#WWW and #WIPpet Wednesday – 06 January, 2016

Edit: If you tried adding your WIPpet Wednesday link sometime earlier today, and found the linky closed, I apologise profusely. I changed the dates, but not the year, so it was assuming that it had closed a year ago. I only realised when I went to add my own post. I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog post

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you had a lovely break. I’m feeling antsy because it’s already the 6th and I’m still yet to work out concrete goals for myself for the year. It’ll get there, though. At the moment, I’m just continuing to plod along with reading and writing. I’ve got some plans to change up the blog a little, too, but I’ll talk about that more once I’ve solidified my ideas.

Wednesday blog hops are not going anywhere. First up today is WWW Wednesday, a weekly blog hop hosted by Sam over at A World of Words, in which we answer three questions about the books we’ve been reading this week. Click the link to share your own post.


  • What are you currently reading?

Listening to the audio book of The Lieutenant by Kate Grenville. It’s historical fiction, set in the late eighteenth century and focusing on Daniel Rook, a lieutenant who travels to New South Wales with the First Fleet to work as an astronomer and navigator. Daniel is very sweet and I like him a lot. I forgot to take my headphones to work with me today, though, so I’m not as far ahead as I would have hoped to be by now.

Also reading Lucid Dreaming by Cassandra Page. It’s funny: I knew the she and I lived in the same city, but I was totally not expecting the book to be set here as well. No one ever sets books in Canberra. So that’s fun.

I still haven’t picked up The Crash of Hennington again, and it might be waiting a while.

  • What did you recently finish reading?

I finished Doctor Who: Time Lord Fairy Tales and loved it. I didn’t recognise all the tales the stories were based on, but even without knowing, they were all written really well and made for good stories on their own. Also the hardback is gorgeous and I’ve asked for it for my birthday just so I can have it and hold it.

I also finished Somewhere In Between by Katie Li, which was the first book I received from NetGalley. It wasn’t brilliant. It had a lot of good ideas, but it was very short and they weren’t fleshed out very well. Review is going up this Friday.

Alternate (Omnibus edition) by Ernie Luis, another from NetGalley, was my third book for the week. It’s a time travel story and I was a bit worried that it would do my head in, because there was lots of talk of changing history and all of that, but it was actually a really well structured and I was never confused. It had a good explanation for the alternate time lines and how they worked.

I’m going to need to up my review posts to three a week. It might drop back to two once uni starts back, but I’m reading pretty quickly at the moment. I’ll be finished Lucid Dreaming by tomorrow, I expect. Or maybe I just need to get rid of my blog schedule and post reviews when I read the books! (It would be very hard for me to do that, but I could be persuaded…)

  • What do you think you’ll read next?

I’ve been approved for Blade’s Edge by Virginia McClain on NetGalley, and my January buddy’s picks on the pick-for-me LiveJournal community were Mirrorfall by Grace McDermott and Just a Queen by Jane Caro. So it’ll be one of those!

wednesdaybannerNext up is WIPpet Wednesday, a blop hop in which writers share excerpts from the current WIP that somehow relate to the date. You can join us by following the blue link in the top right. Today I’ve got six lines from Worlds Apart for the 6th of January. Princess Adelyn has just burst in on her father in the middle of a meeting, to confront him about her discover that he hangs people for using magic.

“You’re going to hang a man for using magic,” she replied, before Maisie had a chance to give any stammering apologies and escort her back to the parlour.

The King glanced around at the room full of other men, and then back to her. “Yes. That is the penalty. He’ll be hanged on the steps of the palace at sunrise.”

“But… why is the punishment so severe?”

“Because, my dear, we need to make it clear to the population that using magic will not be tolerated. Would you have me killed the same way my father and brother were? Hmm?”

Adelyn lowered her eyes. “Of course not, Father.”

“I should hope not. Magicians who think themselves above the crown cannot be tolerated.”

And now you have met King Ragnor.

I should probably head off now, to type up the words I got down at work, and also do some work on formatting A More Complicated Fairytale. I swear that book will be published this year even if it kills me! Catch you all later!

~ Emily



23 thoughts on “#WWW and #WIPpet Wednesday – 06 January, 2016

  1. wanderingsandwonderings says:

    Happy New Year! I had a mini heart attack this morning when the WIPpet link stopped working, I worried everyone had given up on the challenge without me noticing!! I was thinking of possibly starting up a Facebook page for WIPpet Wednesday, if that’s something people might be interested in..


    • Emily Witt says:

      That’s probably not a bad idea. People would probably have more chance of seeing a freaking-out/apologising post from me there than on Twitter (which is the only place I really had to put it). Especially since I’m not sure all the WIPpeteers even follow me on Twitter.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Claire | Art and Soul says:

    Good luck with your formatting. No matter how many times I seem to realign things, something always looks odd when I load it to my Kindle! I’m not looking forward to that bit of self-publishing at all.
    You’re getting through those first NetGalley approvals fast! I’m making far slower progress and hope to get approved for some more things soon.
    Here’s my WWW: https://clairehuston.wordpress.com/2016/01/06/www-wednesday-6th-january-2016/


    • Emily Witt says:

      I haven’t even attempted putting it on my Kindle yet! I have no idea how it’s going to show up. I’m also getting rather ambitious and putting a little graphic before each chapter heading, so I’m worried about how that’s going to look in various formats.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Sam says:

    The Lieutenant sounds sweet. I love historical fiction and I’m glad to hear you do, too. Enjoy. Happy reading and thanks for participating in WWW Wednesday!


    • Emily Witt says:

      It is a little bit weird, but she doesn’t mention specific places very much, so I’m not finding it distracting. My mind’s eye did basically decide that the main character lives in my area, though.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. AM says:

    Happy New Year! I ended up having to step back a bit from reviewing because it was too much with everything else. But I still do several a month, and I love it. It’s especially great to do for indie authors.

    Nice snippet…I don’t care for the King at all. I hope he’s going to come around eventually!


  5. Beth Camp says:

    The personalities of autocratic King Ragnor and feisty Adelyn are revealed neatly, and I sense coming conflict. Of course, Adelyn will practice magic. But, oh dear, has he no redeeming qualities — or is he driven by fear alone? I enjoy how you lay out your reading by the week, and maybe someday I will start doing this. Re setting goals, consider going over to A Round of Words in 80 Days, an online writing community that encourages writers to set goals 80 days at a time (a round) and then report in progress. You might like it! https://aroundofwordsin80days.wordpress.com/blog/


  6. shanjeniah says:

    So, because SOME practitioners of magic think themselves above the crown, all must be forbidden to do what comes naturally to them…sounds like a recipe for disaster to me! =)


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