#mirthmusicmon – Still got it – #mondayblogs

Once again, welcome to Mirth and Music Monday. I had a good Monday. I got most of the things on my To Do list ticked off. I hope yours was also good.

I was planning on a really cultured post this week featuring some Verdi opera and the like, except then this video popped up on my Facebook feed, and it needed to be this week’s. I hope I am this type of old person in forty years.


You can join in on Mirth and Music Monday over here, and I strongly recommend that you do! 😀


4 thoughts on “#mirthmusicmon – Still got it – #mondayblogs

  1. rosedandrea says:

    Nice find, Emily!
    This is why I am confused as to why our local college’s dance classes are not credited. You can dance far longer (and more often) in your life than you will play soccer or basketball. And, in my opinion, it’s a whole lot more fun. 🙂

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