Book Release: UNMASKING: Lemon’s Thesis

In lieu of a book review today (I don’t know when I last finished a book, and that makes me sad), I have some exciting news for you. Fellow blogger and WIPpeteer, Gloria Weber, has just released her new book, set in a city populated by superheroes and supervillains. Read on to find out more!


Welcome to Trowbridge City. It’s home to superheroes, maniacal villains, and everyday citizens. The stories here aren’t about good versus evil, but about hard choices, prejudices, and experiences complicated by superpowers.

Lemon “Em” Law is a super genius and she’s also the daughter of Trowbridge’s most infamous super villain, Yellow Fellow. After being fired, bullied by her professor, and dumped all in the same day there’s only one thing she can do! And that’s work on her thesis. Truth is, the last thing Em wants to be is evil. Unfortunately that thesis of hers is so revolutionary it could be dangerous. Is she ready to learn the secrets behind the masks?


Unmasking: Lemon’s Thesis is available on Amazon now. Here is a handy link. Ebook is $2.99 and the print copy is $9.99


Gloria Weber lives in Ohio with her husband, son, daughter, and many pets. She has been writing for publication since March 2006. Over a dozen of her short stories have been published in ‘zines and anthologies. During the not-writing-times, she can be found doing not-fun-at-all-adult/mom/wife stuff, yoga, running very slowly (because that’s as fast as she can go), or cooking/baking. No matter what she is doing, she is a geek. There’s no turning that off.


You can find more info about Unmasking: Lemon’s Thesis, including an excerpt, on this page.

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