Sunday Summary – June 04, 2016


Giveaway winners!

Before I get onto usual Sunday Summary talk, it’s time to announce the winners of the giveaway I hosted recently, where two signed copies of A More Complicated Fairytale were up for grabs. The two winners were…

*pauses for drama*

Meredith Anderson and Kasey Kubica!

I haven’t actually received my box of copies yet, but judging by past experiences with CreateSpace, they shouldn’t be too far away by now. I’ve sent you both an email to get shipping info, etc, and I’ll have them in the mail asap!

This week in writing

I have been sick this week, but fortunately, this hasn’t got me down too much. I didn’t write anything on Friday because I had tried going to work when I really shouldn’t have, and was thus exhausted by the evening. I made up for this yesterday, however. I typed up my old outlines and I made a map! Using oats! (Inspired by someone on Instagram who did the same thing using quinoa). This on top of getting 1000 words down.

My goal of a 30 minute writing sprint five days a week and possibly more if I feel I can manage it continues. New words added to planning documents also count. I use an app called Writeometer to keep track of my writing, and while my current project was to reach 50k by July 18 (when uni goes back),ย  it tells me that at my current rate, I will finish around June 26. So I might even have time for some revising before next semester.

This week in reading

I finally finished A Gathering Of Shadows! While I still love the characters, I found the plot a little lacking, though. I am hoping to have Last Call at the Nighshade Lounge finished in time for a review to go up tomorrow. I will then try to finish Edge of Darkness and then I’m not sure.

I’m also expecting a manuscript from Amelia Browne to beta read, so I’ll need to remember to budget in time for that!

This week in blogging

Being sick on Thursday did at least give me plenty of time to visit those who visited my Wednesday post. I think I at least reciprocated all the people who visited my WWW post, and all the WIPpeteers. Yay!

I am actually quite ahead with my reviews, and as I am taking a week of leave from the 13th, I may well get enough read to need to start posting three a week rather than two so that I don’t get too behind.

Only goals for this week are to write the usual Wednesday and also a book tag post.

This week in health and fitness

Did I mention I was sick this week? That meant that both health and fitness went out the window in favour of resting up and eating comfort food. Actually, my eating probably wasn’t too bad, since I had very little appetite, but I was eating things like creme caramel. I may have been under my calorie goal, but whether they were the right kinds of calories is another question.

The cold seems to come in waves. I went to work yesterday because I was feeling okay in the morning, but I ended up leaving at 3 because my head was stuffy and my eyes were watering again. This morning I was able to go to an art gallery, no trouble, but had a huge coughing fit around 2pm. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back on the wagon asap, though.

Other highlights this week

As you can probably imagine from the above, reading and map-making were about as exciting as it gets! Fingers crossed I’ll have something better to talk about next week. I do have at least one theatre outing on the agenda, so there will be that, if nothing else. Here’s my map, though, by the way. It still needs landscape, but the landmass shape is there.


That’s all for this week. See you soon!

~ Emily



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