Sunday Summary – May 15, 2016


Welcome back to the Sunday Summary! This week was sort of a mixed bag with regards to achieving goals, but overall, I did reasonably well. I’ve finished most of my uni work and am looking forward to having a ten-week break between semesters. Here’s how I went.


Read half an hour per day – Fairly sure I achieved this every day. I finished Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch, though unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy it much. I was hoping to finish Rebel of the Sands this week and while that hasn’t quite happened, I should manage it either later tonight or tomorrow. I have also been listening to the audio book of World War Z, which has been pretty good. The next audio book I intend to listen to is The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor.

Write on 5 of 7 days – I totally did this! I think making my goal “write 5/7 days” rather than “write every week day” is actually beneficial.

Post WWW/WIPpet post on Wednesday – check!

Reply to blog comments and visit other blogs – I responded to all the comments on my own blog, and I was pretty good about visiting the WWW people, but I failed dismally getting around the to the WIPpet Wednesday posts.

Schedule book review for next Monday – I did this! My Rivers of London review goes up tomorrow.

Goal for next week: Write Rebel in the Sand review for Friday, and hopefully I’ll have had time to finish World War Z, in which case have that review ready for Monday week.


Complete presentation – I did this! I’m not sure how good it was, but it is done and ready to hand in!

Complete tutorial portfolio – I have on question left to answer, which I intend to do tomorrow night.

Goal for next week: Have the final question answered in time to hand in by Wednesday.


Exercise every week day – I didn’t do this at all, and I felt quite guilty. While some circumstances were out of my control, some of them certainly weren’t. I’m hoping to do better this coming week.

Stick to planned menu – I probably managed this about… 60% of the time? Sometimes it was too tempting to indulge in something else.

Track calories – I mostly did this, though sometimes I forgot to log dinners.

My goals for the next week will remain the same, except in instances above where I’ve specified. Here’s hoping I can do even better in the coming days!

~ Emily


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