“Growing up as a Bittersweet, I’ve come to rely on a different set of life skills to most girls.” // Review of “Melody Bittersweet and the Girls’ Ghostbusting Agency” by Kitty French

Title: Melody Bittersweet and the Girls’ Ghostbusting Agency
Author: Kitty French
Genre: NA/urban fantasy
Date Read: 22/07/2016 – 26/07/2016
Rating: ★★★


melodybittersweetgirlsghostbustingagencycoerI love the cover of this book and it was definitely a cute story. However, there were a few things that prevented it from getting a higher rating.

Melody Bittersweet comes from a family of psychics, and when she opens the Girls’ Ghostbusting Agency with her best friend and young man called Art who came recommended by the ghost of his dead father, their first case pops up nearly straight away. They need to rid an old house of its three ghost inhabitants, but to do that, they would need to solve a 100-year-old murder.

Melody and her two assistants are great characters. Melody’s best friend Marina is loud and outspoken, while Art is painfully shy and only just finding his feet. Melody sits somewhere in the middle of these two, and the three of them make a great team.

The mystery was my favourite part of this novel, though it honestly wasn’t a very complicated one. I did enjoy watching Melody tease out details of the family from the three ghosts, Jasper, Lloyd and Isaac, all three of whom had individual, well-established personalities along with a long family history.

What I didn’t enjoy so much was the romance element, as I didn’t like either of Melody’s love interests. Both Leo Dark, a rival psychic and also Melody’s ex, and Fletcher Gunn (I’m going from memory here, but I think that was his name), a skeptical reporter determined to expose both the Bittersweets and Leo Dark as frauds, are Class A Alpha Male douchebags. Both of them were rude and unlikable, and only redeemed themselves a little by assisting Melody with the case towards the end. To be fair, Fletcher was fully open about the fact that he was in lust with Melody rather than in love, but in a book calling itself a romantic comedy, I expect some proper romance, dammit!

This is a cute series opener, and I recommend if you are in the mood for some light-hearted urban fantasy. I will probably check out the next book in the series when it comes out, but I won’t be waiting with baited breath for it.

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2 thoughts on ““Growing up as a Bittersweet, I’ve come to rely on a different set of life skills to most girls.” // Review of “Melody Bittersweet and the Girls’ Ghostbusting Agency” by Kitty French

  1. alilovesbooks says:

    Great review. I actually did kind of like the romance elements of the story, particularly Fletcher Gunn but I think I always just really go for the opposites attract/ antagonistic type stories. As for Leo…meh. I was also a big, big fan of the flirty ghost whose name I can’t remember 😉

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