#ROW80 Check-in – November 29, 2015

Click the picture to go the ROW80 blog

Click the picture to go the ROW80 blog

It’s Sunday once again, and once again, I’m leaving writing my check-in until after 8:30pm. I’ve had a busy day, though, so I feel I’m actually justified this time. Here’s my goals break-down for this week:

  • Write at least two pages in notebook or 200 words on the laptop every week day. Consolidate this on the weekends.

I did this every day except Tuesday. Actually, on Monday and Wednesday, I spent 20 minutes editing the first draft of Operation: Sugarplum. Then on Thursday I went back to more plotting on Worlds Apart. For the first time ever, I’m actually managing a detailed outline before I start writing. And every now a and then I get a little niggle to start writing, but I am resisting until I finish the full outline. I did do a little bit yesterday, so I sort of caught up for not writing Tuesday.

Do we want some end-of-month stats? Yes, we do. At the end of October, I had written 4003 words. Most of that was on Operation: Sugarplum. At time of writing, I have written 6967 words, plus whatever I wrote yesterday (it’s not typed up yet), so let’s say 7050-ish, because I didn’t write a huge amount yesterday.

  • Write one book review a week and queue them up on the blog.

I wrote a review for The Knife of Never Letting Go. It’ll go up in week or two. I don’t remember exactly when I scheduled it for.

  • Send three Postcrossing cards per week/maintain maximum total cards traveling.

I have once again let a week go by without writing any. Maybe this week…

  • Ride bike to work or walk into the city after work at least three times a week.

What do you know, I actually managed this! For about the first time in two ROW80 rounds, I think! I even did it four times.

I’ll leave this here, with a quick link to the ROW80 website for those unfamiliar. A Round of Words in 80 Days is a writing challenge wherein you set your own goals, and check in each week with other bloggers to keep yourself accountable. Check it out!

~ Emily


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