Sunday Summary – July 24, 2016


This week in writing

I only wrote about 1000 words this week. I’ve started a new position at work, and while I finally feel like I’m getting my head around it, it has completely exhausted me. Getting up each morning was hard, and in the evenings, I just hung about, reading.

I did, however, realise that my Camp NaNoWriMo project would work far better if my main character was a governess to her boss’ children, rather than just a maid in his household. Gives them a bit more of an excuse to be intereacting a lot. So that’s something I’ll have to work on. August is going to be revision month.

This week in reading

I’ve already finished two books this week. I’m currently trying to whittle down the number of unread books on my Kindle. There are actually far fewer than I thought, which is good!

This week in blogging

I got around to the mmajority of blogs I was supposed to. Yay! I think there are a couple of WIPpet Wednesday posts I still need to get to, which I’ll try to do tomorrow. I also posted two book reviews and scheduled two for this week.

This week in health and fitness

See “This week in writing”. The same applied to exercise. And my eating habits were not the best. I am hoping that the rain we’ve had for the past several days is going to clear up soon. I got my bike serviced a couple of weeks ago, so as soon as the weather is better, I hope to start riding to work again, which will definitely help with my fitness goals.

Other highlights this week

It’s my birthday on Tuesday, so yesterday my friends and I did a Build-a-Bear workshop. Here is me with Jordan, my “rainbow cuddle bear”. She’s coming to work with me tomorrow.


Here’s all of us at the shop, with some bears more visible than others:


That’s it for this week! See you all soon!

~ Emily




2 thoughts on “Sunday Summary – July 24, 2016

  1. paulabroome427 says:

    Well, lest I forget, I’ll say HAPPY BIRTHDAY now. Sounds like you’re moving in the right direction(s), new job, camp NaNoWriMo, writing, reading, blogging, and I have to say, the bear looks cool. Hope you have a great week.


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