Sunday Summary – Jan 24, 2016


Last week I decided that each Sunday I would post a Sunday Summary, where I look at what I achieved the previous week and set some goals for the next. I over-achieved on some goals and made barely any progress on others, but I think I am in a good spot to move forward to the next week. Here’s what I set for myself for the past week:

  • Practise audition song at least five times every night

I didn’t practise every night, but I did several nights, and the song was short, so I probably ran through it more than 5 times when I was rehearsing. The audition was today, and I would say it was one of my better auditions. I don’t think my reading was quite good enough to get the lead role I auditioned for (it’s The Music Man, and I auditioned for the role of Marian), but I’ve got fingers crossed for a small role.

  • Listen to two chapters of AMCF through text-to-speech and fix errors each night

I did this and ended up putting on a burst of speed and listening to the final eight chapters on Thursday and Friday nights. Exciting news, I have now got this all uploaded to CreateSpace and have a proof copy on order. As is always the case for those of us in Australia, the copy itself cost $2-something and the postage $7. I couldn’t really afford more expensive shipping, so the estimated arrival date is not until March 18(!!!), but I’m hoping that’s an over-estimation. But AHHHH, I WILL BE HOLDING MY NOVEL IN MY HANDS IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS.

  • Spend 20 minutes each night working on Worlds Apart timeline

I managed this earlier in the week, but then I just got so stuck. And as I mentioned on my LiveJournal this week, I think maybe I’m biting off more than I can chew with this story. Yes, I have an outline, but it’s one thing to have an outline, and another to world-build political systems and magic systems and far-off countries. I’m at my best, as reading back through AMCF reminded me, when writing a small cast of really good characters, with some romance thrown in. A little magic is probably fine, as I proved with Operation: Sugarplum, but to do something really big and epic… yeah, I honestly don’t know if I’m up to it.

However, upon realising that, I have had a few thoughts about how to tone down the scale of Worlds Apart and still write it. Adelyn might get demoted from princess to noblewoman, or if I follow through on another thing I’ve been pondering and give it a contemporary setting, she might just be the daughter of a wealthy CEO or something.

So I guess we would say this story is a bit on hold. Though maybe not for much longer.

  • Reply to comments on Wednesday posts

I had intended to do this on both last Wednesday’s post and the Wednesday before, but I have only managed the most recent ones. I’m okay with that.

  • Reciprocate comments on Wednesday posts and try to make it around to others if time permits

I ended up only doing WWW Wednesday this week, because that was around when Worlds Apart started stressing me out. I visited the WWW posts of all those who visited mine, plus a couple of others, I think. And I also got around to most of the WIPpeteers last night when I should have been doing laundry.

  • Ride bike to work at least 3 times, and go for a 30 minute walk on the other days

This was somewhat inhibited by flat bike tyres and inclement weather, but I got the tyres replaced today (they both had leaks, hence pumping was unsuccessful. Probably a result of a couple of months without being ridden). We’ve got more rain forecast for the next week, but it has mostly been in the afternoons. I always ride my bike to work and then catch the bus home, as the homeward direction is just uphill enough to be a pain (and also the trip is 10.5km one way, and that’s enough!).

So all in all, not a bad week. So, plans for this week?

  • Write reviews for Illuminae and The Gospel of Loki before the weekend.
  • Try to brainstorm or write a page a day for the new version of Worlds Apart
  • Reply to comments on Wednesday posts
  • Reciprocate comments on Wednesday posts and try to make it around to others if time permits
  • Ride bike to work at least 3 times, and go for a 30 minute walk on the other days

All right. Let’s see how I go with that. See you back here next week.


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