I started writing a second draft. I’ve done about 1500 words so far. A lot of it is staying the same, but there are a few plot holes to fill and that sort of thing. I’m leaving comments in the document about anything I think will still need work later down the track.

This week in reading

readingthumbAs I mentioned on Wednesday, I am reading Anita Heiss’ memoir, Am I Black Enough For You?. It’s going slowly, a) because I haven’t had huge amounts of time to read and b) memoirs aren’t really a genre I read much, so I find it kind of slow anyway. But I’m trying to broaden my horizons and read about other people’s experiencse and that sort of thing, so I’m going to see it through.

I have made a list of all the ebooks and books I own that I need to read, and I’m hoping to work my way through those over the next month or so.

This week in blogging

blogginthumbI visited all WIPpet Wednesday participants this week, which is a marked improvement on the week before, when I didn’t do any rounds at all (I was exhausted from various other things). I also visited quite a number of WWW Wednesday participants, and returned all my comments.

I need to make sure that I write a review of Eve and Adam by Katherine Applegate and Michael Grant before Friday.

This week in study

studythumbHa. Hahahaha. Ha. I thought I should add this section in, though I have done very little in the way of studying over the first few weeks of the semester. I do need to knuckle down, though. I have printed myself off a calendar for the semester with all my due dates in red, the days when I’m going to be overseas in black, and green and pink highlighters to designate other nights I’ll be away.

The course I am doing this semester is about exhibition design and display. My first assignment is a 1000 word exhibition review due on August 25. My goal this week is to decide which local exhibition to review and go visit it and make some notes. I should also do the readings and read through all the lecture notes so I know what sorts of things to look for when I’m making said notes.

This week in health and fitness

fitnessthumbWhile I’ve been reaching 10000 steps most days, I haven’t really been actively doing any exercise, which is a shame. I think I managed a walk after work on a couple of days. I seem to have messed up the brake mechanism on the front wheel of my bike when I removed the wheel a couple of weeks ago, so that’s currently out of action until I get it back to the shop. I did go to a high-intensity class at the gym today, and FitBit counts Sunday as the start of the week, so I’m hoping this week I’ll be able to get back on track. I have plans to walk each morning before work.

Other highlights this week

highlightsthumbIn my mission to find a way of developing good habits for myself, I discovered an app called Habitca. It turns your goals and to-dos into a RPG game. You get a little 8-bit avatar and everything. Achieving goals gains you XP and gold, while missing out on goals takes a hit to your HP. I’m still figuring it out, but there are boss battles and quests and things in later levels. It all sounds quite fun!

That’s it for today. See you later!

~ Emily




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